When we say you are going to have a ball in Atlanta GA, we meant you are going to feel like you have a hose attached to your nose with laughing gas pumping through it and into your system. We had the pleasure of being a part of the Laughing […]

Initially thinking that this was some sort of a museum and thinking that we have had enough museums for the day during your trip to Washington DC last year, we weren’t too keen to visit the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. And looking at the name of the memorial, it sounded really […]

Someone once said that there was nothing to see and do in Hartford CT but after a group trip there with a bunch of friends who were ready to take a break from their everyday work grind, I beg to differ. Sure, it is not as bright and funky as […]

Fret not, little ones, if Disneyland is not on the cards during your holiday vacation, because mommy’s taking you to Mother Goose land! It was exciting news, indeed, for the kids during our charter bus rental vacation to Sacramento CA last year because we took the squealing kids down to […]

The name itself might bring about a few ‘haha’s but the place is quite another story. It’s so beautiful that once you’ve been there, you would want to go there again – regardless of whether you have a readily-available Minneapolis charter bus rental package. Being me, of course, I have […]