Bus Charters Can Help Make Your Trip Go Smoothly and Affordably

Fall is just around the corner, and great bus rental deals are available for group travel. Clubs and extracurricular activities exist for people of all ages, ranging from school kids to senior citizens. When you have a group, whether large or small, chartering a bus is the best way to go.

Why Are Charter Buses Ideal for Club and Extracurricular Activities?

It’s no wonder charter buses are the most popular option for group travel, whether traveling short or long distances. Cost effectiveness, safety and convenience are just a few reasons. Flexibility is another factor because no matter what size group you have, there is a bus size that can accommodate you.

When your group has members who cannot drive themselves to the function, such as disabled group members, senior citizens or children, you can charter a bus and put your mind at ease.

Whether you are a group travel coordinator, a teacher, a club president or simply a leader who is planning a group trip, one of the biggest problems you encounter is getting everyone moving in the same direction at the same time. With independent travel, all too often you end up waiting for stragglers, whether due to vehicle emergencies, traffic congestion, tardiness or people getting lost. When everyone climbs on the bus together, your headaches start to disappear. You’re free from having to organize carpools, provide directions or pay for tolls along the way.

Luggage compartments keep bags and suitcases secure, and a highly trained driver will keep everyone safe on the road.

What Types of Clubs and Extracurricular Activities Rely on Bus Rentals?

You may be surprised how many different types of group travel activities benefit from using charter buses.

School Field Trips

The Travel Channel1 published an article where people reminisced about their favorite school field trips. Some favorite trips were:

An ice-skating trip for the whole class but the best part was spending time with a friend on the bus and laughing at the antics of a stand up comedian.

Going to Washington D.C. and it was the first time seeing the White House and touring it.

Going Shea Stadium for the first baseball game the student ever saw.

Going to Gettysburg and noticing all the ghosts that were there.

Remembering a visit to Otis Poultry farm with a third grade class.

Attending Outdoor Lab when in the 6th grade in the Rocky Mountains and learning how to survive in the wilderness.

Attending a statewide theater and music competition/workshop in Ship Bottom, NJ at the shore and walking on the beach with other students while re-enacting famous movie scenes.

Visiting the Ben Franklin Institute in Philly and especially seeing “The Heart,” a large model of a heart where you could feel the walls of the aorta and scream.

Gong to Bozo’s circus, a TV show in Chicago.

A field trip’s fun begins when kids climb onto the bus. It’s a great way for them to socialize, get to know each other better and build friendships.


Sports Teams

Regional, college and professional sports teams rely on charter buses to transport their teams to out-of-town or out-of-state sports venues.

For access and convenience, a charter bus is the best option when it comes to transporting a sports team. The seating in the bus is extremely comfortable, with high back reclining seats and lots of legroom to stretch out and relax. All the gear and equipment is securely stowed in the cargo compartment. Monitoring through GPS enables operators to know where the charter bus is located at all times. If the team has flown in for an out-of-state game, a bus can transport the players from the airport to the hotel, to the practice location, to the game venue and back to the airport.

Little league players, and middle school teams along with high schools take advantage of charter buses, and vehicle selections range from seating 24 to 57 passengers. You’ll ride in air-conditioned vehicles with restrooms, on-board TVs and DVD players.

Sports fans can also charter buses and hit the road to support their teams at away games.

Senior Citizens’ Trips

Many senior citizens take advantage of retirement to go places and do things that they’ve always dreamed of or have put on their bucket lists. Whether you live in a senior citizen center that is planning a day trip for residents or belong to a club or religious organization that is planning a longer trip, it’s good to stay active. Traveling can be fun and enrich your quality of life. Once you’re retired you have extra time on your hands but you may also have financial limitations or concerns about driving safety. Bus trips are a great solution. For those on a budget, AARP2 recommends some of the following trip ideas for seniors:

Las Vegas. Las Vegas is known for its low hotel rates, bargain meals and discount coupons. There is plenty to do aside from gambling. There are shows to see along with new eateries and galleries opening up all the time.

Grand Rapids, Michigan. Grand Rapids has beer tours with over 25 craft breweries, and a flourishing art scene at Frederik Meijer Gardens, Grand Rapids Art Museum and ArtPrize. You can enjoy miles of beaches with orchards, berry farms and wineries.

Kansas City, Missouri. Kansas City is also a great getaway spot with more than 100 barbecue restaurants, jazz and blues clubs and over 200 fountains. It’s not quite Rome, which has 2,500 fountains, but it’s a robust number for an American city.

Charlottesville, Virginia. Notable historic locations are Monticello, Ash Lawn and James Monroe’s home. You can also take the Skyline Drive through Shenandoah National Park and relax in the coffee shops and eateries.

Memphis, Tennessee. If you love street music, you’ve come to the right city. You can watch plenty of performances and also see concert films at Levitt Shell. The Mississippi Paddle Wheeler is a fun ride and there are many great spots where you can order barbecue.

Salt Lake City, Utah. Salt Lake is known for its family friendly and clean atmosphere. You can get discount pricing for museums, meals and attractions if you buy a Connect Pass. Nearby national parks to visit include Yellowstone, Grand Teton and Arches.


Clubs like the Scouts and 4-H Groups

Keeping kids on the go, interested in learning and developing hobbies also keeps them out of trouble. Boy Scouts of America and Girl Scouts of America have programs that get youth involved in the community and help them develop skills and make friends. Frontier Girls is another scouting organization that serves girls and women of all faiths and focuses on patriotism, leadership and character development. Campfire USA has similar programs, and its organization expanded from Campfire Girls to also include programs for boys.

Field trips are at the heart of many of youth group activities, and aside from camping, the diversity of available activities is rather amazing. For example, Broadway Day3 is an exciting workshop field trip the Girl Scouts are planning for scout troops throughout September of 2018 through 2019. Interactive/special events are available for groups with at least 20 participants, and they can take part in a “private, customized Broadway workshop.”

4-H4 is another nationwide organization that works to develop citizenship, leaderships and life skills for youth. 4-H has summer camps and specialty camps such as Horse Camp 101 (learning horse basics from professional trainers), 4-H Space Camp (model rocket construction and launching), and Back to Nature Camp (learning how to camp outdoors).

The 4-H program also includes an Environmental Education Program that consists of field trips with everything from Garbology “Living Green” to Aquatic Ecology and more.

How do the kids get from one field trip event to the next? Bus charters are the answer and have been the answer for some time. They are economical, convenient and keep the group members together.

Other groups that rely on charter buses for traveling to extracurricular activities include religious groups, choirs and choruses and groups organized for community rescue missions and services.


Plan Your Group Travel by Reserving a Charter Bus

Whatever bus size you need for travel, US Coachways has the right bus in our fleet. Travel coordinators and group leaders can set their transportation worries aside and plan an enjoyable trip. Keep these advantages in mind when booking a charter for group travel:

Safety first. Professional drivers are highly trained, and charter buses have the lowest accident rates of any form of ground transportation.

Affordable travel. You can keep travel costs down by sharing expenses with other group members, and there’s no more economical way to travel than by charter bus.

Green travel. Charter buses leave the smallest carbon footprint on the road. They even beat hybrid cars when it comes to green travel.

Comfortable trips. You’ll have plenty of room to stretch your legs and our reclining seats also put you in the comfort zone. You’ll have access to onboard restrooms and you can go online with WiFi.

Charter Your Vehicle Today

Check out the specials on our website for group travel. US Coachways offers nationwide service and can help you plan a trip anywhere in the country. For help with tailoring the details, call our toll-free number at 1-855-287-2427 and speak with one of our representatives.


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