When renting a bus, be sure to ask enough questions to address important details. Planning a road trip requires gathering all the information and then making good decisions. Here are some details to consider before you rent a charter bus. Some of the questions you need to pin down with your group and others are questions you should ask the charter bus company.


1 – Where Are You Going?

This question may sound very elementary, but you’d be surprised how destinations can change once you get a group of people trying to agree on where to go. After you reach a consensus on your destination, you’re ready to move forward with other road trip details.

2 – How Many People Are Going on Your Group Trip?

A head count is vital because the motor coach size depends on your group size. You need to firm up, as best as you can, how many people are going on the trip.

3 – What Are the Different Sizes of Motor Coaches Available?

Available motor coach sizes vary, depending on the charter bus company. Minibuses can often accommodate 24,28, 30 or 35 passengers. Motor coaches seat greater numbers, between 49 and 57 passengers. Party buses typically come in sizes to accommodate anywhere from 20, 24 or 30 to 40 passengers. The overall travel cost relates to the size of the vehicle, number of travel days and destination.


4 – What Bus Company Should You Use?

Assuming you now know your destination and group size, you can start getting quotes from charter bus companies. Crowdtrips.com https://www.crowdtrips.com/home is a US Coachways website that allows you to create a group trip destination and then have your group members sign up. A great advantage of using Crowdtrips is that unless you reach your designated number of people for the trip, no one loses out-of-pocket expenses. Also, people can book online with their credit cards and commit to the trip.

5 – What Amenities Are Available?

You’ll want to know ahead of time about bus amenities. Some amenities to ask about include:

  • Wi-Fi
  • TV monitors for DVD movies
  • Outlets to charge phones
  • Air-conditioning
  • Restrooms
  • Baggage storage space
  • Seats with plenty of legroom
  • Overhead storage


6 – What Can You Bring on the Bus?

Can you bring a pet? In most cases, no, you can’t. If you have a service pet, then mention this fact. How many luggage bags can you bring? Can you bring a cooler with food on the bus, and if so, what size? Are you restricted from bringing certain items on the bus?

7 – Do You Have Any Special Needs for Your Bus Trip?

If someone in your group requires wheelchair access, an oxygen tank or other handicap provisions, find out about the bus company’s ability to accommodate you. If people in your group don’t speak English very well, some companies have bilingual bus drivers. These are details to ask about ahead of time and arrange for your charter.

8 – What Happens if There’s an Emergency or a Bus Break Down?

Find out if the bus company has a dispatch service available 24/7 and whether you can reach a live person.  What type of contingencies plans does the company have in place? Many companies operate through large networks that offer quick solutions for these types of problems.



9 – Is Bus Driver Gratuity Part of the Booking Fee?

Generally, booking does not include gratuities. You can find out what the usual gratuity is for bus drivers and the best way to tip the driver. If bus drivers bid on jobs and you were happy with the driver, you may be able to request the driver again for another trip.

10 – What Is the Company’s Payment Policy?

Find out how much deposit is due and when you must pay it. Ask whether the company has a refund and cancellation policy.

Plan a Trip, Get All the Details and Book Your Charter!

With all the vehicles on the roads today, you want to keep travel simple and safe. Chartering a bus does this and is ideal. US Coachways can provide you with the best vehicle, based on the nature of your trip and size of your group — whether a party bus, minibus or motor coach. You should avoid driving in heavily trafficked areas. Instead, let a professional driver make your trip stress-free.

Advantages of using US Coachways include:

Charter bus travel is safe. According to statistics, charter buses are the safest form of ground transport. Our drivers are highly trained and take pride in doing a great job.

Charter buses are affordable. They top the list for affordable group travel.

Charter buses are convenient. Unlike traveling in separate vehicles, everyone arrives on time and at the same time.

Reserve Your Bus Charter Today

Book the fast and easy way. But if you need questions answered or want to check out discounts, call 1-888-340-9122. We’re always available to help.

3 thoughts on “The Top 10 Things to Ask Before You Rent a Bus

  1. It’s good to know what to look at before renting a bus. We want to rent one for our family outing next year, so this is great! When it comes to amenities, we’d definitely want Wi-Fi, TV’s, AC, bathrooms, and plenty of storage.

  2. Renting a bus sounds like such a fun idea! We’re taking a big trip with some friends, and going together in a bus would be great. It’s great that they make buses to fit between 24 and 57 passengers.

  3. My husband and I are wanting to rent a coach bus for our family reunion. Thank you for suggesting we should ask if the company offers an emergency dispatch service 24/7. I’ll have to keep this in mind as I do some research and find the right bus for us.

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