MerleFest is held the last weekend in April on the North Carolina campus of Wilkes Community College, which is tucked away in the Blue Grass Mountains. It is one of the nation’s largest music festivals and draws a crowd of about 75,000 guests. Come to hear the “traditional plus” music […]


Before you know it, the long memorial day weekend will be here. If you don’t want to be stuck grilling hotdogs and burgers on your backyard BBQ, now is the time to start planning. You can pack a lot of fun into 3-4 days, if you get started on planning […]


What is Earth Day? Today, it’s likely many more people know what Earth Day is, since the movement to save the environment has gone global. But even back in 1970, when Earth Day began, 20 million Americans from coast-to-coast demonstrated for the environment in auditoriums, parks and streets. They initiated […]

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Before you know it, the NBA and NHL championship playoffs will be here. So, the time to start planning your road trip is now. Gather up family members, friends and fellow fans and get everyone revved up about seeing some finals playoffs. Basketball and hockey are both fast moving sports, […]