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Alabama is the nations' most genteel of southern states and has many claims to fame. Its nicknames, "The Cotton State”, "The Yellowhammer State” or "The Heartland of Dixie”, is testament to the states' rich and textured historical importance, as well as to it's diverse natural resources. Experience the sight and sounds of Dixieland with an Alabama charter bus.

Alabama is a state possessed of sprawling and mountainous land mass at an area of 52,423 sq miles, and its forests cover almost 65% of the state. It has the awe inspiring Appalachian Mountains and other mountain ranges like Lookout, Racoon, Sand and Talladega ranges. Take in these sights with an Alabama charter bus. Imagine staring out from wide windows as your charter bus purrs its' on the state's highways as the mountains stand guard, and blue streams or the roaring waves of the states' coastline are dimly heard.

Think of an Alabama charter bus for taking in the best of Alabama in great gulps. Such as when you travel past the many rivers, the state has. For Alabama holds the distinction of being the state with the most number of rivers, at over 1,350 miles of navigable rivers. The most famous ones are Alabama River, Chattahoochee, Mobile and Tennessee. It's best to take all these in an Alabama charter bus.

The state that sits in middle of four other states, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi and Tennessee, enjoys year-round mild conditions with average temperatures near 80? in summer, and above 45 in winter. Best time to travel is after March for its' the month where rainfall is plentiful. October, on the other hand is the driest. High humidity is common, especially in the southern areas and along the Gulf of Mexico. You can avoid the ill comforts that come with high humidity in the comfort of a charter bus that has controlled temperatures. Think of the Alabama charter bus to do this.

You can think of using an Alabama charter bus in terms of specific interests, golfing destinations, such as "The famous Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail”, which is the gem in Alabama's golf tourism. It's been rated by Golf Digest as among the best in the country and even among the best in the world golf vacations to this state. Think of a charter bus to bring you and your golf buddies in quiet comfort to one of the many golf courses that spread across the state.

Try other sports such as getting a charter bus to bring you to closer to its majestic mountains, where it's clear blue streams, make the Alabama Bass Trail a must for avid anglers. Do this in the comfort of your very own Alabama charter bus.

Not interested in hunting or fishing? How about an Alabama charter bus for going to different birding trails? And end up at Alabama Coastal Birding Trail, a paradise for birding during migration. Or, think of an Alabama charter bus to go to Alabama's many historical sites and museums. What specific periods in American history do you which to delve into, during this trip?

Is it the historical corridors of American civil rights movement? Think tour charter bus to see the home of Rosa Parks and travel across the places where African–American heroes stood in challenge to overthrow segregation laws. Plan an Alabama chartered bus to go to the actual sites in Birmingham, Montgomery, Selma and Tuskegee for this purpose.

Or take a bus tour to the different Native American burial mounds. Alabama holds a rich treasure trove of Native American artifacts and its' history. Worth mentioning is Florence, it has the Indian Mound & Museum, which is the largest domiciliary mound in the Tennessee Valley. The museum houses a large collection of Native American relics found in the area, which has displays and artifacts done in chronological order and carefully cataloged. Then there's' Fort Mitchell, which has the Chattahoochee Indian Heritage Center and the Oakville Indian Mounds Museum and Moundville Archaeological Park near Tuscaloosa.

Or you may want to see the modern attractions that weave the beholders even closer to its bosom. Alabama is home to Huntsville which hosts the U.S. Space Camp and the U.S. Space and Rocket Center -- both of which spring from the city's key role in NASA space explorations.

For the culture vulture, a trip using an Alabama charter bus is a must to the Alabama Shakespeare Festival in Montgomery. Montgomery is home to the 6th largest Shakespeare Theater in the world, where annually more than 200,000 visitors come to attend this event. With a variety of classical and contemporary theatrical productions year-round, should you wish to come in other times of the year. For any of these events, an Alabama charter bus comes in handy.

Alabama should be experienced in satisfying gulps that linger on in one's memories. Moreover, you should travel in an Alabama charter bus, for this mode of travel offers unparalleled comfort and great views as you travel from destination to the other, in safety. There is definitely one to suit your budget and particular interest. So when you think of traveling in Alabama, think Alabama charter bus by US Coachways, Inc.

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