Can you believe it — spring is here and Six Flags Hurricane Harbor opens May 20 for a fantastic spring and summer of pure splashing fun! Get out and live a little by taking your company, group of friends, bunch of kids or family reunion to Six Flags.

Rides and Attractions that Are Fun for Everyone

There’s nothing like a road trip to Six Flags Hurricane Harbor in New Jersey  to put a smile on everyone’s faces and add some needed excitement. You’ll find plenty of rides and attractions that await your arrival.

Caribbean Cove

“Wild and wet” are the watchwords for Caribbean Cove, and the whole family enjoys the more than 55 interactive features of this water play area. Kids love the spray nozzles, jets, valves, water guns and action slides, not to mention the super-sized tipping bucket that towers nearly two stories in the air and spills water all over everyone when they least expect it. The beach entry pool is only two feet deep, which is great for the little ones.

Plus parents can also relax in the spacious beach area with ample seating provided by 300 lounge chairs. You can also hang out under a new shade canopy, which protects you from the hot summer sun.

Cannonball, Wahini and Jurahnimo Falls


So — perhaps relaxing in the sun isn’t quite your style and you’re more of an adventurer looking for an ultimate thrill. If that’s the case, then going from 0 to 40 miles per hour in a matter of seconds is probably right up your alley.

The complex of these smoldering fast three slides are the trio that promise to send your adrenalin pumping.

  • Cannonball Falls. Cannonball Falls is a sensationally slick slide that snakes and turns for 357 feet in total darkness. In mere seconds, you experience a 64-foot shift in elevation as you drop through the pitch-black tunnel’s watery surface at 40 miles per hour.
  • Wahini Falls. Wahini Falls is another maddening, totally dark tunnel slide that curves and twists for 394 feet. You’ll fly through this totally enclosed slide at high speed with your body banking high on the curving walls.
  • Jurahnimo. Unlike Wahini, Jurahnimo is completely open, and you feel the rush of wind on your face as you fly down the steep 76-foot drop. It’s a green, blue and red striped monster of a slide that will leave you shouting, “Jurahnimo!”


Hurricane Mountain

A visit to Hurricane Harbor isn’t complete without experiencing Hurricane Mountain, which aims to create the gale force and higher category winds experience for which the park is named.

Like mighty storms that drench you in water, these Hurricane Mountain Rides are named after highly ranked storms and demand your courage to ride them.

You’ll begin the slide at a height of more than five stories and can go down a tube or ride down toboggan style, depending on the category of storm you choose.

Here are the five slides:

  • Mickey — Category 1. This category 1 is a twisting orange beast that propels you into a sudden steep drop at the end.
  • Nellie — Category 2. You’ll ride enclosed all the way down, which keeps you in suspense about reaching the end.
  • Lola — Category 3. You’ll fly quickly down this bumpy blue monster of a slide.
  • Bertha — Category 3. Bertha will take you down a dizzying spiral.
  • Agnes and Marge — Category 5. Agnes and Marge are two toboggan slides and the highest storm categories, where you slide from an ultra height, at ultra fast speed and down very wide green and yellow tracks.

At the bottom of each slide, you get completely drenched while moving through a water gauntlet.

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