A Charter Bus Rental—The Ultimate Way to Visit L.A.

Los Angeles—the “city of dreams.” the “entertainment capital of the world.” If you can’t have a great time here, you can’t have a great time anywhere. But you don’t want to try to navigate the streets, byways, highways and freeways in and around this megalopolis, with more than 13 million residents spread out over 500 square miles.

Beautiful sunset of Los Angeles downtown skyline

There’s an easy way to see all that the City of Angels has to offer—in the comfort, dependability and safety of a charter bus from US Coachways.

There’s No Better Way to See L.A. than by Charter Bus—Here’s Why

When you’re taking a group to Los Angeles, your choice of transportation can determine whether or not it’s a success. If there’s too much hassle getting there and back, people will quickly forget the fun they had in the city. Here are some of the compelling reasons to choose charter:

  • Charter buses offer unparalleled flexibility—There’s no other form of travel that lets you create a customized itinerary. That’s the heart and soul of charter, though. You tell us where you want to go, when you want to be there, what you want to see and how long you want to stay. We’ll make it happen. In addition, because of our access to such a vast fleet of buses, we can often make last-minute or real time changes, and can usually book an entire trip with little notice.
  • Charter buses let everyone enjoy the trip—One of the unfortunate aspects of most group travel—someone has to be in charge and handle all the details. Someone has to keep an eye on the map or GPS. Someone has to make certain you get there on time. With a charter bus, that’s all taken care of. You can relax with everyone else while we take care of everything.

In addition, you won’t have to worry about missing a connection or losing your luggage. You’ll travel on the same bus for the entire trip and your bags will always be with you. You won’t wait in a long TSA line and you’ll never have to take off your shoes, unless it’s to put your feet up and relax. There’s also no “bus mode” for your phone. You can stay connected at all times.

  • Charter buses are reliable—On any given day, more than 800,000 air travelers arrive late at their destination. That rarely happens with a charter bus. Because of the extensive network of charter bus providers, it’s easier to find a replacement, should there be mechanical problems. In addition, your driver has the tools and technology to find alternate routes to get you there on time.
  • Charter buses offer safety and security—There’s a highly trained professional operating the bus at all times. In addition, with the limited entry to the bus, it’s easy to monitor comings and goings. You and your personal items will be safe and secure.
  • Charter buses offer luxury and comfort—The seats are bigger than on any mode of transportation and there’s more leg room. In addition, there’s no middle seat. The aisles are spacious and you can move about at your leisure.
  • Charter buses can drive in the HOV (high occupancy vehicle) lanes—That’s a huge benefit in Los Angeles.
  • Charter buses are affordable—Because you’ll share many of the costs with other passengers, you’ll typically spend less. That leaves more money to have a great time in LA.
  • Charter buses are eco-friendly—When you all travel on the same bus, that’s fewer vehicles on the roads. Here’s how US Coachways helped the environment.

At US Coachways, we’ve helped groups and group leaders make good travel choices for more than 30 years. To get a free quote on a charter bus trip to L.A., go to our online cost calculator. For more information, call us at 1-855-287-2427 to talk with a customer service agent.

Be Endlessly Entertained in L.A.

Entertainment is at the heart of almost everything in Los Angeles, from the museums to the studios to the beaches to the amazing dining experiences and unmatched shopping. Here are some of the absolute “must do” experiences when you go to L.A.

