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The city of Hagerstown have a very distinct nickname and it is none other than ‘Hub City’, thanks to its unique topography and being the center of transit and commerce with an extensive transportation network to many parts of Western Maryland. Its topography includes having stone ridges running through the center of the town and older buildings and homes are, naturally, made from stone. Take a bus tour around different parts of Hagerstown’s older neighborhoods and soak in the cultural delights. Be ready to be intrigued with sights of older churches which have been built from Stonehenge limestone, namely St. John’s Episcopal Church and Presbyterian Church.
There are many historically-significant sites to be found throughout the city but most notably, our charter bus rental customers recommend important landmarks like Fort Frederick State Park, Washington Monument State Park, Antietam National Battlefield, Colonial Theater, Lehman's Mill Historic District, Wilson's Bridge, Henry McCauley Farm, Oak Hill Historic District, Maryland Theater and many more.
Amusement parks, outdoor hiking trails, historical landmarks, old and charming theaters and fun kid-friendly attractions…they are all there for our customers to explore. Save time and money while exploring these sites or have an event in by using a charter bus, party bus, mini bus, school bus, coach, passenger bus or other luxurious and comfortable ground transportation from US Coachways’ large network. We can connect you with professional bus owners, operators, agents, drivers and dispatchers efficiently and without breaking your budget.

Helping Our Customers Find the Best Tourist Attractions and Hagerstown Hidden Gems

We understand that our customers have to deal with time constraints when organizing a trip, event or a tour around Hagerstown. We have compiled a list of points of interest that you might want to consider visiting for yourself during your stay.


  • Entertainment & Amusement Parks — There are many beautiful theaters and art centers located all around downtown Hagerstown but Maryland Theater is a historical building with great architecture, rich history and a place to catch a local or touring performance. Featured shows include musical, school performances, college plays, and sometimes kid-friendly plays. Discovery Station at Hagerstown which is on West Washington Street, is a non-profit children’s center with a mission to promote informal learning of science, technology and Hagerstown history through hands-on exhibits which are both fun and educational at the same time. It is a popular hotspot for local families, school groups and other educational organizations in the city.
  • Art & Cultural — Washington County Museum of Fine Arts is located on Museum Drive, it provides visitors with a great number of educational exhibits to explore. The museum was established in 1931 by the husband-and-wife team of Anna Brugh Singer and William H. Singer Jr. in an effort to introduce creativity and art through various trips and tour outreach programs. It is recognized as one of the country’s finest small museums. You don’t need to be an art enthusiast to enjoy a few hours of walking about the facility. Don’t forget to stop by the gift store and bring a memorabilia home with you, as a reminder or gift. As unassuming as the name might suggest, Just Looking has an extensive collection of African American-themed artwork and they can all be found when you bring the charter bus around to 40, Summit Avenue. Presenting visitors with wide ranging types of artwork to look at or bring home with them, it also specializes in hand-pulled prints and sculpture produced by black artists in support of their artistic efforts.
  • Golf Courses & Sports Venues – For people who are looking for an awesome place to catch minor leagues Hagerstown Suns, the place to head to is Hagerstown Suns Municipal Stadium on East Memorial Boulevard. If there isn’t a game going on, it is still fun to walk around the premises and explore its hall of fame for Bryce Harper, Vernon Wells, Michael Young, Jim Palmer, Grady Little and Matt Cain. When there is a race going on, visitors from out of town has always given special compliments to events and games held at The Hagerstown Speedway. This well-maintained speedway and sports facility is located on National Pike, a mere 15 minutes drive from downtown Hagerstown.
  • Historical Sites & Landmarks — Get learning about the city’s history and enter a world of model trains at Big Iron and the Hagerstown Roundhouse Museum’s large number of museum artifacts. Although not exceptionally large, it features three extremely authentic model railroad layouts with some hands-on interactive features that will definitely keep young kids entertained. Trains are turned into a playground, something refreshing that will resonate with young kids. Adults, in the meantime, can learn more about Western Maryland’s railroad history. Of course, to get your hands on train sets and model railroads, the best place to find them is at Train Room and Museum on South Burhans Boulevard.
  • Parks & Outdoor Activities —  Some have gone on to call it the greatest gift to the country and if you have taken the trip to Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Historical Park, one would have to share the same opinion too. Established in 1961 by President Dwight Eisenhower in order to preserve the site from development, it is also where visitors can get to enjoy the first U.S. Bicycle Route 50. Also known as an inviting monument that represents the true American spirit, the attraction is a haven for hikers, joggers, bicyclists and nature lovers. Pack your group some snacks, a good supply of water and remember to bring along a sense of adventure, the park is yours to enjoy. Another must for first-time visitors and foreign tourists, the C&O Canal Trust is THE place to come for a relaxing hike, walk or jogging for active outdoor explorers. It provides visitors with an escapade from the busy-ness of downtown Hagerstown. There are convenient lodging provided to campers in the form of Lockhouse 6 which is surrounded by sycamore trees. It is also a modern stone house with a porch, parking, and feeder canal located near Capital Crescent Trail. Another peaceful and calming retreat a stone’s throw away from downtown is Hagerstown City Park on Virginia Avenue. Kids will be enthralled by ducks and swans swimming by in its gorgeous gazebos. Have a picnic, grab a quick lunch or take a quite stroll around the park to relax the mind.
  • Other Points of Interest — The Christian Heritage Museum which was previously at Pennsylvania Avenue is now an event venue and a church. The building structure is unique in every way, so it is definitely worth checking out when passing by.

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