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Massachusetts (MA) Charter Bus

Massachusetts Bus Tours

Massachsetts Bus Charter "The Spirit of America" Massachusetts

Massachusetts is one of the six beautiful states that comprise the beautiful region of the U.S. known as New England. Massachusetts is known by the nicknames "Bay State” and "Old Colony State.” The first comes from the large bays that are in and around Massachusetts. "Old Colony State” comes from the original Plymouth Colony. So what's the best way to see the Bay State? One of the most relaxing and scenic ways to see Massachusetts is by a charter bus service.

The natural splendor that is Massachusetts seeps through the colors of the leaves in the fall, and the beautiful, rich red of the cranberry bogs. Massachusetts, like the other five New England states is greatly appreciated for the vibrant fall foliage that emerges in autumn. Though peak times are hard to pin point with exactness, the bold oranges, yellows and reds usually are the liveliest during the weeks between late September and middle October.

The ruby red cranberry bogs of Massachusetts also provide a sense of the organic and innate magnificence of the state. Cranberry bogs are harvested in the fall, coincidentally around the same time as peak foliage season, so travelers can enjoy both offerings of picturesque scenery. According to the Cranberry Institute, Massachusetts harvested 146 million pounds of cranberries over approximately 13,000 acres of cranberry bog. Needless to say, the presence of the cranberry not only enhances the beauty of Massachusetts but also the economy. One of the easiest ways to enjoy the view of the bogs and the leaves is in the comfort of a charter bus service.

If nature isn't your thing, there are plenty of other things to take your charter bus to in Massachusetts. Boston is in many ways an American favorite and a classic American City. According to See Massachusetts, Boston is considered the "Hub of New England.” When traveling around Boston on your charter bus, you can make stops at the Hancock Observatory, which is on the 60th floor of the Hancock Building. The Hancock Building is Boston's largest building and an excellent source of immaculate views. Boston is also home to the John F. Kennedy Library and Harvard University.

Still, there is more to Massachusetts than the bogs and Boston. Massachusetts also offers beautiful Islands, and of course Cape Cod. The Cape Cod seashore offers sandy beaches and warmer waters than many found in New England. Cape Cod is also home to golf courses. Massachusetts also offers the world two of the most famous vacationing spots for celebrities: Nantucket Island and Martha's Vineyard. Nantucket is an island accessible by boat or plane and loaded with seafood restaurants, beaches, shopping, and entertainment. Martha's Vineyard is equally as popular, being one of the President and Mrs. Bush's most favorite places to visit. The Vineyard offers antique shopping, theatre, music and dance, spas, and beaches.

Massachusetts still has more to offer. There is the North Shore which houses the city of Salem, where suspected witches were burned at the stake. But there's more to Salem than just the witch hunts. There is also a great history of seafaring in Salem, which you can learn about in the Peabody-Essex Museum and the Salem Maritime Museum. Thirty miles of coastline grace the North Shore as well as fishing ports, museums, whale watching, Bed and Breakfasts, and much much more.

Massachusetts is a state to be visited. One of the best ways to relax and enjoy all of the historical, cultural and natural elements of the state is by traveling aboard a charter bus service.

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