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The day after drinking at a wild St. Patrick’s Day party can leave you with a pounding head and wishing you had good hangover remedies. The night you’re downing pints of Guinness or doing shots of Irish whiskey, you may feel the luck of the Irish, but when you wake up — not so much. A dry mouth and pounding head don’t make you feel so lucky.

No worries. Here are remedies to help you overcome and avoid hangovers.


St. Patrick’s Day Hangover Remedies

Common hangover remedies include:

Hydrate. Drinking a lot of alcohol dehydrates your body, which is why you feel the headache and dry mouth sensations. It’s a good idea to drink a bunch of water and put a bottle or glass of water on your nightstand before going to sleep. Be sure to drink a bunch of water when you wake up too because you need to replenish the water your body lost when becoming dehydrated.

Replace electrolytes. When you become dehydrated, your body loses electrolytes such as salt and potassium. So, it’s also a good idea to have ways to replenish your electrolytes. Energy drinks have salt and potassium that can help you rehydrate, and so do many fruits like bananas, apples and oranges. Dried fruits, including apricots, raisins and dried figs are rich in potassium.

Eat food. There’s a reason that the Irish go for the hearty full Irish breakfasts, with lots of carbs, fat and protein. A full Irish breakfast typically consists of bacon, sausage, black and white pudding, fried eggs, fried tomato, backed beans, and soda or spud bread.

A cup of tea is an old Irish remedy, but green tea or ginger tea often helps with headaches and sensitive stomachs.

Eggs are an excellent source of protein and some people even start off the day swishing down raw eggs. The reason eggs work so well is they contain cysteine, which is an enzyme that breaks down alcohol.

If your stomach is queasy, you want might to eat something light first, like chicken soup or a banana and honey smoothie. Coconut water is a great source of anti-oxidants. After your stomach settles, then go for the hearty breakfast.

Replace your B vitamins. Drinking alcohol depletes your B vitamins. B vitamins help your body turn food into energy, so when these vitamins get depleted you can feel quite drained. Take a B complex before you go to bed at night and again with your food in the morning.

Sleep. You’ve probably heard of the expression “Sleep it off.” Why would this work? It takes time for the blood alcohol level in your body to get back in balance. While you’re sleeping, your body is rebalancing and you aren’t feeling the dehydration effects so much.


Even Better Yet — Ways to Avoid Hangovers in the First Place

Aside from not drinking, there are some steps you can take to prevent a hangover.

WebMD recommends the following tips to avoid hangovers.

  • Eat well before you drink. Having food in your body helps to keep the blood alcohol levels lower.
  • Drink lots of water. Because alcohol is a diuretic (a substance that makes you urinate and lose water), if you drink a lot of nonalcoholic liquids, especially water, it helps counteract the diuretic effect of drinking alcohol. One wine expert suggested matching each alcoholic beverage with a glass of water.
  • Order drinks on the rocks. Drinking beverages with ice in them helps because the ice melts and the drink becomes diluted. The water also helps keep you hydrated.
  • Drink slowly. Sipping your drink enables you to take in less alcohol at all once, which maintains lower BAC levels.
  • Skip carbonation. Carbonation in mixed drinks increases the alcohol absorption rate into the blood stream. Mix your drinks with fruit juice instead.
  • Drink clear alcoholic beverages. Clear or light colored alcoholic beverages contain fewer congeners, which are the substances that add flavor and color to drinks. Researchers found that the more congeners drinks contain, the worse the hangovers are for drinkers. Also, the expensive brands of alcohol contain fewer congeners than cheaper brands, so people tend to get less hung over.


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