Splash Water Falls

When the hot California sun beats down, there’s nothing like flying down slides and splashing in a water park to refresh, perk you up and satisfy your cravings for excitement.

By using US Coachways, you can make your excursion relaxing and fun when you leave the L.A. freeway traffic and parking hassles to us.


The Date Hurricane Harbor Opens and Park Details

As May 27 rolls around, Six Flags Hurricane Harbor opens its daring water rides for the ultimate in thrills. Located on Magic Mountain Parkway, Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Los Angeles is adjacent to Six Flags Magic Mountain, and there’s nothing like a group road trip to capitalize on all the available fun.

Hurricane Harbor  is perfect for group outings and the park can help you plan:

  • Birthday parties
  • Post-graduation celebration
  • Scout trips
  • School group end-of-year celebrations
  • Youth Group Outings for camps, scouts and cubs
  • Religious group excursion
  • Company outing


Bonzai Pipelines

After you make the six-story climb to the top of Bonzai Pipelines, you enter a see-through launcher tube and stand with a trap door at your feet. The moment the trap door opens, the floor literally disappears, and you plummet into the slide, slipping downward into 50 feet of free fall. After that daring and spine-chilling drop, you’ll begin 200 feet of body sliding in loops that hurtle you down the enclosed slide pipe.

Screaming “Bonzai” may be the least of what you remember about this water slide.


Black Snake Summit

Riding the snakes takes courage of the highest level and actually requires you to access your inner daredevil because the speed of these slides is enough to make your hair curl.

Black Snake Summit towers high in the Hurricane Harbor sky where Coiled Cobra and Twisted Fang weave and wind together into ultra fast runs. Standing 75 feet high, these enclosed water slides are the tallest slides in Southern California but you may not realize it because once you jump onto the ride, you enter a pitch black run that curves and turns for 500 feet. This fast-flying experience is simply insane when you can’t see where you’re going!

Once you’ve survived the Coiled Cobra and Twisted Fang duo, grab a raft and try your luck on Blake Snake Summit: Sidewinder and Boa Constrictor. Besides being lower and except for the raft, these rides are also enclosed for fast and smooth rides.

Lightning Falls

As you stand at the top of the mountain area called Lightning Falls, three down-slope options await you: Typhoon Tube, Tornado Tube and Thunder Trough. Each is uniquely different in its courses but all are in the open-air and have slippery walls.

You’ll jump onto the raft and shoot down the slick course flying like lightning around the curves and banking up the walls. The speed is so tremendous that you can end up flipped around backwards and have no idea what’s coming next. Splashing and shooting through tunnels, you’ll be completely drenched by the end of the ride.

Whichever course you chose, remember the other two still await you, and you’ll probably feel that urge to climb the mountain again for the next unique thrill.

Taboo Tower

Taboo Tower is similar to Lightning Falls in that there’s one way up and three ways down:

  • Secret Passage. Experience the fast descent through a high speed, sharp spiral tube that takes you pell-mell into the straightaway. It’s a great way out if you need a fast escape from the evil ancient ruins.
  • Daredevil’s Plunge. Appropriately named, this exit slide drops you from 65 feet in the air and speeds you down a 300-foot straightaway course at a 45-degree angle.
  • Escape Chute. This route is a long and bumpy run but gives you some descent airtime that feels like flying.

All your efforts in climbing Taboo Tower are well worth it, and most people feel ready to tackle it again after they hit the bottom

Group Travel by Charter Lets You Enjoy the Whole Trip

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Getting everyone to arrive at the same time can be a challenge, and let’s face it —no one enjoys navigating the traffic on L.A. freeways. Charter buses are the best and safest way to travel on California’s roadways.

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