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It’s Time to Learn about the Region’s Railroad History, Visit Theaters and Art Galleries in Hammond, IN

hammond-busThe first few settlers who came to call Hammond home in 1847 were made up of mostly German farmers from Europe and they lived in relative peace with the local Native American Indians. Because the landscape is made up of lakes and rivers, there is an abundance of water from Lake Michigan, Lake George and Grand Calumet River. The people of Hammond started branching out into other industries, apart from farming, after the George H. Hammond’s meat-packaging plant was founded and the city was named after the enterprising businessman. Hammond was incorporated in 1884 and is Lake County’s oldest and most established cities. And accordingly, George Hammond was the very first person to use refrigerators to transport fresh meat around the city and his unique methods grew the company exponentially and hence, the city was named after him when it was incorporated. As mentioned, one of the reasons why Hammond was popular as a business and residential area was because of the countless lakes and rivers in the city, making it ripe land for farming and a focal point as a transportation hub. It is also closely located to some cities in Michigan which includes Lansing, Gary, Calumet City, Burnham and East Chicago. The hustle and bustle of city life in Hammond, however, is centralized around sites like East Hammond, Hyde Park, Jacob’s Square, Sohl, Columbia Center, Meadows and Woodmar, just to name a few.

Thanks to the city’s countless developments, visitors and residents alike gets to enjoy some of the most fun indoor and outdoor attractions in both Indiana and Michigan, a short distance away. For the thrill-seekers in your group, book a space for yourself at Reapers Realm, check out Ameristar Casino East Chicago’s luxurious hotel, casino and restaurant or bring the kids out for a field trip at Gibson Woods Nature Preserve instead. Schererville’s Redar Park is a fantastic place for field trips and weekend outing while Paul Henry’s Art Gallery features a large collection of artwork from local artists. There’s also a gallery at Indiana Welcome Center (which should be your first stop) and then you can make your way to The Field Museum to learn about local and regional history. Most of the attractions mentioned below have affordable and well-maintained event venues for social gatherings like birthday parties, bachelor or bachelorette parties, wedding receptions, church outings, corporate events, political campaigns, festivals, musical tours so, Hammond is a great choice if you have an event of similar type to hold. US Coachways, in the meantime, is ready to help you secure just the right charter bus, coach, party bus, mini bus, school bus, corporate car and executive coach to help transport participants, guests and attendees easily and comfortably from one destination to another. Our customer service agents are always ready to provide you with an obligation-free quote via email, phone call or online through our state-of-the-art online bus reservation and management system. We hope to hear from you soon!

Haunted Amusement Centers, Trampoline Parks and Beautiful Casinos - it is all Here in Hammond, IN

The best thing about visiting a charming city like Hammond is that people will get a chance to check out a wide number of points of interest and they range from thrilling haunted parks to family-friendly museums. Here’s a short list of things you can do, places to visit and theaters with world class performances in Hammond, IN.


  • Entertainment & Amusement Parks — If you are looking around for something fun to do with your kids or hunting down the right place to hang out with your family and friends in Hammond, IN, here are a few suggestions. Although not for the faint-hearted, visitors can enjoy a horror-themed amusement attraction called Reapers Realm in downtown Hammond. It features the creepy Reaper’s Woods, The Reaper’s Mansion and the awesome and thrilling Carnevil. All you will need with you are your friends and your trusty flashlights. For fun entertainment, you might want to try your hands at slot machines and table games offered by Horseshoe Casino where there is also LIVE entertainment all year round, or bring your friends for a luxurious experience at Ameristar Casino East Chicago’s hotel, casino and restaurant. The casinos and resorts are popular places for weddings and any type of celebrations and social gatherings. The kids, however, may have a better time wandering around the indoor amusement center at Jak’s Warehouse in Schererville where there is a sky trail, are bumper cars, ball pits and laser tag arena. But that isn’t all, Olympia Lanes and Lan Oak Lanes are popular attractions for a night of bowling, partying and people will have easy access to a wide variety of food and drinks from the attractions.

