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Excellent Customer Service and Economical Ground Transportation

US Coachways is proud to be one of the few ground transportation companies that have been granted a GSA Contract. The US General Services Administration serves to bring quality products, services, and solutions to Federal employees who are stationed all around the world. With an excellent track record, a wide range of vehicles, budget-friendly promotional packages and the ability to accommodate groups of all sizes, US Coachways is pleased to provide quality vehicles and personnel that meets with and exceeds requirement. With our wide network, we provide charter bus rental services to the many branches of government which include NASA, FBI, United States Marine Corp, United States Navy, FEMA and many more. Being included in the list of approved service providers strengthen our position as one of the leading national ground transportation companies.

US Coachways Caters to Events and Programs of All Sizes

We are proud to cater to the men and women who dedicate their lives to serving in the various governmental organizations in the country. We can help you reserve a bus for point-to-point excursions, transfers, training, seminars, and events, and our experience in the field says it all. US Coachways has decade’s worth of experience in the industry, making our extensive support system a unique solution to city, state and Federal employees. You will find your expectations surpassed as we provide you with quality customer service, live agents and prompt response to your questions. US Coachways also offers customized promotional packages for all our GSA customers to ensure that the trips are kept at an affordable rate.

Renting a Bus for City, State, and Federal Events

There are many benefits to renting a charter bus for your events as opposed to driving around on your own and the following is a short list.

  1. Discounts available for specific bus travel packages
  2. Convenient bus booking experience
  3. Luxurious charter buses
  4. Easy-planning
  5. A myriad of payment options
  6. A discreet and secure process
  7. Professionally-trained drivers
  8. Availability of dispatchers and bus loaders

Respectful, Secure and Discreet Charter Bus Rental Service

In recognition of their services to the United States, US Coachways is dedicated to providing great service to the men and women in uniform and their associates. Due to the nature of their work, our service is confidential, secure and discreet when required. Our personnel is sufficiently-trained for emergency evacuation services, long-distance travel, the shuttle of personnel to and from military bases, transportation of officials to and from airports and government facilities and disaster relief. In accordance with requirements, all vehicles, personnel, and equipment provided by US Coachways adhere to all State and Federal DOT guidelines.

Our charter buses are also used for the following purposes:

  1. Military balls
  2. Veterans events
  3. Point-to-point transfers
  4. Shuttles
  5. FTX Transportation
  6. Deployments
  7. Relocations
  8. Off-site events
  9. Civic field trips
  10. ...and much more

Going That Extra Mile to Provide Top Notch Customer Service

US Coachways has a reputation as a ground transportation company with an excellent track record in efficiency, quality customer service, punctuality, and safety. We are registered contractors with a wide network of affiliates holding relevant certification and qualification in most major cities in the United States. We also provide professional field dispatchers for staffing, on-site guidance, stage setups and crowd control while bus loaders are requested to be on standby at pickup and drop-off locations to help ensure that all passengers are safely on board. This is particularly important for complex and large-scale events where the coordinating of passengers is essential. Our staff will also be on hand to deal with fueling, cleaning, messaging, communicating, assembling and clerical work during both the planning process and the actual event.

To cater to the various branches of government, we offer customized packages and programs and our account executives will help you find and secure just the right charter bus. Going that extra mile, we will connect you with experienced, friendly drivers, skilled dispatchers and accommodating account executives to make your event a seamless one. Please feel free to discuss upgraded seating, extra luggage space requirements, ADA-accessible vehicles, alternative fuel options, on-board entertainment and other options with our sales representatives if required.

Get an Obligation-Free Quote from US Coachways Today!

As one of the country’s most reliable ground transportation service providers, we are in the best position to help government employees make the booking process hassle-free with cutting-edge technology. With a simple mouse-click, phone call or email, you can get your hands on luxurious charter buses at an affordable pricing. Whatever your requirements, US Coachways has the resources, vehicles, and staff to transport your group to your preferred locations so, wait no more and give us a call today!


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