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Nebraska Bus Rentals - Travel The Cornhusker State

Nebraska Bus Charter "The Cornhusker State" Nebraska

Nebraska, contrary to popular belief, is filled with much more than corn. There is everything from hunting to museum hopping in this unique state. The best way to get around is a Nebraska charter bus service. Kick up your feet and forget driving. Just enjoy the view of the following.

The Archeological Amazement

One of the most intriguing aspects of Nebraska is the presence of unique and interesting geological and archeological finds. The Nebraska Division of Travel and Tourism encourages tourists to visit the Ashfall Fossil Beds State Park. The Division states that around 12 million years ago, this area was covered with volcanic ash, killing many animals at a watering hole. There is an excavation area, exhibits, and trails.

There is also the Eleanor Barbour Cook Museum of Geology, which houses minerals and fossils from both Nebraska and worldwide. These include agates, jade, and petrified wood.

These archeological and geological sites can be accessed with ease on a Nebraska charter bus service.

Historical Sites

Nebraska is also chock-full of history. Chimney Rock National Historic Site and Visitor Center is a definite must see. A pioneer claimed depicted this rock as "Towering to the heavens,” as quoted by the Nebraska Division of Travel and Tourism. The site is the most well known landmark on the Oregon Trail.

There is also the Rock Creek Station State Historical Park and State Recreation Area. This "road ranch” provided service to freighters and pioneers on the Oregon Trail, as well as those on the Pony Express Routes. According to the Nebraska Division of Travel and Tourism, the ruts form the wagons that passed over the trail are still visible.

Consider viewing these historical sites in the comfort of a charter bus service. You can enjoy without driving!

Wineries and Vineyards

There are approximately seventeen wineries throughout Nebraska. One of the most intriguing is the Last Chance Winery, which is located in downtown Crawford. This winery produces "award-winning” wines that are recognized on both the national and international level. They are made from American cultivars and French hybrid grapes. You can tour the production area and sample the wines.

Then there is Too Far North, a winery that is housed in a 1904 brick building. This winery offers a taste of wine and a taste of history all in the same setting. The winery itself is new, having opened in mid-March of this year.

Take a bus to view these sites, and you can sample as much wine as you want!

The Unique

Then there are those attractions that barely fit into a category except that of true uniqueness. The Carhenge is an example of this. You've heard of the Stonehenge, right? Well, in 1987 local families in Alliance Nebraska built the Carhenge, a replica of Stonehenge, out of, you guessed it, old cars. There are also other sculptures made of old car parts.

There is also Dobby's Frontier Town. This part of Alliance Nebraska allows you to experience life as early plains pioneers. There is a general store, post office, an original bootlegger's cabin, and a baled straw house, according to the Nebraska Division of Travel and Tourism.

And what would a trip to the plains be without an excursion on the Oregon Trail itself? In Bayard, Nebraska you can take the Oregon Trail Wagon Trail. This journey seeks to be true to life and offers the added characters of Pony Express riders and Native Americans. There is also a cookout on the trip. Much fun for the whole family!

Have you ever heard of the National Liars Hall of Fame? In Dannebrog, Nebraska, a small Danish village of only 324 people, Roger Welsh created the National Liars Hall of Fame. Just as the name suggests, this museum celebrates the art of deception.

No matter what you want out of Nebraska, anything is possible on a Nebraska charter bus service.

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