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Florence Charter Bus Rentals Travel

Planning a Charter Bus Rental in Florence, South Carolina?

Can't wait for you and your group to board the charter bus to Florence.

Anyone riding on the charter bus want some history? Florence got an interesting start as a railroad depot and an inn. The town started as a plot of 577 acres as a grant from the state. In 1859 Jerome P. Chase, a telegraph operator arrived and became a successful businessman, selling insurance and real estate and he became known as the "Father of Florence." The town was named for his daughter, Florence.

Then, in 1860, the first map of Florence was created. Your charter bus group will get a grin out of the original layout of Florence, it was a "planned community" with seven streets and ninety-six lots. After the US Civil War, the Northeastern Railroad was the primary employer,and as your group on the charter bus will find out, the town grew around the transport of agricultural products from the surrounding Pee Dee River Basin.

Today, Florence is a thriving city in South Carolina and is a great hub for visitors between New York to Florida. Your charter bus tour will be interested to know it has quietly become a hub for Corporate locations of many companies such as: DuPont, Amana, GE, Roche Carolina, Honda, Wellman, Sunoco, ESAB Group,and others.

Now picture this, walking along a beautiful nature trail, investigating the numerous parks offering everything from a quiet stroll to engaging sporting events. Florence has over one dozen parks where your charter bus group can indulge in leisurely activities just like those.

Shopping in also a wonderful thing in Florence. There is everything one would want in this town. Not one person on your charter bus would be unhappy about the shopping. It has the two largest malls Magnolia Mall or Florence Mall. Many other major retailers and smaller specialty shops are located conveniently within Florence.

There are numerous museums too. Your gang on the charter bus will enjoy a stop at The Florence Museum of Art, Science and History which has a vast array of historic and artistic artifacts. There are also many, many exhibits of scientific interest located throughout the facility. Your charter bus gang will enjoy the installations that feature the history of this area.

Food, now there is a great subject. If you find the shopping to be superb, wait till your charter bus tour sees all of the places there are to eat. From country style buffets to deli sandwiches or tasty dinners, Don't miss these favorites of the south. Fast food and drive inns are plentiful here too. Who can forget the fun of a drive-in restaurant? Does anyone on the charter bus remember the drive inns, you know, "Happy Days times"? Whether a family outing or a special date, these restaurants have long been a part of the American culture in fast food.

How about Mediterranean? from the ever popular Greek Salad and Gyros to favorite dishes of Moussaka, Spanakopites, Dolmades and more! Italian, yes Florence has Italian. There will not be one person on the charter bus unhappy about the abundant choices of food. Asian, Mexican, and of course, seafood. whatever your charter bus group could possibly want is here in Florence waiting to titillate your taste buds.

Your charter bus is waiting to take you and your gang to one of the most amazing cities in South Carolina. Have a great time in Florence!

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