If you’ve had it with ice and snow and want to break out into spring-mode or plan an exhilarating summer getaway, head out to Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey. Opening April 1–2, the park offers you a season full of fun and adventure.

While travel is often a consideration, US Coachways can bring you safely there and home.

Six Flags Great Adventure Rides and Attractions

Six Flags Great Adventure has plenty of exciting rides and attractions.

Safari Off Road Adventure

No need to go to Africa or India for elephants, rhinos, tigers, giraffes and lions because the Safari Off Road Adventure has 1,2000 animals from six continents. You’ll see exotic and fascinating creatures, thanks to the Wilds Family that traveled the world to bring them to this Six Flags 350-acre preserve. The preserve boasts a wide selection of exotic birds, Vietnamese pot bellied pigs and extraordinary reptiles, to name a few.

Your safari begins at the rustic loading station, which has on display artifacts from the Wilds’ global expeditions. Transporting you in an off-road vehicle, your skilled driver will take you splashing through ponds, up hills and over rough terrain so you can come within close proximity to see various animals. Knowledgeable guides ride along also, to answer questions and entertain you. However, the excitement doesn’t end here because once you reach Camp Adventure, you’ll have another option of taking a zipline and flying over the preserve with an aerial view. Children and adults love to pet and feed the giraffes and animals here, which is great fun and way to interact with wildlife.

Come as early as you can for this attraction because it is a high demand experience!


Thrill Rides

You can ramp up the thrill factor by going on some heart pounding rides, and here are just a few that promise to get your adrenalin pumping:

El Diablo

This spiraling coaster stands seven stories high, towering over the Plaza del Carnaval park area. The steel looping track sends you pendulum swinging higher and higher until you suspend in mid air at the top of the loop. You’ll come face to face with other riders as you sit in specially designed seats, and after you loop around 360 degrees, El Diablo changes directions half way through the loop.

You need to gather all the courage you can muster to ride this looping steel monster, but after you do, you can say you rode the beast called El Diablo!

El Toro

El Toro, which means, “bull,” is another beast of a ride, and now it’s your turn to tame the bull. A blend of ultra modern engineering and a classic wooden roller coaster, El Toro takes you on a faster, smoother and more thrilling ride than the old coasters of the past. Ride the bucking bull, which takes you to a height of 19 stories and then suddenly drops you 176 feet at a 76-degree angle. This is one of the fastest and tallest wooden coaster runs on the planet, and once you ride it, you’ll understand why El Toro was voted #1 Wooden Coaster in the World based on the 2011 Internet Coaster Poll.


For the ultimate high flying, feet dangling experience above the trees, Skyscreamer is the ride for you. The amazing tower is 242 feet tall and sits at the center of the ride with chairs hanging from cables surrounding it. When the ride begins, it gently and slowly lifts you up off the ground and begins to spin. However, as it gains speed you’ll careen around the tower base at 40 miles per hour with the wind whipping through your hair and your feet dangling underneath you. From your bird’s eye view, you can see the classic Ferris wheel about 100 feet below you.

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