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Gallup Charter Rentals Bus (NM)

Planning a Charter Bus Rental in Gallup, New Mexico?

If you are looking for an amazing place to visit when you decide to rent a charter bus, you are sure to find great delight in all that the area of Gallup has to offer. As if renting a great charter bus for 22 or 24 people is not fun enough, there are all sorts of really cool places that you can go to for a good amount of sightseeing. This is the type of stuff that memories are made of and you and your charter bus friends can make the most of a wonderful day trip to Gallup.

To be venturing out into Gallup, if you are a person who is into nature and outdoor sports, you will really have it made. This is because there are literally tons of amazing places where you can go to climb, hike, bike and so much more. A couple of the more famous places that you can get out to hike are Pyramid Rock Trail, which is three miles round trip and also Church Rock Trail that happens to be two miles altogether round trip. For those individuals in your charter bus group who are interested in mountain biking, the High Desert Trail System is just perfect to get in a good ride. There is a good range of terrain to explore to give several different levels of challenge to all riders.

Of course, while you are in Gallup, you can have the charter bus bring you along for a ride on the famous Route 66. Millions of people travel this popular stretch of road every single year so that they can catch a glimpse of the amazing countryside as well as become a part of history itself. There are all sorts of really neat places that you can stop to explore along the way. You and your charter bus friends are more than welcome to stop off for a bit of shopping, dining or just to take pictures along the way.

Another interesting place that you can stop by and see when you are exploring Gallup from your charter bus is the Petrified Forest National Park. Many people make this beautiful and interesting park a stop on their regular vacations. Not only is this a place where you can go to see and learn all that there is to know about petrified wood, it is also one of the largest in the world. You and your charter bus pals can stop by to take all sorts of pictures as well as hear about all sorts of wonderful fossils, with some being 225 million years old. A charter bus stop in Gallup such as this is great and always rewarding because there are always new fossils that are found every single year.

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