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Planning a Charter Bus Rental in Augusta, Maine?

Travel through New England can be even more enjoyable by charter bus. Taking a charter bus in Augusta, Maine allows your group to sit back, relax and watch the beautiful scenery go by. Your charter bus is piloted by a trained, knowledgeable driver who takes the frustration and worry out of interstate travel.

Reclining in padded, comfortable seats while the bus takes you to your destination is relaxing and enjoyable. Most buses have a DVD player or VCR so that your group can enjoy on board entertainment, but napping is also an option. Groups from 14-61 can enjoy charter bus travel, and most companies offer busses sized to meet each groups needs. Group hosts can narrate your tour with a public address system, and bathrooms on board the larger buses make your trip even more comfortable.

Many charter bus companies travel to Maine. Look for them in the yellow pages or online. Some offer pre-planned trips, and most are willing to customize packages to meet your group’s needs. Many charter companies can even offer travel planning suggestions and services, including motel reservations at special tour rates and advice on routes and attractions.

Augusta, Maine is a visitors paradise. Maine offers many outdoor activities. Fresh water canoeing and kayaking are very popular, and waterways abound for this activity. Ranging from gentle streams to whitewater currents, many water routes pass through some of the most beautiful, pristine woodlands in the nation. Maine’s rugged coastline also makes a great destination for salt water canoeing and kayaking.

Maine’s ski slopes are a little known treat. Mostly undiscovered by the hordes that flock to other ski destinations, Maine’s ski slopes are usually un crowded and quite beautiful. Since Maine’s snowfall averages about 200 inches per year on its 21 downhill ski slopes, Maine is an excellent stop for your ski tour.

Windjammer cruises along the scenic Maine coast also offer the outdoor adventurer another unique experience. Using replicas of turn-of-the-century ships, these windjammer cruises offer visitors the opportunity to help the crew sail, or just relax and enjoy the scenery and open water. Since these cruises are extremely popular, book in advance so you won’t be disappointed.

Another interesting tour in Maine is the covered bridge tour. There are 10 remaining covered bridges in Maine, and many flock to see these remnants of a simpler time. Your tour director can locate specific tours of these bridges for your group.

If your group loves museums, consider the Maine Art Museum Trail, a collection of seven museums in the state. These museums collectively house over 53,000 works by many artists, including Cassatt, Renoir, Picasso and Degas. Artists associated with Maine are featured as well, including the Wyeths, Thomas Cole and Fitz Hugh Lane. Although none of the museums are not located in Augusta, they are clustered around it, both north and south on the I-95 corridor.

Augusta offers the renowned Children’s Discovery Museum, with interactive, child pleasing exhibits and activities. The state capitol building in Augusta is built from Maine marble and was designed by famous architect Charles Bullfinch. The capitol building houses several exhibits on Maine history, including battle flags and portraits of former governors of the state.

Another popular activity in Maine is fall foliage watching. Website's can track the development of the colorful leaves, and bus loads of tourists flock to the state each year to participate in local fall festivals and viewing the fantastic colors. Your tour operator can help you book a fall foliage trip.

If you’re looking for a great way to visit Maine and its capitol city Augusta, consider a charter bus. Charter bus service in Augusta, Maine is easy and enjoyable, and a great way to visit one of the nation’s most beautifully scenic states.

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