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Thoughts of Arkansas conjure distinctive mountain ranges, plains and a fertile delta and in your very own Arkansas charter bus, you will definitely enjoy the scenic drives the state is known for.

Choose to travel by Arkansas charter bus, so you can cover some of this state' 53,182 sq miles, in comfort and totally free from stress as your bus driver is experienced and well trained.

Arkansas is distinguished by singular land formations – lowland forests, prairies and deltas. Normal weather is pleasant and usually void of extreme heat or cold. Although in the summer, the highs can reach 80 degrees, and their winters dips as low as 40 degrees. In your own special Arkansas charter bus, you won't feel the extremes in weather conditions, as your coach will have air conditioning, hot and cold drinks facilities, comfortably wide and plush seats.

Arkansas is bordered by four (4) states such as Missouri, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas and Oklahoma. The state shares major tributaries such as Arkansas, Mississippi, Ouachita, Red, St. Francis and White. In addition, it is blessed with numerous healthy smaller streams, lakes and springs. Some of the Arkansas main attractions are the following: Crater of Diamonds State Park, Civil War battlefields, Hot Springs National Park, Mammoth Spring State Park, the Ozark Mountains and the State Capital in Little Rock. You can decide to go only these major destinations in your Arkansas charter bus, or you can choose to travel by region, or where your interests take you. Just think Arkansas charter bus.

The 19,668,336 tourists, who've come to Arkansas in the 2003, can't be wrong about the state's many attractions, celebrated or little known. The state continues to see tourism attendance since the 1977 going up; today it stands at an upward increase of 44%. Arkansas has six (6) regions, the Central Region, Delta Region, Ouachitas Region, and Ozarks Region, River Valley Region and the Timberlands Region. So you can take your annual family vacation in any of the regions and be assured of breathtaking scenery with many pleasant surprises, as well destinations that will cater to each and every member's interest. Just remember to use an Arkansas charter bus.

Do you enjoy the great wide outdoors? Travel in safety and comfort in an Arkansas charter bus, so you arrive in great shape to engage in recreational boating, canoeing and swimming. You can do this best in the Ozarks region which offers the most promise. Or go fishing for trout, bass and pan fish that swim in the White, Little Red and Spring Rivers. Then do a relaxed stroll along its quieter streams. Still restless? Try sailing a 40,000-acre lake. Its' good to remember that this state is well-known for its' six national park sites, 2.6 million acres of national forest lands, 13 major lakes, and two mountain ranges.

Think of an Arkansas charter bus, should you decide to bring the organization for an out of town conference. Do it in the Central Region where Little Rock and North Little Rock are parts of the whole of Arkansas' lively heart! These two towns as well as the its' bordering towns are states' more sophisticated metropolis area, they offer urbane attractions, such as historic sites and museums, the latest shopping mall, mixed in with fine dining, nightlife and creative arts and fine hotels.

Or you can bring the entire class on an educational tour of museums, in an Arkansas charter bus. Learn about Arkansas' contributions to the country through her historical sites, museums or exhibits which features reenactments, bringing history to life! Some of the more unique parks you can travel to in an Arkansas charter bus are the following: the Ozark Folk Center, which features a display of the mountain culture of the pioneers. If you are one of those who relish the thrill of hunting for your own diamond, there's the Crater of Diamonds, where visitors may search for precious stones and keep what they find. Or for the more historical minded, plan a tour to Old Washington, one of the state's most historic towns.

However else you plan to see Arkansas, remember that if you travel in comfort and safely you will take home wonderful memories – so tour in an Arkansas charter bus.

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