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Travel Washington in a Charter Bus From US Coachways

Midnight Ride In Washington DC

While Washington DC is a monumentally historical place, it's not always about museums and theatres. Become an urban explorer in Washington DC to see the outdoors and enjoy what the locals do. Since you'd be moving around a lot, the best way to enjoy this is to get yourself a Washington DC charter bus rental package - this way, you'll get to put your feet up in the air-conditioned bus when the heat is on!

Because the stress level in business-like Washington DC is comparatively higher than other parts of the country, the locals occasionally head out for moonlight hikes at the National Arboretum. Each Friday and Saturday evening when there's a full moon, the members of the arboretum will hike for miles through a four-hundred-and-forty-four acre park. It's a tour as well and if you have the time bring your Washington DC charter bus rental vehicle here, you will enjoy the two hour guided tour through some of the most scenic and yet unknown parts of Washington DC.

While going out clubbing and getting a taste of the nightlife in Washington DC is a MUST DO, taking time to visit this neat tucked-away gem in the midst of urbanite life is a must. Along the trail, you'll also pass a part of what used to be the East Portico of the U.S. Capitol's Corinthian columns.

This is really what we call visiting a museum with a twist

Historical Inauguration Day Drawing Near

President Barrack Obama's inauguration day is drawing near and during that special day, Jan 20th, we suspect that many people will be making their way to Washington DC to be a part of the 'crowning' of the country's 44th President.one that is both historical and full of excitement. During this time, many people will be having a Washington DC charter bus rental visit with the whole family and taking the opportunity to tour the city too. Finding a ticket to anything would be rather difficult now because even Washington DC charter bus rental packages are being snapped up like Harry Potter books.

Washington DC locals will have the privilege to be a very large part of the whole thing as there seems to be some opportunity to get up close and personal with the President. A Washington DC charter bus rental visit like this would definitely put a dent close to a thousand bucks into your wallet. We reckon there won't be many tickets left for flights to Washington DC but as far as charter bus rental is concerned, there's still hope. Or if you wish you, you can take to driving your way to Washington DC for the event.

Well, of course, if you have the budget for this Washington DC charter bus rental trip, there's always a private charter flights but not a lot of people can afford. A Washington DC charter bus seems a whole lot more practical.

Washington Bus Charter "The Evergreen State" Washington

If you want to take a vacation in a mountain region, consider Washington State. Take a Washington state charter bus so that you can enjoy the beautiful scenery instead of driving. Load up the family, some friends, or your significant other and travel to Washington in style. Washington State has many attractions for any group big or small.

Your Washington state charter bus can take you to any one the regions in Washington and you will find plenty to see. One of the must-see attractions of Washington is Lake Roosevelt. Named after President Roosevelt, Lake Roosevelt is 130-miles long and serves as one of the largest recreational areas in Washington. It offers swimming, fishing, boating, camping, and hiking. Another place to visit in Northeast Washington is Colville National Forest. This is a perfect place for skiing because of the more than 300-mile ski trails. You can see different types of animals here like caribou, moose, and grizzly bear. In the exact opposite direction, southeast, you will find volcano country.

Here you can visit the famous Mt. St. Helens National Volcano Monument. Here you can still see the lava and ask from the 1980 eruption of Mt. St. Helens. There are many visiting centers that each gives a different perspective of the mountain. Located in this same region is Mount Rainer's National Park. This mountain has a gigantic rise equal to that of the tallest mountain on Earth. A lodge and parking area is available overlooking Paradise Valley. Mount Adams, one of the tallest volcanoes in this area, stands at astonishing 12,276 feet above sea level. It has many trails for those brave enough to climb it.

To the west of Volcano country is the coast. Long Beach Peninsula, a must see on the coast, is the most southwestern corner of the state. If traveling in summer, this is the place to go. Across Washington to the east is known as The Palouse. Places to see in The Palouse include Hells Canyon National Recreational Area and Umatilla National Forest. Snake River runs through Hells Canyon, which is deeper than the Grand Canyon. You can view the canyon by jet boats or by floating down the river. Umatilla National Forest is a very popular spot during hunting season. The forest is on an astonishing 1.4 million acres.

There are many activities to enjoy here such as fishing, hiking, horseback riding, and skiing. Cascade Loop, located in the center of Washington, is a self driven loop visiting several small towns, forests, and mountains. The Grand Coulee Dam located at the Columbia River is a giant man made structure. The dam, standing 550 feet high and a mile across, is a site to see. Mount Baker, an ice-clad volcano, is found in the North Cascades. Also found in the North Cascades region is Wenatchee National Forest. The Forest area is 40 miles wide and 140 miles long, beginning at Lake Chelan and ending at the Yakama Indian Reservation. In winter, Wenatchee National Forest becomes a popular place for those seeking snow sporting activities. North Cascades National Park gives you great views of the North Cascade mountain range.

Another region you charter bus can visit is the Olympic & Kitsap Peninsulas. Here you will find beaches, forests, and mountains. You can find beautiful beaches in Neah Bay, see unique creatures and forest life at the Hoh/Quinalt Rain forest, or check out the mountains at Olympic National Forest. If the city life is more your style visit Seattle. In Seattle you will find many state parks, museums, art galleries, fine dining, golfing, and much more. No matter the in which location of Washington state you land, you and your family or friends will find plenty to do. Just choose between the mountains, beaches, or city life. Take your charter bus to the region of your choice and enjoy all the cultural benefits that Washington has to offer.

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