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Visit Some of the City’s Most Historical, Celebrated and Unique Attractions

For some, the mere mention of Carlisle, PA, would make them think of U.S. Army War College and really important landmarks in Pennsylvania. But if you dig a little deeper into the city’s history, you will soon see a completely different side to the city and its people.

As an example, visiting or catching a show at The Carlisle Theater will show you that a theater does not need to be huge in order to produce shows of international standards, the city’s Carlisle Sports Emporium has everything you need for a fantastic weekend with your family and Cameron-Masland Mansion which sits atop a mountain is THE place if you want to be at if you want to step back in time and catch a breathtaking view of the city and valley.

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Make the Most of your Time in Carlisle with these Shortcuts

We have outlined some of Carlisle’s most important and interesting attractions, historical landmarks and unique points of interest below. We hope that by reading them, you can make the most out of your time in the city as you cruise through from one attraction to another in the charter bus that you have just rented from us.


  • Entertainment & Amusement Parks — The Carlisle Theater may be smaller than what you can find in larger cities but it shows that a theater does not need to be big in order to bring in or produce stellar shows that is good entertainment value. The building itself is a gorgeous sight because it was built with the 1930s in mind. It was one of the first few centrally-air-conditioned buildings in Carlisle. This is a local historical site that the locals work very hard to preserve so that they can continue to bring the community quality shows and an affordable pricing.
  • Art & Cultural — One of the most culturally-enriching destination in Carlisle is at the U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center located along Soldiers Drive. Educating visitors about the U.S. Army through contemporary and historical materials, visiting this landmark attraction will give you insights that we would never otherwise feel or experience. The hands-on exhibits will enlighten us about life as a soldier and makes us feel closer to these brave soldiers. It also lends a hand in spreading awareness about strategic leadership, global application of landpower to locals, visitors and an international audience. This attraction is suitable for both kids and adults alike although young children may not be able to grasp the true meaning behind all the educational materials. It is a suitable venue for educational field trips for school-going children.
  • Golf Courses & Sports Venues – The Carlisle Sports Emporium which is located on Middlesex Road is THE place to go to for sporting activities like rock climbing, roller skating, go-karting, miniature golfing, laser tag and arcade games. This sporting facility is a local favorite for a family weekend fun outing.
  • Historical Sites & Landmarks — Carlisle, as a Pennsylvania city, has gone through many historical points and everything that the city has ever been through is depicted in the Cumberland County Historical Society. You can find the place at N. Pitt Street; it is one of the county’s oldest and most established historical societies, complete with a reasonably large museum and a well-equipped library. As you go through from one exhibit to another, you will feel closer to local residents and understand its unique culture. Interesting tidbits and stories will pop up like the sight of an antique peanut cart, past warehouses and factories and the understated attempts at Americanizing natives. Another awesome historical site to visit is the Carlisle Barracks. It is a part of the United States Army Training and Doctrine Command and U.S. Army War College; it is the country’s second oldest military base which is active to-date.  It played an active role in the country's Civil War, Postbellum era and its War College continues to train troops for the highest level of leadership. For first-time visitors, foreign tourists and newbies, visiting the barracks will be a truly eye-opening experience as you look at old homes around the barracks, the Hessian Powder Magazine, the trench system for World War I, concrete bunker from World war II and other historical sites like the base camp from Vietnam War. Sitting atop a mountain is the Cameron-Masland Mansion. There is no admission charge to get into this attraction and once you are done exploring the huge 32-room premise, you are rewarded with a fantastic view of the valley. Many of our charter bus rental customers make use of the mansion for events like weddings and retreats and they are not disappointed with the many ‘period-style’ guest rooms. It may be a little off-the-beaten-path but the view and experience will be well worth the trip with a charter bus.
  • Parks & Outdoor Activities —  King’s Gap Environmental Education and Training Center on Kings Gap Road is more than just your average park and hiking trail. Visitors can rent rooms to stay in on location for a few days while hiking through the various hiking trails. It is a truly unique way to learn about the environment. The attraction is also popular with local astronomers and groups of photography enthusiasts who come here with their rented charter bus where they can spend some time in mountains for some R&R. Don’t miss the chance to look into huge telescopes if the sky is clear. The trails are challenging enough, providing unprecedented panoramic views. The center also provides educational training programs for children, teachers and the public in an effort to raise awareness about the current condition of our natural resources.
  • Other Points of Interest — One of the most popular educational bodies in Carlisle, Dickinson College which is located near US Route 11 and on High Street, is a gorgeous campus and home to many local students and educators. Throughout the campus, you will see pockmark built to honor various local churches which includes Lutheran, Baptist, Episcopal and Methodist, just to name a few. What is better is that after you are done visiting the college campus, there are countless options for diners, cafes, coffee houses and restaurants in the surrounding neighborhood. Easily spend half a day languidly exploring this local landmark and end it with satisfying lunch with your fellow travelers before hopping back into the charter bus.

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