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Scenic Promenade, Calming Walks around Parks and Historical Mills – What to Expect from Havre de Grace

The city’s name is unsurprisingly named after France’s port city of Le Havre and was listed as one of the country’s 20 best small towns to visit by Smithsonian. On top of that, it enjoys mild weather throughout the year, with hot and humid summers and cooling winter weather. Thanks to its location next to one of the country’s most scenic rivers, most of Havre de Grace’s residential areas and tourist attractions are a stone’s throw away from Chesapeake Bay and Susquehanna River.

The city’s history is also deeply rooted in the Underground Railroad movement in Maryland, where slaves could escape across Susquehanna River into the states of Pennsylvania and New York. As you explore the city, you will also learn that Havre de Grace has a history of duck hunting, something you will learn all about at Decoy Museum. After the wars, Maryland’s Havre de Grace had a robust period in the food processing and canning industry and visitors are encouraged to explore the historical Seneca Cannery facility which has now been turned into an antique shop. But the building and its classical façade is still a stunning sight and an iconic landmark.

There are countless attractions in the city’s downtown metropolis, communities and especially along the river and bay; event venues and travel destinations are also more affordable, fun and outdoor-based. Have your event, festival, birthday bash, wedding reception, corporate function, business meeting, church outing, school field trip at these wonderful destinations. Don’t forget to give US Coachways a call for a charter bus, mini bus, school bus, coach charter, party bus, luxury vehicle, wedding limousine or other vehicles to help make your event a more smooth-sailing one.

The Many Different Sides of Havre de Grace’s Attractions and Waterways’ History

Many of the attractions and recreational activities people get to engage in when they are in Havre de Grace are outdoors. But this is not all there is to it if you are not an outdoor person. Come explore the various historical attractions and points of interest during your vacation, you won’t regret it.


  • Art & Cultural — Havre de Grace Decoy Museum is a truly unique museum which help visitors understand about the city’s past obsession with duck hunting – hence, Decoy Museum. One may not know what to expect from just looking at the name of the museum, it is one of the world’s biggest and most comprehensive museum of its kind. A private non-profit establishment set up in 1986, this is where visitors will get to learn about the cultural legacy of the city’s water-fowling and decoy-making activities eminent throughout Chesapeake Bay. When visiting, guests are given tours, talks, lectures and demonstrations and if the timing is right, there would be special events and exhibits at the museum too.
  • Golf Courses & Sports Venues – Golf enthusiasts are in luck when visiting because this is where you will find Bulle Rock Golf Club on Blenheim Lane, a golf course that continues to rank highly as one of America’s best golf courses in various golf publications and magazines. It boasts of wonderful tee shots, challenging green complexes and world class design.
  • Historical Sites & Landmarks — Concord Point Lighthouse may not be the biggest one there is on the East coast but it is certainly one of the more unique ones. Constructed almost completely out of white Port Deposit granite in 1827, it is only open during weekends during specific seasons so, if you want to get inside to access the Frenel Lens, check the schedule ahead of time to avoid disappointment. Otherwise, the cute-looking lighthouse is a sight to behold and overlooks Havre de Grace’s promenade. Don’t forget to also make a stop at the city’s quaint little Maritime Museum and you will be pleasantly surprised at the coast guard artifacts, videos, and also learn about what it was like in Chesapeake Bay in the 1600s. There are also exhibits about original Native Americans life to explore.
  • Parks & Outdoor Activities —  Looking for a peaceful and romantic place for a walk with your loved ones? Havre de Grace’s Promenade is just the place you are looking for. Measuring up to only about half a mile long, it offers visitors the chance to walk along a paved, peaceful pathway along the bay throughout the day. You can find many park benches and picnic spots to sit around and do some people-watching. Have a slow stroll around and learn up about wildlife of Havre de Grace, the bay and its history from reading up plaques found on various spots around the boardwalk. Other features include a gazebo, playground, marina, restaurants and historical points of interest. Due to its central location, the boardwalk is a walk away from other attractions like Decoy Museum and Maritime Museum. Like many cities in Maryland, Havre de Grace has its own state park and it comes in the form of Susquehanna State Park on Wilkinson Road. Read on about the history of its local people’s reliance on the Susquehanna River Valley as their means for both power and as a form of transportation at the park. Check out Rock Run Grist Mill which was erected by John Stump, a business man who owned a few mills around Hartford, Cecil, Baltimore counties; although there are no longer live demonstrations on the machineries, visitors can still have a look around the historic mill and its four-floor worth of milling equipment on summer weekends. In its vicinity is also Steppingstone Museum. The museum is privately-run and is non-profit organization aimed at preserving the city’s rural and historical arts and craft that dates as far back as 1880s. It features hand tools and gifts made by the locals. The park, of course, features some paved trails for hikers, joggers, bikers and families to have some outdoor fun in; the level of difficulty depends on the trail you pick. The trails closer to the river tend to be more level. Another great place in the city of Havre de Grace for a peaceful walk is Millard Tydings Memorial Park. It features 22-acre worth of park lands on top of the picturesque Chesapeake Bay, its very own promenade for a relaxing and scenic walk. There is also a very comprehensive memorial on local real estate, property, World War I, World War II, Vietnam War and Korean War to read up about along the way.
  • Other Points of Interest — Wine-loving travelers will definitely fall in love with the offerings of Mount Felix Vineyard and Winery which is one of Havre de Grace’s hidden gems. It also features a 9,000 square foot Mount Felix Manor with an astonishing view of Chesapeake Bay, a private guesthouse called ‘The Villa’ which can be used for personal and corporate functions. The villa measures about 2,000 square foot in a convenient location. The vineyard, in the meantime, is an eco-friendly vineyard with optimal environment to make the best wines of Havre de Grace. Susquehanna Museum of the Lock House is another unique Havre de Grace attraction; constructed in late Greek revival style, this is the place where the lock keeper who raised and lowered the lock for canal boats to pass before railroads could carry coals across faster than using waterways. If you are getting restless from all the museum-touring and shopping, hop on by Old Town Parasail and give this activity a shot, whether you choose to parasail alone or with a friend. Fancy getting on a wooden sailboat that is a classic skipjack? Then head over to Skipjack Martha Lewis for an event, group gathering, sailing expedition or just some fun outdoors for an hour or more.

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