If you’ve never been to Burning Man, you’re in for an exciting and unique experience. Burning man is an amazing festival that occurs every year near the end of August. But it isn’t just a festival. It’s a whole culture and city that emerges in a seven square mile area of the Nevada’s Black Rock Desert. About 70,000 people gather to share their artwork, their messages and their passions as they create a temporary community.

This year, Burning Man takes place from August 27 through September 4.

At the end of the event, everything is dismantled and cleared away, leaving the area the way it was found before the event. And nature once again reclaims its dusty desert ground.


The Burning Man Experience

Every festival has its own theme and the 2017 theme is “Radical Ritual.” Burning Man will evolve its own rituals and live up to its name of “radical,” ranging between “the absurd and the sublime.” Its stated aim is to release the spirit in the Black Rock Desert, the spirit that is the “human urge to make events, objects, actions and personalities sacred.”

The sacred is otherworldly and transcends space and time boundaries. In its most elevated form, it’s pure exaltation and uniting with a greater power than our conscious selves.

The Nevada Department of Public Works (DPW) establishes the exact location for each year’s festival, and begins the ritual by driving a stake into the ground. From there, the city arises, built in a circle or partial circle formation.


Festival Highlights

Stunning architecture is a signature feature of the festival, and some highlights for 2017 include:

Golden Spike. At the center of Burning Man’s axis, a temple is being built to commemorate the Golden Spike. Just as omphalos was a rounded stone in ancient Greek mythology that represented the naval of the Earth, the hub for Burning Man will have a sculpture to represent its world’s navel. The golden spire will tower high above the temple. A hundred niches in the temple walls allow room for participants to leave their contributions to the shrine.

Aluna. Aluna is a structure with two halves, one being a reflection on which the other half sits. Inside the structure you can immerse yourself in an interactive experience by sitting on pairs of seesaw swings that hang from the ceiling. Enter an oscillating universe of motion and pre-Hispanic sounds that seek balance. At night, hundreds of LED lights illuminate Aluna’s form and body, lighting up the surrounding desert.

Aqueous. Aqueous mirrors the sky during the day and creates pathways of light in geometric patterns using platforms with dichroic surfaces. Dichroic refers to crystals that reflect different colors of light. At night the platforms glow fully and interactively.

Bloom. Blooms are large swarms of jellyfish, and this structure, called Bloom, is forty feet tall in the shape of a large jellyfish. But closer inspection reveals it’s actually made up of thousands of small jellyfish. It glows with many tentacles and lights. Bloom invites participants to climb into “the belly of the jelly” where you’re suspended thirty feet above ground and experience a bird’s eye view of Burning Man. Feel your perceptions being challenged and get an extraordinary view.

Celestial Field. Taking on the aura of the sun, Celestial Field creates an undulating, magnetically pulled field above your head. Moving like plasma, the field reflects the sun and is a maze of pulsing light, like the sun’s corona during the day. A magnet sunspot influences the pattern of the rods creating the field, so you can experience zones of tranquility along with sudden bursts of energy.


What to Bring to the Festival?

You’re on your own as far as water, food and shelter, so be sure to bring these essentials. Earplugs are good for those who want to sleep, and bicycles can help you get around. The Survival Guide  provides the details of what you should bring and also lays out the rules and regulations. Remember, at the end, you’ll “leave no trace.”

Head Out with Friends and Family to Burning Man!

Let US Coachways transport your group to Burning Man. Since you can’t drive vehicles at Burning Man anyway, renting a bus is the best way to go. The driver can drop you off and pick you up when the festival ends. US Coachways has the perfect vehicle — whatever your size of group. If you believe in keeping the environment green, there’s no greener way to travel than by bus. It’s also the safest mode of ground transportation in the country.

Given the size of the crowd, having everyone arrive by bus at the same time avoids complications, often caused by delays, due to traffic or trouble with directions.

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