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Iowa, whose state capital is Des Moines, has a total area of 55,869 square miles, and is the 25th biggest state in the country. It is bordered by Minnesota at the north, Nebraska and South Dakota on the west, Missouri on the south, and Wisconsin and Illinois on the east. Travel in your Iowa charter bus, when you explore its tourist destinations or as you hunt for your very own "Americana” treasures.

Its rolling landscapes, and borders that have been shaped into place by the mightiest rivers of continent- the Missouri and Mississippi, are just some of the contrasts you'll find. Travel in your Iowa charter bus to explore more of these intriguing differences. Iowa is a state famous for its scenic byways, which go through quaint and old fashioned villages evocative of Old World. Iowa is also considered one of the most significant farmlands. Due to the fact that many insurance companies have their headquarters in Iowa, it's become known as the "Hartford of the West”.

But Iowa is not all rustic and charming countryside sceneries, or industrial. It is cultured and sophisticated in its offerings — be this theatre, symphony, ballet, museums and diverse culinary delights. If you should plan an all women's tour, think of traveling in an Iowa charter bus and you won't worry about traffic or the practicalities of going from one destination to the other. You can count on your Iowa charter bus driver will take care of such details.

As for its climate, although the temperatures vary, there are no extremes. You can do crisp autumn color tours or cross-country ski treks through frosty winter wonderlands. While its spring and summer seasons, are bright and fresh.

Here are a few recommended travel destinations you can explore in your Iowa charter bus.

Try one or two or more of Iowa's eight state-designated and two nationally-designated scenic byways. It's a great way to see up close and personal the many hidden treasures of Iowa's natural beauty, history and culture.

If you were able to pick only one Scenic Byway, then it should be the Scenic Byway of the Lewis & Clark Trail, which has signs along Interstate 29 as it follows the Missouri River. The Lewis & Clark Trail is rightfully called America's epic journey. Captains Meriwether Lewis and William Clark blazed across uncharted land, with a band of 40 soldiers and boatmen on a two-year journey across the western half of the continent. The trail commemorates its bicentennial in 2006.

Make several pit stops in your Iowa charter bus, at the Council Bluffs, where the explorers held council with chiefs of the Oto and Missouri tribes. There's a Lewis & Clark monument here. Pause for a moment of silence for the one fatality on this historic expedition when you visit the Sergeant Floyd Monument. Don't forget to look out for Lewis & Clark Trail signs along Interstate 29. You'll be following in the footsteps of all those who had discovered and recorded the value of President Thomas Jefferson's Louisiana Purchase from Napoleon Bonaparte.

Make a pit stop along this route to see marinas, nature preserves and historic parks that dot this historic trail. Do this is your Iowa charter bus. Another recommended Scenic Byway is the Loess Hills Scenic Byway, which begins as part of a mosaic of roads, in a general north/south direction. You'll see the unique and awe inspiring natural landscapes in the Loess Hills region of western Iowa. If you are lucky, you'll catch glimpses of the ripening Bluestem and scarlet sumac atop this rich yellow-brown loess. Follow the Byway in your Iowa charter bus.

You can also arrange to explore the Amana Colonies. Founded in 1855, by the Community of True Inspiration, this group of seven German villages is located in east central Iowa. It operated under a communal system until 1932. You can readily step into this period, and explore these historical buildings. See authentic artisans, a quality woolen mill, Old World-style wineries, quaint clock and candle shops; eat from mouthwatering bakeries and German restaurants. Do all of this, when you travel in your Iowa charter bus.

If you love the wildlife and nature, you can plan a tour visit and spend a day exploring these national wildlife refuges. Travel worry-free in your Iowa charter bus, as you go from one national wildlife refuge to the other. The DeSoto National Wildlife Refuge is near the Missouri Valley in west central Iowa. Its 7,800 acres is a safety haven for migrating waterfowl — especially geese and ducks — along the Missouri River. Driftless Area National Wildlife Refuge is found in northeast Iowa along the Mississippi River, and is part of the Upper Mississippi National Wildlife and Fish Refuge.

Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge and Prairie Learning Center, is at the Prairie City in central Iowa. The center showcases Iowa's prairie heritage. Port Louisa National Wildlife Refuge is in Toolesboro of southeast Iowa. This refuge is home for the wildlife along the bend in the Mississippi River. Union Slough National Wildlife Refuge, located in northwest Iowa, devoted to the wildlife of Kossuth County.

Iowa is a state of many unique characteristics and friendly locals, with many treasures for the adventurous explorer to uncover. Uncover this, when you travel in your Iowa charter bus.

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