  • Art & Culture — People are often surprised with the sheer number of art-related attractions like art galleries, cultural centers and theaters that they can find in downtown Hammond. But before that, we strongly recommend making a short stop at Indiana Welcome Center in downtown Hammond so that you can grab maps, brochures, flyers and booklets about some of Hammond’s top attractions. Thereafter, bring the charter bus to Paul Henry’s Art Gallery (it was once a popular hardware store) to have a look around paintings and photographs made by local artists; sometimes, there are LIVE shows and weekend events. Visitors can also explore the region’s top masterpieces at Merge Arts in Hammond, bring the charter bus to the family-run and -owned Kennedy Theater where the latest blockbuster hits are shown, check out Beatniks on Conkey which is a combination of a coffee house and black box theater. Beatniks plays hosts to a large variety of shows which includes variety shows, musicals, stand-up comedies and dance performances all year round. Other art attractions you may want to make time for during your visit to Hammond is Towle Community Theater which features some of the most amazing stage plays and musicals and Munster’s Theater At the Center where there are seasonal shows and touring dramatic productions for all to enjoy.

  • Restaurant & Shopping — Most of the restaurants and dining options in Hammond has their own special venues for private events like birthday parties and even bachelor or bachelorette parties but it is the good food and drinks that will leave a lasting impression on visitors. You can enjoy fresh-out-of-the-ocean seafood like shrimps and coleslaw at Bob’s Shrimp, unique Mediterranean, Greek and Turkish delicacies like lemon rice soup and dolmades at The Stuffed Pepper, traditional American cuisine like steak and comforting soups at Johnel’s Restaurant, mouth-watering Mexican fanfare offered by Gorditas Los Metates along Hohman Avenue, and simple go-to food and life cakes, sandwiches coffee at The Blue Room Cafe. And when you are done downing all that delicious food, bring the party bus for the time of your life at Three Floyds Brewing where there are 8 unique specialty beers, seasonal craft brews and special events all year round.

  • Historical Sites & Landmarks — There are historical sites that lets visitors like children and adults learn about the region’s agricultural and cultural history but a must-visit site includes the Community Veterans Memorial, which is more than just a historical site. The memorial site is located within a 6.5 acres worth of land and depicts the various conflicts that have helped historically-shape the city and region; the attraction features life-size monuments, sculptures that relates to wars like WWII and Desert Storm. The Field Museum, in the meantime, lets visitors learn about the region’s natural history and children should visit Sue, the local tyrannosaurus rex whose remains were discovered around the region. Patrons are more than welcome to learn about the stately brick home collection, artifacts and documents at Westchester Township Historical Museum, learn about America’s most used and popular highways at Berwyn Route 66 Museum through photographs, memorabilia and even hubcaps, or get the charter bus driver to bring your group to Chicago History Museum which is less than 45 minutes drive away, for a quick yet educational tour.

  • Parks & Outdoor Activities — The outdoor attractions in and around Hammond includes a long list of parks, nature preserves, marinas and beaches. Visitors can check out one of the region’s most popular attractions is Gibson Woods Nature Preserve; the park is managed by Lake County Parks and has an extensive scenic trail with opportunities to look out for local wildlife, learn about our environment and it also hosts educational programs for people of all ages. There’s also fishing, walking and boating around Hammond Marina in the city’s downtown city center, basketball, baseball and children’s playground at Columbia Park, spacious banquet hall, fishing spots and bike park at Centennial Park in Munster, softball field and family-friendly amenities at Schererville’s Redar Park, and beautiful, relaxing garden with large shady areas for picnics at Lake Etta Co Park. It is easy to see how the latter attraction is often chosen as THE place for weddings and private events for the locals. On top of having easy access to Lake Michigan, Miller Beach has several dunes to climb, decorated graffiti wall that is often used for photography opportunities as well as a wetland forest while the Marquette Park Pavilion is a nice outdoor location for special events and festivals.

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