  • The studios—Los Angeles is the film and music recording capital of the world. For film buffs, there’s much to choose from: studio tours of Disney, Universal, Warner Brothers, Paramount and Sony, among others. There’s also a recording studio tour, where you’ll stop by Capitol Records, Paramount, Sunset Sound and other legendary LA recording studios.
  • The museums—Patrons of the arts have many options, from the Getty Center and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art to The Broad, with its collection that includes Warhol, Lichtenstein and Koons. The Natural History Museum opened more than a century ago as part of the 1913 Los Angeles Exposition, and features dinosaur fossils, an urban nature garden and a history of L.A. from its first inhabitation by Native Americans. The Annenberg focuses exclusively on digital and print photography, and the Petersen Automotive Museum pays homage to the legendary SoCal car culture.
  • The beaches—One of the great attractions of L.A. is the proximity of urban to ocean. You don’t have to go far to take a relaxing stroll along the Pacific, whether it’s at Zuma Beach, El Porto, Surfrider, Venice Beach or Santa Monica. Dip your toe in the salt water or enjoy a local pastime—people-watching.
  • The cuisine—Let’s face it—when you go to L.A., you want something you can only get in L.A. Here are some of the local favorites:
    • The French Dip—Los Angelenos don’t care where it originated. The local legends include Coles, which comes with a dollop of hot mustard on top, and Philippe The Original, which comes with your choice of roast beef, pork, lamb, turkey, pastrami or ham
    • The hand cut pastrami sandwich at Langer’s—It’s served on double-baked rye with coleslaw, Russian dressing and Swiss cheese.
    • Pink’s Hot Dogs—With more than 30 signature franks, mostly named for famous celebrities.
    • The smoked salmon pizza at Spago—This one, from Wolfgang Puck’s famous eatery, includes chili and garlic oil, dill crème fraiche, chives and red onion.
    • The hickory burger at The Apple Pan—They’ve been making them since 1947 and it’s still old school here—cash only and paper everything.
  • The shopping—There’s much more to Los Angeles than Rodeo Drive, but that’s a good place to start. Known as the Golden Triangle, the 16 square block area around Rodeo Drive has something for everyone, from Tiffany to Ralph Lauren to Gucci to Burberry to Nike. Other prime shopping districts include Hollywood, Santa Monica, Silver Lake, Los Feliz and Pasadena.

The Right Bus Can Make All the Difference

You’re convinced—the best way to really enjoy Los Angeles is on a charter bus. But you want to work closely with your booking agent to make certain you have the ideal coach for your group. You want everyone to have plenty of room to move around, but you don’t want a lot of empty seats, either. You also want to know that your bus offers the modern conveniences your group needs.

Bus Trip

At US Coachways, we work with one of the largest charter bus service networks in the world. We will carefully determine your needs and help you find the coach that meets your needs.

  • For most mid-sized groups, the mini-bus fits the bill. It seats 24 to 35 comfortably and has plenty of storage space for anything you need to bring or want to take home.
  • For larger groups, there’s the full-sized bus, with accommodations for up to 57 people. Don’t worry about the size of your group, though—multiple bus rentals are always available.

Most charter buses come with basic modern conveniences, including Wifi, charging ports for your devices, DVD players and stereo/PA systems. Other features are available, including on-board restroom facilities. The options vary from coach to coach, so talk with your booking agent to find out what’s available.

A Charter Bus—The Smart Choice for Any Occasion

You’ve done your homework, so you know the many features and benefits of a charter bus. In fact, it’s ideal for any type of trip, including:

  • Business travel—Whether it’s a convention or conference, a business meeting, company training, team-building exercises or a company party, a charter bus gets everyone there and back safely. In addition, you can use the travel time productively, prepping employees, debriefing or breaking the ice.
  • Family gatherings—A charter bus is a great way to take the family to Los Angeles. Graduation parties, family reunions, birthday or anniversary celebrations, weddings or rehearsal dinners—they’ll all go smoother when you get there and back on a charter bus.
  • School trips—There’s much responsibility when you take students, faculty and staff on an outing. You’ll relax in the comfort, safety and convenience of a charter bus, whether it’s an athletic competition, a club/class event or an arts or cultural happening.
  • Church outreach—From mission trips to community volunteer work to choir/youth outings to general fellowship, nothing makes the travel easier than a charter bus.
  • Special events—One sure way to make a big game, Broadway show or concert of a lifetime even better—share it with fans, friends and family. A charter bus lets you enjoy the entire experience.

Set Up Your L.A. Charter Bus Rental Today!

At US Coachways, we have set the standard in the charter bus rental business for more than three decades. To find out what it will cost to see Los Angeles in the comfort, luxury and convenience of a charter bus, use our online cost calculator to get a free quote. To learn about the many ways we can help you with group travel, call 1-855-287-2427 to speak to an experienced customer service representative.

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