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Ankeny started off with one square mile of land when it was founded by John and Sarah Ankeny after whom the small community was named after. It remained separated from other parts of Iowa until a railroad was built in 1874, connecting it to a thriving Des Moines. Although farming was what got the city off to a good start, coal mining became an important industry during the 20th century, with the introduction of Anderson Coal Company. Enterprise Coal Company, with its headquarters in neighboring city of Enterprise, was known to produce well over 100,000 tons of coal, making it one of the top 25 coal producers in Iowa. At the time, over half of the residents of Ankeny were coal mine workers. It survived the various wars the country went through, including being a big supplier of ammunition during World War II, and picked up the pieces through the opening of new amenities, attracting big companies, renowned malls and clubs. Recently, the city welcomed large companies along Interstate 35 which includes outlets like Best Buy, Home Depot, Menards, Super Target, Wal-Mart SuperCenter, Sportsman’s Warehouse and many more. Ankeny was also recognized as one of the 10 towns for families, as ranked by Family Circle and placed No. 62 in Money Magazine’s Top 100 Places to Live In list. Some of Ankeny’s best tourist draws are Big Creek State Park, Historic Uptown Shopping District, Ankeny Summer Fest, Ankeny Art in the Park, High Trestle Trail and Haubert Park, just to name a few.

When in town, do not miss the chance to rent a charter bus for a field trip to an attraction like the very popular, gorgeous and picturesque Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden. It would make perfect place for memorable pictures and social events. If you love history and architecture, be sure to make your way around to Salisbury House which is one of the oldest historic buildings in the region or check out the unique Iowa Gold Star Museum. When all the touring is done, head on over to Firetrucker Brewery which is a charming local entertainment outlet with warm and welcoming atmosphere. For entertainment, people of all ages will have tons of fun splashing around and chasing their family and friends around in Adventureland of America but for more mature entertainment, you can count on the casino, bar and restaurant at Prairie Meadows. If the said attractions sounds like lots of fun for you, you may want to check them out with the help of a coach, van, corporate car, charter bus, mini bus, party bus or school bus, and US Coachways has a large fleet of vehicles for you to choose from. Give us a call today to find out more!

Categories and List of Things to Do and Places to Visit in Ankeny, IA

The attractions and memorable points of interest in and around Ankeny includes art and cultural attractions, parks and indoor recreational centers, historical museums and beautiful homes. Find out more about the attractions in Ankeny that you might want to make time for with your family and friends.


  • Entertainment & Amusement Parks — Looking for a fun place to bring the kids to when visiting Ankeny? Worry not, there are plenty of options all around it! There’s Adventureland of America, less than 20 minutes drive away in Altoona; it features a wide range of amusement rides, thrilling slides and family-friendly kiddie rides for young children. Visitors can also opt for fun activities like bowling, volleyball and arcade games at Plaza Lanes Family Fun Center where there is also a bar and grill, head out for card games and slot machines at Prairie Meadows which also has a bar and restaurant for patrons to use. For those who are looking for a place to escape the summer heat, check out Metro Ice Sports Facility in Urbandale instead. Patrons can either join their training camps, check out a hockey league game or join their figure skating classes. Springwood 9 Theaters is also known as Fridley Theaters and it offers both 2D and Real3D movie-going experience for people of all ages but for LIVE entertainment, check out what’s showing at Cabaret Bar & Patio instead. There are private rooms as well as a full bar for parties and gatherings of all types and size.

  • Art & Culture — With Des Moines being so close by means that you can never run out of options when it comes to art attractions - they will be less than 20 minutes away if you took the charter bus to Des Moines city center. However, locally, visitors can enjoy the culinary classes of Iowa Culinary Institute, check out seasonal theatrical performances by the locals at Ankeny Community Theater (where there are also summer camps for kids and youth), or check out the children’s performances at Class Act Productions. The motto for Class Act is ‘For Children, By Children’ and it tells you what this attraction is all about as it is. This gives kids the chance to perform to a LIVE audience, given their own spotlight and opportunity to shine. You can also check out the musical shows of Beethoven, Bach or Mozart at Des Moines Symphony, hold a social event or a large banquet at Hoyt Sherman Place, or bring the charter bus to Des Moines Performing Art Civic Center which hosts countless dance performances, LIVE theater and concerts throughout the year.

  • Restaurant & Shopping — When you are hunting for delicious and authentic cuisine from all around the world, East Village is sure to deliver. It is one of those cool, chic areas of Des Moines which features quaint art shops, boutiques, charming retail outlets, restaurants the latest cafes and coffee outlets. East Village is also where you can join the locals when they hold the popular Latino Festival. At the heart of downtown Ankeny, there’s steak and Vietnamese bubble tea with brisket at Pho 85, Hawaiian-style macaroni salad at Alohana Hawaiian Grill along Se. Oralabor Road, order crispy and yummy pizza with a glass of beer at Fong’s Pizza and dig into authentic Mexican cuisine like traditional-style nachos from Fuzzy’s Taco Shop. Firetrucker Brewery, as one might have guessed, is a local brewery located in an old, historic fire station. Visitors will get to enjoy flavorful beers in a comfortable atmosphere while mingling with like-minded locals and other tourists.

  • Historical Sites & Landmarks — The people of Iowa have contributed much to the growth of both the state and the country and some of their contributions are showcased at Iowa Gold Star Museum in Johnston and you can learn about them with a guided tour. Also not to be missed are sites like Capitol Building which is an 1800s building featuring historical carvings and artwork, State Historical Museum with its depiction of stories from countless Iowa residents and documents related to the region’s natural history, and Salisbury House in Des Moines which is a historic Tudor-style mansion. The latter mansion is an almost-replica of the King’s House in an English city of the same name. For field trips, you can’t go wrong by planning a visit to Boone County Historical Center - their exhibits includes artifacts, fossil finds, Native American farming and hunting tools and much, much more.

  • Parks & Outdoor Activities — The High Trestle Trail, located at the heart of Ankeny, proves to be one of the most popular hiking trails for hikers and bikers alike; the trail and park spans more than 25 miles or you can bring the charter bus to Prairie Ridge Skate Park which has amenities for countless outdoor activities like soccer and baseball. People can also head out for jogging, biking and picnic at Saylorville Trail, enjoy the tall wooded ridge, playground, camping and fishing spots at Thomas Mitchell Park or enjoy baseball or rent the shelter of Walker-Johnston Park for family events and social functions. Nature lovers should not miss the chance to visit Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden which is home to more than 1,000 varieties of plants and flowers from all around the world and they range from fragrant tropical gardens to unique desert garden. The sculptures located throughout the botanical center adds another layer of charm to the attraction. Another option for visitors would be Better Homes & Garden which offers many learning opportunities for visitors all year round. You can learn about trending gardening and outdoor decor styles, how to landscape an area or simply soak in all the information about a myriad of plants through its exhibits.

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