The Telltale Signposts that Make Renting a Bus a Top Choice

We often think that a trip is all about the destination, but sometimes it’s also about the journey. The hours you spend on a plane, train, car or bus are the journey time, and renting a bus is looking more and more attractive to people who want to enjoy the journey. Group travel to a family reunion, a sports game, a conference with colleagues or for some other group getaway has its advantages over traveling separately. Any extra time with family, friends or co-workers can be valuable opportunities for sharing ideas or getting to know each other. However, you’ll find that some transportation modes are cost prohibitive or simply impractical for group travel.

Renting a charter bus offers quite a few trip benefits from cost savings, convenience and more amenities to greater safety and greener travel.


Easy on Your Budget — Is Budget a Consideration for Your Trip?

Are you juggling your budget with time-sensitive schedules? Do you have a narrow window for a getaway? Can you book at the last minute and still get a good price? Prices are higher for a plane. Prices are higher for a train. When comparing travel costs4 between plane, trains and buses, here is what happens with last minute booking:

  • Plane — (28 days in advance) $124  (one day advance booking) $250
  • Train — (28 days in advance) $56 (one day advance booking) $68
  • Bus — (28 days in advance) $28  (one day advance booking) $30

According to the Travel Tradeoff study, bus seats averaged between 50–55% less than train seats.

Is budget a consideration for your travel?

An even bigger surprise was that buses were more than 30 percent cheaper than driving your own car.

How can this be?

Consider the fact that passengers divide bus rental costs. A US Coachways motorcoach can hold as many as 57 people, and this number brings down individual costs considerably.

Unless you book way ahead, you may not be able to reserve enough spots for everyone in your group to fly together on a plane. Chartering a plane for group travel is extremely expensive.

There’s no cheaper way to travel as a group than by bus. (Unless, you’re running a marathon or hiking across country, in which case, foot travel would obviously be cheaper.)



Amenities — Technology at Your Fingertips

Today’s charter buses have undergone impressive transformations over past decades. For years, restrooms on buses have been a given and you’re pressed hard to find any current type of transportation without A/C or heating. However, consider the free advantages for buses that you typically pay for on a plane or train, or may not have in your own car.

Many buses have:

  • Wi-Fi access
  • TV
  • DVD players
  • CD/cassette players
  • PA systems

Some buses are ADA accessible (and you can request an ADA accessible bus when making reservations).

Party buses and limos bring you to a whole new level of luxury with several televisions, surround sound, plush seats, intimate tables, fiber opting lighting and even crystal bars or mobile wet bars. Inquire about amenities when booking your party bus or limo with US Coachways. Amenities vary, depending on the vehicle you choose.

The Safest Way to Travel — No Worries About Getting There and Back

It’s hard to put enough value on what safety means to travel. Above all else when making a trip, safety rules the day, and without it, you may never arrive at your destination. It’s an established fact that charter buses are unbeatable when it comes to safety. Statistics from various studies speak volumes in this respect.

Motorcoaches are the safest way to travel3 — three times safer than airplanes, 16 times safer than trains and twice as safe as cars.

Green Travel – Reducing the Carbon Footprint for a Green Planet

Couples and families going on vacation can do their part to reduce the carbon footprint1.

Here are some factors to consider:

If you board a motor coach instead of driving a hybrid car, you’ll cut carbon emissions in half.

If you forget about flying and travel by motor coach, you’ll cut carbon emissions by 55 to 75 percent (the percentage varies with the distance traveled).

Whether you’re a single traveler, a couple or family of four traveling anywhere from 100 to 1800 miles, a motor coach is the most eco-friendly way to travel.

Another source discussing green travel3 overall (not just families of four) indicates that Motor Coach Co2 emissions are lower than any other type of passenger transportation. Motor coaches only produce 50 grams of CO2 per passenger mile. They are four times more eco-friendly than air carriers, transit buses and intercity rail.

