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Six Flags Over Texas is open now and ready to excite you with lots of thrilling rides and attractions. Located in Arlington, Texas, the theme park has a big Memorial weekend planned along with many more fantastic summer events, so start making your plans and join in the fun!

Ramp Up Your Thrills on Galactic Attack Virtual Reality Coaster

Six Flags Over Texas delivers in a big way with the Galactic Attack VR Coaster. This ride is the world’s first virtual reality coaster with pass through camera functionality when you wear the Samsung Gear VR headsets.

Immerse yourself in a complex gaming experience and interact in a futuristic world where Earth is being attacked by alien drones. It’s your job to save the planet and your headset provides you with a countdown clock, weapons, time codes and fuel cells.

The coaster’s twists and turns synchronize with the VR gaming experience in a one-of-a-kind interactive ride that offers three different endings — which is a good reason to ride it more than once!


Lots of Thrilling Rides

There are many more thrill rides at Six Flags Over Texas, and here are just a few to consider.

Dive Bomber Alley

In the Tower section of the park, you’ll encounter Diver Bomber Alley with its amazing steel arch that towers 16 stories above you. If you’re up for the dare, this ride packs quite a punch by combining the sensational thrills of hang-gliding, skydiving and bungee jumping, all wrapped into one.

Dive Bomber is the brainchild of an expert pilot and skydiver who drew his idea on a dinner napkin and laid out an impressive structure.

The ride begins with climbing up a 150-foot arch, and from there, you’ll be enclosed in a harness with a friend or two and hoisted by a slim cable. As you dangle 16 stories above the ground and the wind whistles through your ears, the realization hits home that “down” is your only option.

So, you take the leap, you’re airborne, and there’s nothing underneath to catch you. The free fall is exhilarating as you hurl toward the earth at speeds up to 80 miles per hour. Even so, the cable catches your fall, and the momentum of your drop propels you forward into a forceful swing that launches you above the park. Additional fee required.


La Vibora

La Vibora (“the viper” in Spanish) is probably the largest snake you’ll ever encounter with its 1,500-foot colorful body of red, yellow and black stripes. You see it slither in fast motion as it winds through the sky. This roller coaster takes you for an exhilarating ride inside the belly of the snake. Pulsing through the snake-shaped half pipe, you’ll twist and turn at 32 miles per hour and because there are no tracks, you shoot through the tube like a toboggan hurtling down a run. The walls inside the long snake’s body take you on a downhill ride from 64 feet in the air, and you bank hard all the way to the finish.

New Texas Giant

Just as the saying goes, “Everything is bigger in Texas,” it’s only fitting for Texas to have the tallest steel hybrid roller coaster in the world. By hybrid, we mean this coaster is a combination of classic wooden architecture and high tech steel engineering. The latest steel tracks glisten for nearly a mile, and the ride begins with a 153-foot lift off and then a drop that takes you to speeds of up to 65 miles per hour. It’s full of high banking turns and switchbacks that can easily make you lose your breath. You’ll weave in and out and over humps and curves until you hit the wild finish when you roar through a set of three misty tunnels. You’ll feel your adrenalin rushing and have that “bigger in Texas” feeling by the time you reach the end.

Six Flags Is the Perfect Getaway for Groups

What a fantastic venue Six Flags Over Texas is for all kinds of group road trips, including:


  • Company outings
  • School group end-of-year celebrations
  • Scout trips
  • Birthday parties
  • Post-graduation celebrations
  • Family Reunions

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