What started out as a march on D.C. for tens of thousands of women has expanded to a Women’s March on Washington. The date is set for Saturday, January 21, the day after the inauguration of President Elect Donald Trump.


What Is the Purpose of the March?

According to a New York Times article released on November 11, the purpose of the march was to protest the inauguration of Donald Trump as commander-in-chief and convey women, femme, trans, gender non-conforming and other feminists’ disapproval of the new president and his values. It was also an effort to make demands for the welfare of women and a non-violent protest for women’s rights.

Another article published by CNN on November 12, quoted one of the march’s organizers, Fontaine Pearson as saying that the purpose of the march was not to protest against the President or the legitimacy of the election. Its purpose is to focus attention on women’s issues such as workplace discrimination and sexual assault. The scope of the march goes beyond election support for Hillary Clinton and hopes to change the political-economic-socio landscape for women by demanding equal rights.

The march will start at the Lincoln Memorial and go to the White House.


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10 thoughts on “Women’s March on Washington Gets the Nation’s Attention

  1. 2 people are looking for a bus from central NJ – preferably the Jersey Shore – to go to and return from Washington DC on Jan 21 for the Women’s March on Washington. Is there such a bus available?

    1. Hi Anne, Our friends at Crowdtrips.com may have listings for buses that are leaving in your area for the March, if not, it would be best to contact your local March Page via Facebook or other social media.

  2. These creeps cancelled multiple buses in the middle of the night before the March. Buses booked from Brooklyn, Massachusetts, and Westchester are the ones I know of, but who knows how many more people they left in the lurch.

    1. Attention all Marchers!!! Thank you for traveling with us this past weekend – it was a great event. We proudly moved over 300 buses and 5000 folks to events all over the country! We did have a challenge with mechanical issues on 6 vehicles… if you were on one of these vehicles please call Donna at 800-405-3859 ext 350 or email her at dyehia@uscoachwaysinc.com. We are standing by to field calls to resolve any issues.

  3. I’d like to ask for permission to use your photo of the Women’s March on Washington for a protest-related product I make and sell. Can you tell me who I should contact in this regard? Thank you!

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