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Chicago Charter Bus Rentals in Chicago

Find amazingly useful reviews, read interesting blog updates and get great suggestions from our resourceful, fun, and adventurous travel writers who loves running around from one Chicago tourist destinations to another. Let us guide you to your next vacation, with or without a rented charter bus. As we update you on the best places to hit during your vacation, you will save time and money so that you can completely immerse yourself in having fun while traveling in Chicago.

Cloud Gate a.k.a. The Bean

We have seen pictures of it splashed across magazines. We have watched films featuring it, even if it was for a couple of seconds. We have read raving reviews about its unique design that has become sort of a landmark structure in the middle of busy downtown Chicago but let me tell you this - it is quite another thing to see it before your very own eyes.

We are talking about The Bean a.k.a. Cloud Gate at Millennium Park.

Located between popular charter bus Chicago tourist attraction, Lake MIchigan, on the east and the Loop, The Bean (as it is fondly called in the streets) measures at 33 by 66 by 42 feet, the stainless steel structure is like a huge out-of-place structure that attracts photographers and foreign visitors like bees to flowers. If the thought of wrestling around with tourists and large, noisy crowds, head over early. By lunch time, the place will be filled with people looking for the perfect self-cam angles or photo-ops.

Grant Park, as we all know, is the probably like the lawn for the city of Chicago and it has been that way since the early 19th century so, it makes sense to place The Bean right here. There are many reasons people flock to things like The Bean...Grant Park was ranked as the Chicago charter bus top tourist attraction in Chicago, followed by Navy Pier. A fact that you might want to spend some time digesting.

So, as we waited for the crowd to ebb away because there were many other Chicago charter bus tourists fighting for a spot, we did a little research on our handy devices and found out that when the idea popped up, some thirty different artists tossed ideas around and came up with their own proposals. It was, finally, announced that the design and proposal from Anish Kapoor will be used.

Anish Kapoor is, as it turns out, a Bombay-born well-known British Sculptor who won the Premio Duemila Prize in 1990.

The design was ingenious because when you step under The Bean, it reflects the image of Chicago skyline off of thousands of mirror-like materials which turned out to be a seamless stainless steel inspired by liquid mercury.

Some said that lying under the structure was disconcerting and disorientating because it seems as though you are looking at Chicago’s gorgeous skyline....only it is more like peeking into a kaleidoscope. But we thought it was a splendid time to lose yourself and be immersed with what you are seeing.

We might not go as far as to say that you HAVE to make a special Chicago charter bus trip just to see the landmark structure but if and when you do, there will be absolutely no regrets for having done it.

Chicago Gourmet 2013 Rolling Right In

Admittedly, Chicago is a city that puts big effort into their cuisine...this is common in places where cultural diversity plays an important role in its tourism industry. One of the most looked-forward to Chicago charter bus rental event would have to be the Chicago Gourmet. Going along with their tagline, ‘a celebration of food and wine’, the event’s been showcasing hundreds of restaurants and well-known and rising Chicago chefs for countless years. Chicago Gourmet also features Chicago’s best and most renowned winemakers, spirit manufacturers and brewers contending with others from similar industries from all around the world.

What guests can expect from Chicago Gourmet is the grand highlight of premium drinks, wine and food, including elaborate and interesting cooking demonstrations from the experts. These means there will also be grand informative talks too, tastings (you do NOT want to miss this) and if there are authors and DVD on promotion, you can expect book signings and fan meets.

The Chicago Gourmet happens, usually during early fall and this year, it will roll out in earnest from September 27 to 29, 2013. They may change the date and venue around, depending on cost and for convenience’s sake, so, before heading over, do a little homework....Google the event up and get an update. Another special promotion you can look forward to would be the Hamburger Hop which is happening this year too.

This year, 2013, the event will be held at the popular and strategically-located Millennium Park which makes joining the gathering easy for tourists who find getting around Chicago a little confusing.

Tickets for this popular event is going fast. Some of our Chicago charter bus rental customers who have been to the event have quickly chimed in that admission price may be a little on the hefty price but because there is so much food and drinks to be enjoyed, it is most definitely worth every single dollar paid.

In fact, we read from the grapevine that event organizers have upped their ante by inviting fifteen of the world’s most respected and renowned chefs to the event, making it an absolutely stellar and star-studded one. These experts consists of winemakers, master brewers, mixologists, just to name a few. And of course, there will be a whole list of chefs who will doubtlessly tease your tastebuds while you enjoy your drinks with your family and friends.

So, if you are in Chicago during the time of the event, be sure to grab a ticket and head over for the most fun and tantalizing time of your life!

Three Day Quick Tour of Chicago

It is, suffice to say, quite impossible to see EVERYTHING that Chicago has to offer charter bus rental visitors in short three days but with a carefully planned itinerary, you can basically see the gist of Chicago’s top tourist destinations. CTA, Chicago Transit Authority, is second largest public transportation system that runs a twenty four routes which supplements the subway and rail system. Making use of the (CTA) is perfectly fine but we reckon that with complete control over transportation with a reliable Chicago charter bus rental services, you can hit more places in less time...and the cost saving is sheer much-welcomed bonus. However, for your three-day Chicago tour, it would have to either by Chicago bus charter, taxi, rail or on foot (for some parts of the trip, this would have been unavoidable).

For the first day upon reaching windy city, bringing the rented charter bus down to The Loop, which is what the locals lovely refer to the main downtown area of Chicago, is the right thing to do. There are many other surrounding neighborhood which are interesting and deserves your attention too but one must first see, feel, and experience the energizing buzz of the downtown metropolis before taming things down a notch in the other neighborhoods. Bring your group to see the Chicago River while exploring the east of the city at Michigan Avenue, not forgetting making a quick stopover at the Roosevelt Avenue too. The downtown area, as with many other main cities in the United States, consists mainly of mountains of high rise buildings...one overlapping after another in rapid succession.

If there is time left on the first day of the Chicago charter bus rental tour, be sure to get the bus driver to bring your traveling group to Chicago’s Magnificent Mile. It entails loads of shopping, plenty of fine dining throughout the stretch of amazing award-winning restaurants and renowned malls.

On the second day of your tour, our Chicago charter bus rental regular visitors strongly recommends heading over to the Michigan Lake waterfront where three of the city’s most famous museums stand. We are talking about Shedd Aquarium, Adler Planetarium, Field Museum of Natural History. You can end the second day with a lively night out at some of the best Chicago nightspots and clubs conveniently located in the downtown area.

As the tour comes to a close on the third day, be sure to make a stop at Lincoln Park which is one of Chicago’s most popular residential neighborhood. The community is pretty much made up of a huge park where there is a mix of singles and families call their home. Before heading back home, make a memorable visit to the absolutely breathtaking Navy Pier.

And there you have it - your perfectly unrushed three-day visit to Chicago. US Coachways can make the trip an even more smooth sailing one with our affordable and professional Chicago charter bus rental services.


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