Spooks, Goblins and Ghouls…Oh My!

Just after you’ve eased into September with its falling leaves and mundane routine, and after life starts to seem a tad too boring, October arrives. October, haunted houses, and Halloween go hand in hand. The darkening days and prelude to winter send a signal that bends imaginations and unleashes the macabre. Whether you’re creating freaky costumes for a party or delving into haunted house experiences, look out. It’s time for a reality check. If you look closely, you just might see a few witches streaking the sky on their broomsticks or a ghouls popping up behind gravestones.

Take a walk on the spooky side and visit some of the East Coast’s most visited scary venues. From recreational theme parks like Fright Night® at Six Flags® to authentic sites renowned for haunting, there are plenty of opportunities to get the chills and thrills that will transform your eyes into bulging saucers and raise hairs on the back of your neck.

Oh…did we mention that traveling in groups is a good idea, a very good idea? As the saying goes, “there’s safety in numbers,” and besides, who would want to visit The Bates Motel without the reliable emotional support of good friends or family?

US Coachways has special deals available for group travel through price matching, and as far as travel goes, you can’t beat chartering a bus.


Some of the East Coast’s Finest Haunted Spots

Bates Motel in Glen Mills, PA

The Bates Motel and Hayride is about an hour to an hour and a half drive outside of Philadelphia. According to Roadtrippers.com1, a few years ago the Travel Channel voted the Bates Motel and Hayride the number one haunted attraction in America. This venue takes scary to a whole new level, and in fact the owners recommend that people with heart conditions and children under the age of eight should not visit the site. There are plenty of bone-chilling special effects, including levitating spirits, moving floorboards and pictures with eyes that follow you. If you’re up for a ghastly, grisly and frightful time, this is the site for you.

Blackout Haunted House, New York City

Located on 164 Eleventh Ave, in New York City, the Blackout Haunted House has been called the “extreme theater event of the year” by the New York Times and “the scariest haunted house in New York City” by the New York Post.

You must be 18 years old to enter the house and must walk through it alone. So much for safety in numbers, but at least your friends or family can greet you once you emerge from this terrifying experience of high-level haunting.

Fort Adams State Park in Newport, RI

The Tunnels of Terror are the haunted attraction that “Fear at Fort Adams State Park” has to offer. You’ll encounter monsters and ghouls that flicker in the strobe lights and dense fog as their horrific growls and guttural groans make your heart pound and chill you to the bones. The tunnel isn’t recommended for children, but there are other events the little ones can enjoy, such as the Halloween Carnival Midway, which provides fun games and other entertainment.

Adults might find exploring the ruins of the Officers Quarters interesting. The tour is unguided and the scary factor is quite dialed down here as well.

Haunted Overlord in Durham, NH

Voted one of America’s top 13 haunted attractions, Haunted Overload has a Hollywood type set with huge monsters that tower more than 34 feet. The site is an actual working farm with unique props, creating creepy sets with “axe murdering hillbilly zombie psychopaths.”

You can come during the daytime and bring your children who will enjoy seeing all the pumpkins. The site is open both night and day, but nighttime is when the scare factor moves in and the venue unleashes its monsters.


The Nevermore Haunt in Baltimore

The Nevermore Haunt2 promotes itself as Maryland’s scariest haunted house event and lasts for 16 days in October. Top features are the warehouse, one of Baltimore’s oldest, where bizarre creatures roam and past horrors come to life. Isaac’s Maleficent Sideshow is the other main attraction with a troupe performing every night and entertaining visitors through its freak shows and sinister magic.

On specified nights, you can also take a bus tour from the Nevermore Haunt to two other haunted houses in Baltimore.

Come in your costumes and sample the gourmet food and sip alcoholic beverages.

The event is not recommended for children under 12 or under four feet tall.

Factory of Terror in Fall River, MA

Some visitors have considered the Factory of Terror to be one of New England’s top haunted houses. As the story goes, the city deemed the factory to be haunted in 1856 and permitted a group of distinguished paranormal experts to enter the large factory. High levels of intense paranormal activity were confirmed and that activity still continues today.

Actors dressed as the insane will grab you as you stroll through the Factory, and visitors are invited to enter at their own risk. Pregnant women and individuals with heart conditions are advised not to visit Phobia Mayhem, the site of the Factory Massacre.

Six Flags Over Georgia: Fright Fest

Located in Austell, Georgia, which is in the Atlanta metro area, the Fright Fest3 Fright by Night lasts from September 22 through October 31 and includes scare zones and haunted houses where ghouls and zombies take over the park. You’ll have plenty of thrilling rides to choose from and truly creepy venues to get your fill of the bizarre, demonic and gruesomely horrifying creatures that lurk in the shadows.


Savannah, Georgia

Savannah is known for its southern hospitality and charm, but also for the its nickname as “America’s Most Haunted City.”

The Old Town Trolley Tours4 takes you on Savannah’s most popular ghost tour. Tour guides tell visitors about the ghost tales related to the Andrew Low House, your first stop on the tour. Reports exist of ghosts inhabiting the house and of staff seeing their apparitions. Haunted River Street is the next stop with Perkin’s & Son’s Ship Chanlery. Listen to the sinister tales unfold as the ghostly history of Savannah is revealed.

No children younger than six are allowed on the tour and the tour is rated PG-13.

Start Making Your Plans and Reserving Your Bus for a Haunted Adventure

Join with friends and family to go on a haunted adventure during October. The fun and excitement of dressing up in costumes and visiting a haunted house can create some enjoyable memories.

By traveling as a group, you’ll find you can avoid the driving hassles associated with navigating traffic, sorting out directions, searching for parking spots and getting everyone to arrive at the same time. We think you’ll agree that chartering a bus is the best way to go.

US Coachways provides transportation services to customers all across the country and we are the nation’s largest charter bus provider. Our wide selection of vehicles enables you to pick a bus that is perfect for your group. Practical reasons to consider when renting a bus include:

Trusting the safest mode of ground transportation. Many people don’t realize that charter buses are the safest form of ground transportation in the country. Charter buses have lower accident rates than cars and trains, and you can trust the skills of a highly trained professional driver to bring you to your destination and back home safely.

Choosing travel that is affordable and cost-effective. When you check out the costs involved with travel, you can’t beat renting a bus. Fill up the bus with friends and family and see how affordable your trip is. At US Coachways we offer a price match guarantee, or your travel is free.

Going green to help save the planet. As more and more people understand the detriments of climate change, they are choosing eco-friendly travel. Charter buses reduce the carbon footprint like no other means of transportation — including hybrid cars. If you’re onboard with the movement to keep a green planet, you can do your part by choosing charter buses, the most environmentally friendly vehicles in the country.

Traveling in comfort to your destination. Everyone rides in first class on a charter bus. Lean back in your reclining seat and take advantage of the ample room to stretch out your legs. Onboard restrooms take the stress out of longer trips and reduce unnecessary stops that slow down arrivals. There’s no need to coordinate arrival and departure times when everyone is traveling together. For those who enjoy staying digitally connected, charter buses have WiFi and many buses also have televisions where you can watch a DVD or program during your trip.

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