Crowdfunding is changing how you can plan your travel

Crowdfunding is a new way to plan travel that’s completely in tune with social media and the digital age we live in. New concepts in travel are evolving that make travel easier all the time, and taking a crowd trip is a new innovation that fits in perfectly.  If you’ve ever wished you could gather a bunch of people together and head out for a favorite destination, then crowdfunding might be the perfect way for you to do that.


What Is CrowdFunding?

According to Fundable.com1, crowdfunding is a platform that friends, family, customers or individual investors can use to raise funds. By using social media and websites as a platform, individuals can share their ideas and get others to back it. Getting other people onboard with the idea can draw funding and turn ideas into reality. Of course the site mainly focuses on investment ideas, but US Coachways has taken the concept of crowdfunding and applied it to charter bus rental as well. We call it “crowd trips.”

Everyone traveling together funds the crowd trip — in other words, you’re sharing the travel costs. You can travel with family members, friends or other people who have the same trip idea in common.

Crowd trips are unique because you can be the one who creates the trip, called the “trip captain.” And when you’re the captain, your efforts don’t go unrewarded. You travel for free!

How Does Crowdfunding Work for Charter Bus Rental?

US Coachways has a user interface specifically designed for:

1) Creating a trip

2) Inviting others to join

It’s located at

First, you decide on a destination and a date. Let’s say for example, you’ve always wanted to go to Lollapalooza3 (one of the country’s top music festivals, located in Chicago, with a large attendance of about 100,000 people each festival day). The 2018 Lollapalooza festival takes place August 2-5. Suppose you plan the trip to last a week, and that way you can take a few days traveling to Chicago and back from New York.

You’ve got your destination and dates in mind. Next, you go to Create a Trip4 and fill in your details. You’ll need to estimate how many people you want to have for your trip. The minimum number required for a trip is 20 people.


How Do You Get Others to Join in?

This is where the fun comes in. Start posting info on Facebook and other social media networks to promote your trip. You can post pictures about Lollapalooza, provide links, mention favorite bands you want to see, etc. Post any hype you want about it or just spread the word. Tweet it. Pin it. Put something on YouTube. Have fun! You can direct those who are interested to to the trip you’ve created and have them join the trip.

This is unsurpassed ridesharing, folks.

You can keep your trip private or open it up to the public. That’s up to you. You’re the trip captain.

What’s the difference between a public and a private trip?

A public trip is visible in the site’s search area and anyone can join the trip. Search results don’t list private trips and only the trip captain and people invited through emails or sharing can join the group. The trip captain coordinates all the details.

What Does It Take to Be a Trip Captain?

If you love the idea for your trip and are excited, it’s not hard to get others excited too. You’ve already done a lot of the work by coming up with the travel idea, setting the date, destination and group size. Now you simply get people liking the trip on Facebook and spreading the news about it.

You’ll get to decide the pickup and drop-off locations. Watch your very own trip take shape.


What About the Vehicle?

Depending on the group size and trip length, you can choose the vehicle best suited for your excursion. US Coachways has the perfect vehicle waiting for you — motor coaches, party buses, limos, and mini buses. Prices vary depending on the type and size of vehicle.

Not only can we help you get the best price, we can also help you coordinate your trip.

What Are the Benefits of Using to Plan Your Trip?

Planning group travel was never so easy!

Use a seamless interface. You plan the trip and make payments online. When it’s time to board your bus, bring your E-ticket and your bags to the designated pickup spot.

Save money with cost sharing. Each passenger will be dividing and sharing the costs of the trip with the total number of other passengers. All you need is 20 people or more to create a trip. We don’t charge anyone’s credit card until you reach the GO LIVE number of passengers for the trip. You don’t have to worry about paying for a trip that unravels and losing your deposit.

Gain peace of mind through secure connections. You’ll receive a login to the site where you can view your trip, the payments and see the trip details. You can even chat with others who plan to take the trip with you. We store all trip information in one secure location.

Connect with other travelers on See who has signed up for the trip and chat with them about it. A trip can liven up already existing relationships or provide an opportunity to make some new friends. You can add your comments on the Trip Wall, upload files or images and chat about travel details.

If you’re not keen on being the trip captain, have one of your friends or family members do it instead. You can simply join the trip. The site has buttons you can click, depending on whether you want to create or join trips.

What Types of Trips Are Ideal for Bus Sharing?

Many types of trips are ideal for bus sharing. The idea of bus sharing kicked off in a big way a couple years ago when the Women’s March on Washington took place. What more convenient way for people to travel together when involved in a political movement? People can pay online and through the chat board, everyone can engage in the trip’s details and inform each other about the plan.

Actually, the same convenience exists for any type of trip. The trip captain sets the minimum number of passengers for the trip to GO LIVE and never has to worry about collecting payments. Whether you’re taking students on a field trip, booking a church choir for a concert or planning an outing for a troop of scouts, people can join the trip online. They have the tickets on their mobile phones and all the information is in one secure place.

Take a day trip, a weekend getaway or a jaunt across the country. With, any type of group trip is possible.


The Advantages of Traveling by Bus

Aside from the convenience of booking the trip, many advantages exist for groups that travel by bus.

Enjoy the comforts of bus travel. Unlike flying, you won’t have to go through TSA, which means taking off your shoes, having your personal belongings x-rayed and relinquishing any fluids that exceed air travel limitations. The ample space that buses provide allows plenty of room for sitting and stretching your legs.

Travel the safe way. Anyone researching travel modes will discover that charter buses are safer than all other types of transportation. Statistics are on our side. It’s no surprise when you consider the training and maintenance that goes into charter bus travel.

Help the environment. In addition to being safe, buses are the greenest form of ground transportation. Carbon emissions per passenger are lower for charter buses than hybrid cars or other vehicles, including trains.

Avoid the stresses of driving. Congested traffic, hunting for parking, navigating tricky directions and getting lost are typical hassles that drivers encounter on the road. You’ll have no worries about whether other members of your group have arrived in their cars, nor will you get stuck waiting for those who get delayed. The waiting factor for lost group members practically disappears.

Be free of drinking and driving worries. Many people enjoy partying when they plan a getaway. While that can be fun, you often have to designate drivers and make other plans so drinking and driving isn’t a concern. Sometimes it can really be a challenge. Let’s say you’re taking a tour of a vineyard. You’ll be hard pressed figuring out who wants to be the designated driver. Charter a bus, relax and let everyone sip a glass of wine and enjoy the trip.

The most affordable travel. Charter bus travel has group rates that are hard to beat. There’s no more economical way to take a group trip.

Charter Your Vehicle Today

US Coachways offers charter services throughout the nation. We look forward to helping you plan the details of your trip. For customized service, call our toll-free number at 1-855-287-2427 and speak with one of our representatives.


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