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Bus Charter Connecticut - CT Bus Rental Company

Connecticut Bus Tours

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Essex Steam Train and Boat Ride Sojourn

bus charter connecticutYou can see things from atop a mountain, a building....or at sea. Either way, the perspective that you get through each of those experiences are completely different. The bird’s eye view is, of course, one of the most popular ways to have a complete view of a city but using a steam train and a boat ride is meant to give you a more micro insight at landmarks, buildings, coastline, riverside views and of course, gorgeous and stunning view of the seaside backdrop.

Here, in Essex county, you can take delight in taking the Essex Steam Train and Boat Ride service to see the gorgeous coastline. It will be one of the most scenic experiences that you will have here in Connecticut and in all honesty, you will have to be there early in order to get the best seats, otherwise, you would have to depend a little on your luck about the direction that the train and boat is heading.

One would wonder if they should take one ride or the other but our recommendation would be to do both, the two and a half hour journey is well worth it. The epic sojourn is a twelve mile narrated one round trip that starts from Essex Station. The amazing thing about the tour and boat ride is that it takes you around to some of the most untouched places in Essex county which makes it perfect for people who likes to connect with nature during the Connecticut charter bus rental vacation and weekend getaway. The unspoiled nature of these tourist attractions will leave a lasting memories and provides a grand opportunity for photography enthusiasts to take wonderful photos to bring home with them and add the pictures into their photography portfolios.

Some have gone as far as to say that through the boat ride and steam engine tour, they have been given the chance to explore and be with one of the last great places on planet earth and the Nature Conservancy agrees with this simple evaluation and review.

What you should expect from the experience would be a very in-depth glimpse into pristine countryside meadows, untouched farms, a charming pond that comes with its own quaint waterfall. The only downside to the whole thing is that you do not get the chance to get off the tour to explore them for yourself.

So, gather your friends and family for this amazing Essex sightseeing tour and get ready to be charmed off of your feet.

Hartford Stage

bus charter connecticutA: 50, Church Street,
Hartford, CT 06103
T: 860-527-5151
W: HartfordStage.org

On one hand, America’s got Hollywood and Broadway...and on the other hand, we have got smaller resident and community-led stages like Hartford Stage. Do you want them big, promotional, larger than life, popular and much-promoted, or perhaps you want them more localized and more focused on local talents? Although the roots of Hartford Stage began that way - to focus on the local people and pool of talents - it has since grown in so many ways. Insofar as we can tell, Hartford Stage has earned some of the nation’s most reputable awards including one or two from Regional Theatre Tony Awards, the Margo Jones Award and New York Critics Circle Awards. Having earned these well-respected accolades is no mean feat.

Back in 1963, the premise was merely a grocery store, a small one, catering to the people who frequented Kinsey Street. In 1963, Jacques Cartier bought the place up and started established it as a major cultural hub. After handing the reins a couple of times through various art directors, it was through the foresight of Mark Lamos that Hartford Stage began gaining international traction. Of course, it caught public attention when it began bringing in Shakespeare, Ibsen, Moliere and many other popular international work.

Some of our Connecticut charter bus rental customers have said that they were surprised that Hartford Stage, with its small and unassuming past, received an award from the likes of Bank of American Neighborhood Builders Awards back in 2007 and also more notably, the Elliot Norton Award.

The Hartford Stage management, despite having being given these special names, awards and accolades stays true to their original mission....which is to enlighten, entertain and educate people from all walks of life, to bring forth the information and entertainment that could have a transformative impact in the entertainment industry. And so far, they have stuck to their roots.

Just like other popular and well-established entertainment organization, Hartford Stage have their very own education department which serves more than twenty one thousand students, the age of which range from young children to working adults....but they all share one dream...which is to develop skills and talents in the entertainment industry.

The shows are regular and very consistent, a quick surf around their website, HartfordStage.org, will give you the lowdown about what is showing and what is coming soon. Most people like our Connecticut charter bus rental customers opt to subscribe to their mailing list in order to stay in-the-know about what is in store for them.

Hartford Stage is at 50, Church Street, Hartford, CT 06103 and they can be reached at 860-527-5151. Their website is HartfordStage.org.

In the meantime, if you are looking around for reliable and affordable Connecticut charter bus rental services, please do head over to our gallery page or stop by our Contact page to send us a quick email about our packages. We look forward to serving you very soon in the near future.

Haight-Brown Vineyard

bus charter connecticutWine making is big business in spacious and sunny Litchfield of Connecticut and Haight-Brown Vineyard ranks among some of the best there is in terms of quality and quantity of wine. Located atop one of the most gorgeous hills in all of Connecticut, Chestnut Hill, Haight-Brown winery is set to blaze the trail of winemaking culture in the state of Connecticut and they are currently making headway in introducing some of the unique tasting wines at their tasting rooms.

Our Connecticut charter bus rental customers count their blessings about being able to rely on a rented vehicle for the trip because the winery is located slightly off the main Litchfield downtown area. The classy and comfortable tasting room has been custom built to fit their clientele and it will become obvious to you during your Connecticut charter bus rental visit that they have designed the tasting room with their visitors in mind. All in all, as we drive up to the winery, you can tell that it is not just the typical New England farm winery.

The best time to visit Haight-Brown would be the long, lazy summer months whereby visitors are given the option to slowly and languidly sip their preferred wine on the easy chairs and lounging sofas on the patio or bar as the well-trained and friendly staff talk you through the tour. Guests are given the choice of enjoying the wine at the upstairs patio or the terrace downstairs. Either way, we are sure everyone is going to be game for some classic and elegant tasting wine.

The owners and friendly staff will show guests around on the vineyard where more than 45 to 50 tons of grapes are consistently produced every year. The unique thing about the grapes and wine choices here is that they are, more often than not, a hybrid of French and American grapes, which gives off a very unique flavor. The flavor and blend of the produced wine is seasonal, just like every other wines but you can definitely tell a lot by attending some of the yearly events that they hold - the Annual Barrel Tasting, Festival on the Farm, Fall Harvest Festival and also other special occasions and events.

The winery lets guests bring in their own food to enjoy at the picnic grove while sipping on preferred wine. Events, birthday celebrations, business trips, corporate functions, team-building events...one can imagine having fun with family and friends while enjoying these elite, classic-tasting beverage on one of those long summer days.

Facts About Connecticut

Connecticut is lovingly called many ‘nicknames’ by the Americans. Some of the names include the Constitution state, nutmeg state and also the Land of Steady Habits. Connecticut is called the constitution state because it plays a big role in defining the laws developed by the federal government of the United States.

Although not considered a prime choice for businesses when considering a place to set up a headquarters, it may seem that seeing the rapid development and growth population, coupled with comparatively cheaper real estate pricing, businesses and large organizations are more ready to give Connecticut a shot. And whenever they organize a huge corporate event using one of our bus charter Connecticut services, there is bound to be cost-savings. With more people opening up to the idea of setting roots here, Connecticut is one of the wealthiest states in the country.

Traveling in and moving around in Connecticut is generally easy. However, whenever there is a group event, it makes more sense to use bus charter Connecticut services. We thing that it saves more time and everything rolls out more smoothly with timing being set and there is no waiting around for late comers.

For more information about how to reduce wastage of money and time with our bus charter Connecticut packages, give our customer service a call right now!

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