Convenience — Leave the Hassles Behind You

Think about the hassles of lugging your bags as you go from plane to taxi, shuttle or some other form of transport. It’s more money and time for further travel to arrive at your destination. It’s effortful and you lose time waiting in the transition. By comparison, bus travel is seamless with one vehicle taking you everywhere.

You’re free from standing in long lines, can leave your shoes on, and can other TSA protocols. You avoid the unfortunate discovery that your can of hairspray got confiscated because it exceeded the 3.4 ounce limitation for carry on bags.

With a charter bus you have freedom to create your own itinerary. The bus driver takes you from stop to stop while your luggage remains in storage and everyone in your group goes everywhere at the same time.

Pack what you want, bring ample bags for coach storage and forget about paying more fees. The bus driver will pick up passengers and drop them off at locations where you designate.


Comfort — Even Your Legs Have Room to Relax

Did you know some people ask for an exit row seat on planes so they have enough room for their legs? Not only that: certain airlines now charge extra fees for exit seats.

Instead, say goodbye to cramming your legs into a small seat and ride on a bus with more spacious seating, at no extra charge. Relax, recline and enjoy the ride. You’ll appreciate the lack of “Fasten-seat-belts” signs and the ability to go the restroom at your leisure.

The stress of driving your car in traffic, trying to avoid congested areas and finding parking is all left to a professional driver, while you listen to music, watch a DVD or look out the window at scenery.

Scenic Views — Let Beautiful Views Enhance Your Journey

A bird’s eye view can be exciting at first, but when the buildings reduce to dots and clouds envelop the plane, scenic views disappear. One of the more enjoyable advantages of riding on a bus is watching the scenery on the other side of your large picture window. In case you hadn’t noticed, modern buses capitalize on huge windows so passengers can gaze at beautiful views.

Snow covered mountains, brilliant fall foliage that blankets rolling hills, or the sun sparkling on the ocean with waves lapping against the shoreline — these are all views that make your journey memorable. They make your trip a pleasant journey instead of just a ride.

Reliability — Forget about Delays, Connections and Cancellations

Think about airport delays, trying to make connecting flights, and cancelled flights that begin the scheduling process all over again.

Delays, cancelled trips and connecting with other vehicles are practically unheard of with bus travel.

When snow or bad weather shuts down airports, charter buses typically keep rolling. When your knuckles turn white at the thought of driving in terrible weather, think of a professional bus driver at the wheel, expertly dealing with traffic, directions and parking.

Bus rental boils down to reliability and here’s a fact you can count on — motorcoaches are reliable.

Routes from Coast to Coast — Travel Virtually Anywhere in the Nation

For a plane to go a city or location, there must be an airport, but charter buses are far less limited in that respect. US Coachways will take you where and when you want to go with routes throughout all 50 states, from Oregon and California to Maine and Florida and all the states in between. There is virtually nowhere we can’t take you. With our large network and extensive fleet of vehicles, we can help you plan the perfect trip.

Entertainment — the Limo and Party Bus

Would you like to turn your journey into a party? You can do that when riding in a limo or party bus. Relax in plush, leather perimeter seating around intimate tables and listen to surround sound music of your favorite CDs or watch some good movies. Sip on a cocktail from the limo’s wet bar while you celebrate a bachelorette party, bridal shower, birthday party or other special occasion. With a limo or party bus, you’ll have as much fun getting there as you do at the destination.

Economic Impact — Cost Savings for Taxpayers

Did you know that the federal government subsidizes3 many forms of transportation3 and that the money to do so comes out of your pocket as taxpayers? However, compared with public transit systems, trains, and commercial airlines, the motor coach industry receives very little in government subsidies. In this respect, it stands on its own, contributing to the economy in a way that is cost effective.

Reserve Your Bus Charter Rental Today Through US Coachways

US Coachways can help you plan a safe, affordable and enjoyable trip. Through our fleet network of 20,000 vehicles and more than 150 bus depots nationwide, you can just about travel anywhere in the country. Call 1-888-340-9122 to reserve your vehicle and feel free to ask questions. We’re happy to explain your options and are always available to help.



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