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The land of Davenport was originally owned and lived on by the Sauk people, Winnebago and Meskwaki people. The land was sold by France to the United States under the Louisiana Purchase agreement and it was founded by Antoine LeClaire in 1836; the city was named after a Black Hawk War Colonel, George Davenport. Antoine LeClaire built their very first home in the city at the very same spot where the sale agreement was signed and by the time Rock Island Railroad found its way to the city, across Mississippi River in 1856, the town was an independently thriving one. The railroad bridge connected Davenport to Rock Island, Illinois; thereafter, new railroads like the Muscatine and Iowa City rails came about, turning Davenport into a commercial railroad hub. Despite suffering during the World War II and the Great Depression, the resilient city rose again in the 1990s with the introduction of new buildings and a revitalization of the city’s downtown area like the reparation of Modern Woodmen Park, construction of Skybridge and Figge Art Museum and the effort was well worth it - Gold Coast and Hamburg Historic Districts were named one of America’s Great Places by the American Planning Association in 2011. Neighborhoods along the east and west side of Davenport have their own distinct qualities so, taking a charter bus ride through them often becomes an educational tour. Some of the city’s important landmarks includes The Redstone Building, The Putnam Museum, Davenport Public Library, Davenport Skybridge, Figge Art Museum, the German American Heritage Center, Ambrose Hall and many more! Visitors will also get to enjoy more than 50 parks and recreational trails which includes Credit Island, Fejervary Park and LeClaire Park.

Since Quad city consists of Davenport and Bettendorf in Iowa and Rock Island, Moline, East Moline in Illinois, planning how you spend your days when you visit Davenport is important. If you make your way to Quad Cities Visitors Center to grab some useful brochures, flyers, booklets and maps, it could give you a better idea about the places you want to bring the charter bus to or restaurants you want to check out. You may want to check out the Quad Cities Symphony Orchestra in action if you are into quality entertainment or go shopping for souvenirs and arts and craft at Freight House Farmers Market. Blackhawk Bowl & Martini Lounge also offers LIVE entertainment as well as a lounge you can hang out with your friends in. You can also cheer on your favorite team at a baseball game at Modern Woodmen Park, have a field trip at Putnam Museum of History & Natural Science or tour the historical B.J. & Mabel Palmer Mansion to learn about the region’s history. For outdoor lovers, worry not, you can either bring the charter bus to Quad City Botanical Center or Vander Veer Botanical Park and take lots of pictures with local flora and fauna. US Coachways is a leader in providing quality bus rental services to individuals, groups, corporations and many other organizations all around the country. Whether you are looking for a ride to and from the airport, looking for bus charter for a convention or hunting around for a limousine to take a special VIP around town, you can count on US Coachways to connect you to the right people and vehicle. Give us a call right now and we will get your event in Davenport started in a timely manner.

Be Ready for the Charming Hidden Gems in Davenport, IA

There are famous historical mansions, beautiful parks and popular iconic points of interest to explore in Davenport, IA...but it is the hidden local gems that often catches tourists by surprise. Here, we have highlighted some of the gems that you might want add to the list of places to visit when in town.


  • Art & Culture — For first timers, the first place to make a stop at in Davenport is the Quad Cities Visitors Center which has all the information, ranging from brochures, flyers to souvenirs, that one would need to keep in the know about the best attractions, restaurants and museums to visit within the Quad Cities. There is also a fine art gallery and community art school that provides visitors with guided tours and classes at Figge Art Museum or you can find out what the schedule for the Quad Cities Symphony Orchestra is like when you are in town. They perform anything from modern to classical masterpieces and the venue is used by some of the country’s top musicians as guests. People will also get to enjoy Broadway shows and local musical productions at Adler Theater too. Sometimes, stand-up comedians and comediennes will use the venue for their own events and shows. Check their official website for details.

  • Restaurant & Shopping — It is a nice mix when it comes to shopping attractions in Davenport - you get to shop for branded items and IT products, health and beauty services and jewelry at Northpark while Freight House Farmers Market gives you the chance to shop local. It is all about baked goods, local fruits and vegetables and even massage therapist at hand to cater to your needs. Local ale and brews can be sampled at the Great River Brewery which has unique flavors like Gingerbread, Pale Ale and classic flavors too. The wine lounge of The Grape Life Wine Store & Lounge offers more than just a full service bar, wine and craft beer shop, it has a comfortable lounge area that sometimes showcases LIVE entertainment by local performers. For those who are looking for a place to celebrate a birthday, bachelor or bachelorette party, do check out the lounge, hotel and VIP bowling amenities provided by Blackhawk Bowl & Martini Lounge in Hotel Blackhawk in downtown Davenport.

  • Golf Courses & Sports Venues — There are two ways for you to enjoy baseball when in town - the first would have to be the interactive movie exhibit galleries with VR technology that will take viewers down baseball’s glory days and traditions at Baseball Hall of Fame Tour or take a trip to Modern Woodmen Park (it is situated on Mississippi River itself) when the Quad City River Bandits are playing.

  • Historical Sites & Landmarks — Being a very culturally and historically rich city of Iowa, visitors will get to enjoy a plethora of enriching and educational attractions in Davenport. Putnam Museum of History & Natural Science in downtown Davenport shines a light on locations like the Great Lakes, Rocky Mountains and the construction of railways that connects Davenport to its neighbors while Village of East Davenport has been around for more than 150 years; hence, the village’s restaurants, shops and charming boutiques are frequented by residents and tourists alike. You can also learn about the traditions and historical background of German immigrants in the region at German American Heritage Center along West 2nd Street, take a tour around the Second Empire-style building of B.J. & Mabel Palmer Mansion which was built in 1874,  and learn about the region’s history and science exhibits at Putnam Museum. The attraction has the largest movie screen in the state of Iowa. Another not-to-be-missed historical attraction to visit in the city is the Davenport Skybridge - it is located along U.S. 67 and is a unique, stunning and historic transparent covered bridge that connects everyone to the Quad Cities. It is almost like walking on air across the bridge as the walls, ceilings and floors are made almost completely from steel and glass!

  • Parks & Outdoor Activities — When it comes to outdoor activities, your options range from fun cruises to botanic gardens, children’s playground to hiking trails. Vander Veer Botanical Park is home to a large number of Iowa native flora and fauna - the garden is beautifully-kept and it is dedicated to conservation and cultivation efforts with educational tours that teaches visitors how to do it too. You can also head out to Credit Island which has a spacious community park that is open from sunrise to sunset. It is a huge magnet to people who like hiking, mountain biking, families with children and pets as people are attracted to its golf course, skate park and baseball diamonds. You can either take a dip or splash around in the fun amenities like pools, water slides, splash area and diving boards at Fejervary Park & Aquatic Center, take on sailing classes or catch a race hosted by the Lake Davenport Sailing Club, be a part of the countless festivals held at Quad City Botanical Center in Rock Island; some of its more popular festivals are the Pumpkin Extravaganza and Chocolate Festival. Celebration River Cruises is one of the largest non-gaming riverboats that cruises along the Mississippi river; people will get to enjoy themed cruises up and down the river, narrated sightseeing tour and amazing food and refreshments throughout the trip.

  • Other Points of Interest — It is hard to deny the fact the Festival of Trees is one of the most budget-friendly and unique events in Davenport. The festival is held during the winter holidays with costumed children’s party, dances, food and of course, Santa will be there for that perfect Christmas picture!

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