The Washington Nationals are having a great run this year. As Major League Baseball nears the end of the 2017 season, fans get excited about the playoffs. The Nationals recently clinched the 2017 NL East title and are ramping up for their postseason playoff run. If you’ve been keeping up with the Nationals’ season and catching games, even more excitement is on the way.

The last day of the regular MLB season is October 1. The National League (NL) playoffs schedule begins on Wednesday, October 4 with the NL Wild Card game and the NL Divisional Round is October 6. It’s time to start gathering your family, friends and fellow baseball fans for the big games. Get into the team spirit and charter a bus for a Nationals playoff game. It’s loads of fun!


What Is the Nationals’ Record for Post Season Games?

This will be the fourth year since 2011 that the Nationals have made it to the postseason playoffs.


How Do Divisional Winners Compare with the Wild Card Teams?

Wild card teams were added to the playoffs in 1994. Beginning in 2012, MLB started a format for wild card teams that included two wild-card teams from each league during the playoffs. Wild card teams are chosen based on their number of wins during the season. They can come from any division in the league, even the same division. It’s possible to have a wild card team with more wins than a divisional winner. The top two National League wild card teams that finish will move onto a game where they play against each other. The winner advances to the Division Series.


Which Teams Generally Win the World Series?

You might think it would be the teams with the best baseball records. But, according to a 2016 Chicago Tribune article, that wasn’t true. The wild card era changed baseball and only four out of 26 teams with the top record actually won the World Series. The teams were the Yankees in 1998 and 2009 and the Red Sox in 2013. That is only 7 percent.

The last wild card team to win the World Series was the San Francisco Giants in 2014. They beat the Kansas City Royals, which was also a wild card team.

Since 1994, a wild card team has won the World Series six times. The only team that won the World Series twice as a wild card team was the Marlins in 1997 and 2003. (Sporting News )

MLB Playoffs Schedule

When making your plans for attending games, keep in mind the 2017 playoffs schedule in mind:

Wild Card Games

AL Wild Card game — Oct. 3

NL Wild Card game — Oct. 4

Division Series

AL Divisional Round (5-game series) — Oct. 5

NL Divisional Round (5-game series) — Oct. 6

Championship Series

AL Championship Series (7-game series) — Oct. 13

NL Championship Series (7-game series) — Oct. 14

2017 World Series

AL champion vs. NL champion (7-games series) — Oct. 24


Nationals MLB Playoffs Players Have Their Hearts and Talent in the Playoffs

Vox Media recently published an article that talked about the Washington Nationals clinching the 2017 NL East title. There were some great quotes that put this MLB team’s drive into perspective.

Nationals Manager, Dusty Baker said, “People might think it was easy because we had a pretty good lead…but man, we were pulling stops, we were getting players from elsewhere, we were trying to keep the puzzle together…and they like each other and they love each other, and they play well together.” (Dusty Baker’s long career in baseball prior to becoming the Nationals MLB Manager includes 19 years as an outfielder and hard-hitter, mostly with the Atlanta Braves and LA Dodgers and 20 years as a manager with the San Francisco Giants, Chicago Cubs and Cincinnati Reds.)

Mike Rizzo, the Nationals President and General Manager said, ”It’s a special group of guys. We’ve got guys in the peak of their careers, we’ve got impact players that are playing to the apex of their ability-level, we’ve got guys that know what they’re doing on the field and how to win.”

Charter a Bus for the Nationals MLB Playoffs!

Baseball reaches its peak in the fall and the weather is perfect for games. Get your group of family, friends and fans together for the playoffs. US Coachways can provide you with the perfect vehicle to make your outing fun and stress-free. Avoid traffic and parking hassles by letting a professional driver take you there and back. After drinking a few beers and enjoying the game, no one really wants to be a designated driver anyway.

Reasons to consider using US Coachways include:

Safety. Charter buses are the safest form of ground transportation in the country.

Affordability. You can’t beat the low expenses of chartering a bus.

Convenience. You can all arrive and leave at the same time.

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