US Coachways wishes you a Happy Halloween! On All Hallows Eve, the cries of goblins and ghosts fill the dark, dark night, and witches streak through the sky on their broomsticks. Does the freaky fright of Halloween make your hair stand on end or send chills up your spine? You’re not alone. Join in the fun and celebrate this spooky holiday at some of the most renowned Halloween haunts across the country.

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Top Spots Across the Country for Celebrating Halloween

US News  suggests the following top locations for festive Halloween celebrations:

St. Louis

While the thrill of a good scare is fun for older kids and adults, a more festive and less scary time is better for little ones. St. Louis has the perfect venue, called Boo at the Zoo. Your kids will love the pumpkins, haystacks, and souvenir T-shirts. On the T-shirt, a grizzly bear dressed as Wonder Women takes the scary out of grizzly and adds a bit of light-hearted fun to make you laugh.

But if you’re itching for a good scare, the ghost tour at Fabulous Fox Theater is just the ticket. You’ll hear about actual ghost sighting tales and other paranormal phenomena that are part of the theater’s 88 years of existence.

Sleepy Hollow, New York

“The Legend of Sleepy Hollow,” written by Washington Irving in the 1800s weaves a tale that still terrifies people today. If you dare, you can visit Horseman’s Hollow and take a jaunt down the haunted trail where creatures lurk in the shadows and the town’s residents, driven insane by the Headless Horseman approach you. Dressed in their elaborate costumes of the 1800’s and with faces made up by film make-up artists, they appear quite authentic. Step into the decimated schoolhouse of Ichabod Crane, where the Horseman lies in wait and watches heads roll.


Chattanooga, Tennessee

The Ruby Falls Haunted Cavern and Fear Connection presents Dread Hollow, which goes far beyond the fright level of ordinary haunted houses. Rand McNally names the Ruby Falls Haunted Cavern as one of the top-10 haunted houses in the nation. Its 20,000 square feet of absolute terror is a “nightmare that knows no boundaries.”

Dread Hollow is a 1600’s town that was a small farming community where town founders claimed 13 young women had formed a coven of witches. The witch trials lasted only three days and all 13 women were hung and burned to death. The curse on the town lives to this day where more people have gone missing than from any small town in America. Or so they claim…

Williamsburg, Virginia

Williamsburg is another favorite haunt with its “Ghosts Amongst Us” tours for teenagers and adults.  You can explore haunted properties during the one-hour walking tour. Listen to people tell about their haunted experiences and meet ghostly inhabitants still hanging around the area. You can listen to stories about the Williamsburg witch trial and tour the Colonial Williamsburg historic area.

The Busch Gardens theme park also features a Howl-O-Scream event, complete with ghouls, zombies and other creepy creatures of the night.


Savannah, Georgia

Spanish moss dangles from live oaks that line the streets of Savannah, creating the perfect eerie setting for Halloween celebrations. Savannah has long held a reputation for supernatural occurrences and is known as one of the most haunted cities in America. The Hauntings tour of Savannah is a 90-minute walking tour, available year round. That’s how haunted Savannah is! The walking tour is for adults only and you’ll go through the historic district and hear tales of eyewitness accounts of ghosts and haunting. At the outskirts of Savannah lie cemeteries and as the city grew, houses and business buildings were built on former burial grounds. This area is also rich in Native American history and many burial grounds existed there for various tribes. Tales of sorcery, rites, charms and voodoo are common and still exist to this day.

For a more family-friendly Halloween version, you can take your little ones to the Oatland Island Wildlife Center where people wearing animal costumes pass out candy.

Have Fun and Celebrate Your Own Version of Halloween!

Bring out your inner ghoul for Halloween. Join the freaks, dress up in bizarre costumes and let your imagination run wild. Whether you’re going to Halloween parties, visiting haunted houses or taking ghost walking tours, you can’t beat traveling in a group with family, friends or colleagues.

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