How you plan your corporate event should revolve around the specific type of event you’re holding. A myriad details go into planning a successful event — from selecting the food and venue to the entertainment.


Not All Corporate Events Are Equal

Business sophistication has resulted in a wide variety of event types, which may range from conferences, meetings and trade shows to board meetings, executive retreats, business dinners and team-building events or awards ceremonies.


Important Issues for the Best Events

Whatever the type of event, certain provisions are vitally important to consider. According to On Call International, you should put adequate planning into the following:

  • Location. Top priority in event planning is incorporating the location’s culture into the meeting agenda.
  • Advanced booking. Many event venues are booked a year in advance; so planning must begin early to have access to the best venues.
  • WiFi. Business professionals highly value being able to stay connected to the internet.
  • Venue flexibility. Being able to move partitions, furniture and planters are vital to organizing spaces for events.
  • Food and beverage diversity. Healthy and wide food selections are vital to the success of the event.
  • Exercise breaks. Mobility has become increasingly important for health reasons, which is why hotels that offer a15-minute yoga or Zumba class are optimum to include in event planning schedules.
  • Mobile apps. Setting up mobile apps for corporate events helps attendees keep track of event agendas and also to interact with other attendees.
  • Green factors. More and more, event planners consider environmental factors, such as reducing printed materials, serving distilled instead of bottled water, etc.
  • Team-building activities. Activities to promote social responsibility are increasingly in demand.
  • Entertainment. Unique entertainment makes the event memorable and can create a buzz that adds to its success.


Plan for Transport

At US Coachways, executive bus charters, limousines, minibuses and larger coaches are available to transport attendees to the event venue. You can leave the hassles of driving, directions and parking in the hands of a professional and enjoy the convenience of everyone arriving together. Bus charters are the safest and greenest form of roadway transportation in the country.

Book the Fast and Easy Way

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