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Join in for the World Series Excitement

Baseball is definitely the All-American sports experience and has been a United States’ national tradition for more than 150 years. With that said, the World Series playoffs are the ultimate in Major League Baseball. Where will you find baseball’s finest players in 2018 vying for the championship title? The World Series is the answer, and you simply can’t beat going to the playoffs.

As enthusiasm builds, it’s time to start making your travel plans. You can multiply the fun when you travel in a group, and when you have lots of family or friends, you can’t beat chartering a bus. Forget about scrounging for parking or sitting behind the wheel in traffic. Let a professional driver deal with the road challenges and let your excitement begin on the way to the stadium.

When Does the World Series Take Place in 2018?

The World Series schedule1 starts on October 23 and if it goes to game seven, it will wrap up on October 31st, Halloween night.

September 30 is the last day of the regular baseball season.

October 2, on Tuesday, the National League Wild Card Game is played and on October 3, the American League has its Wild Card Game.

From October 4th through October 20th, the National League and American League teams will have their playoff games to determine which two will be the final teams to play in the Series.

Why Is Baseball America’s Favorite Pastime?

For years, baseball has been called America’s favorite pastime2. We’ve all heard that said over and over again. And the saying lives on, even today. So, what is it about baseball?

The Loyal Fans

Fans follow their teams and favorite players throughout the spring, summer and fall. The very nature of the baseball season with each team playing 162 games a year has given birth to hard-core fans. The camaraderie mounts higher and higher as you hear fans shouting for their teams, doing the wave and booing if they don’t like the ump’s call. Plus, baseball is definitely a sport that is better to watch in person at the stadium than watching it on television.

People complain that television baseball is boring but that’s not true when you’re at the stadium. A whole different world opens up and there’s nothing like sitting with family or friends and seeing the game from the stands. It’s slow paced enough that it’s easy to follow and even relaxing at times. The stadium isn’t so deafening that that you can’t hear yourself think (like football), and there are no questions asked when the batter hits the ball sailing past the home run line and into the stands. You won’t wait through timeouts while a ref decides whether the score stands.

Stadium excitement is intense — fans can snag fly balls with their catcher’s mitts and after the game get ball players to autograph them.

The Food Tradition

What do you love about the food at ball games? It may be the steaming hotdogs, crunchy peanuts and ice-cold beer…or the salty pretzels or nachos dripping with cheese. As vendors move up and down the stadium stairs, balancing extra large containers of food and drinks, you have to marvel at the ease with which they navigate the crowds.


The Seventh Inning Stretch

No matter which team you’re rooting for, at the Seventh Inning Stretch, everyone is standing and singing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game.” Name a game where everyone stands and sings something other than the national anthem. That’s right. There isn’t one, and it’s just plain fun to sway

with the crowd and belt out the song that people have sung at every baseball game for more than 15 decades. Take part in one of America’s top traditions3.

What Are the Predictions for the World Series’ Top 2018 Contenders?

As we near the end of the baseball season, it gets easier to predict which are the top teams among the postseason contenders4.

American League East

The team with the best AL East record of the season is the Boston Red Sox with 109 wins to 53 losses. Coming in at a close second are the New York Yankees with a record of 99 to 63.

If the trajectory of wins continues in this vein, then Boston is ticketed to win the AL East title.

The Red Sox pitcher Chris Sale hasn’t come back from his injury with the dominance he showed earlier in the season, but it still could work out well for him. Time will tell.

The Yankees had their trouble too with losing Aaron Judge due to a wrist injury and Gary Sanchez from a groin injury. But Judge is back in the game now and so is Sanchez.

American League Central

The Cleveland Indians have dominated the AL Central League and currently have a record of 92–70. The team has been gaining momentum throughout the season and its bullpen faired tremendously with the Brad Hand and Adam Cimber trade. They also bolstered their outfield with the Leonys Martin trade.

American League West

The Houston Astros have held their position throughout the season with an impressive record of 103-59. They have gained catching depth through the Martin Maldonado trade and strengthened their bullpen with the Ryan Pressly and the Roberto Osuna swaps.

American League Wild Card

The New York Yankees and Oakland Athletics are neck and neck to take the Wild Card spot for the American League. While neither caught up to the Red Sox, they’ve maintained a comfortable lead over other teams in their league.


National League East

While in August, it looked like the Phillies or Nationals had a chance for the title, the Braves have clinched the division at this point eliminating the Phillies, Nationals and Mets.

National League Central

The Cubs and the Brewers are left to fight for the NL Central title, with the Cubs currently being the first-place team. Both have a record of 94–68.

National League West

The Rockies and Dodgers are vying for the NL West title and the other three contenders (Diamondback, Giants and Padres) have been eliminated. Currently the Rockies are favored as the first-place team and both teams have records of 90–72.

National League Wild Card

The most likely teams to take the NL wild card spot are the Brewers and Dodgers, with the Brewers being favored. Their current record of 94-68 beats the Dodgers. Of course, predictions5 are just that, and part of the excitement is not knowing when a team will upset the odds.

Of course, predictions5 are just that, and part of the excitement is not knowing when a team will upset the odds.


Head Out for the Post Season Games and Plan a Trip to the World Series

Baseball is a team sport and as fans you can get into the team spirit by traveling as a group. In addition to entering into the spirit of the game, there are also lots of practical reasons why chartering a bus is the only way to go.

Find the right bus to suit your needs by checking out our wide selection of vehicles. US Coachways serves customers all across the nation and we aim to make your travel safe and comfortable. Here are some of the main reasons you should consider renting a bus:

Choose the safest way to travel. Did you know that charter buses are the safest form of ground transportation in the country? When it comes to accident rates, charter buses have the lowest of any road travel mode. You’ll ride with a highly trained professional driver at the wheel and it’s hard to put a price on knowing you’re in safe hands.

Go easy on your budget with reasonable and affordable costs. When it comes to being cost-effective, charter buses top the list as the most affordable way to go. By sharing costs with other travelers you’ll cut down on expenses.

Pick the environmentally friendly travel answer. Despite all the hybrid cars on streets and freeways and despite the focus on green travel, many people don’t realize that charter buses leave the smallest carbon footprints of any vehicles on the road. If you’re an advocate of green travel and support saving the environment, you can do your part by choosing the most environmentally friendly vehicles in the nation.

Put yourself in the comfort zone. Gone are the days of cramped seating. Stretch out your legs and relax. Recline your seat, lean back and enjoy the ride. Charter buses have onboard restrooms, so there is no need to wait for an exit or leave the road to find public services. Talk about convenience — this amenity is hard to beat. If you need an internet connection, charter buses have WiFi and many also have televisions where you can catch a show along the way. Or you can take advantage of the impressive seat to ceiling windows and take in the view.

Charter Your Vehicle Today

Find out about group travel specials on our website or give us a call and let an agent assist you. US Coachways offers transportation across the nation and can help you plan a trip anywhere. For help with working out the details, call our toll-free number at 1-855-287-2427 and tell us about your plans.


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