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Beverly Hills Charter Bus Company

Planning a Charter Bus Rental in Beverly Hills, California?

Take a Tour Through Beverly Hills

From May to December, take your next charter bus excursion to Beverly Hills and you can enjoy the Trolly Tours through a 40 minute guided tour given on Saturdays. The tour takes you by the homes of celebrities, spectacular architectural sites and by several landmarks of Beverly Hills. Tour guides offer information and a brief history of the sites during this tour. You can pick up the Trolly in the center of Beverly Hills' shopping and dining district at the corner of Rodeo Drive and Dayton Way.

After returning to your charter bus from the tour, enjoy the shopping along Rodeo Drive. There isn't any place else you'll find names like Valentino, Armani, Carier, Tiffany and Prada all within eye site. Just a block away from Rodeo Drive, you'll find names most people are more familiar with such as GAP, the Pottery Barn and Crate & Barrel.

If shopping isn't your thing to do, Beverly Hills offers many other opportunities to spend a day for your charter bus group. The Greystone Mansion is an 18-acre park setting that is known for cultural activities and is a favorite place or weddings. Tour through two areas of the former Doheny Mansion and stroll through the formal gardens and past the large fountain, pool and inner courtyard. The Greystone Park has been shown in films with the grounds being featured in catalogs, advertising campaigns and still photography. Charter bus groups can learn of the history of the mansion and enjoy the architectural creations by taking the tour known as the Inside Greystone.

Another great attraction of Beverly Hills is the Will Rogers Park. Your charter bus group can enter the park and watch fast-paced polo games just off the park area of picnic tables. Will Roger's home is located just north of the Visitor's Center in the park. The lush green lawn served as a golf course at the time Roger's lived in the home. A tour of Roger's home will show barn-like rafters in the living room with Indian blankets and animal hides adding to the decor. Roger's original furniture and mementos have been preserved and are displayed within the home. A tour guide gives many interesting and amusing facts about the home, the artifacts and about Roger's himself.

The newly renovated Beverly Hills Civic Center focuses on the Spanish Renaissance architecture with its curved colonnades frame. The renovation expanded City Hall, the library and the police and fire departments. The palm trees and courtyards along with the spectacular architecture has become one of the most inviting buildings for tours to view.

Beverly Hills offers much more to see with numerous parks offers a chance to relax and watch the activities surrounding the park while enjoying a picnic lunch. Shopping, dining, historical and cultural activities have attracted charter bus tours from around the world to view what this city has to offer.

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