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Jamestown charter bus takes the group to Jamestown, a part of the Colonial National Historic Park that also includes the nearby site of Yorktown. Along with Colonial Williamsburg, all three are linked by the Colonial Parkway, a 23-mi/37-km stretch of scenic highway maintained by the National Park Service.

Jamestown is rich in history and counted as the first permanent English settlement in North America after the early demise of the Roanoke Island colony, Jamestown nonetheless had a troubled existence. In the first few years, the colony was nearly wiped out by starvation and disease. Even after it became more established, it never enjoyed the prosperity of other settlements in Virginia, though it did serve as the colonial capital for a time.

For Jamestown charter bus charter visitors, there are two Jamestown's: Jamestown, the original site, where the colony was actually located, and Jamestown Settlement, a replica that was built next to the original site in 1957.

For any history buffs on your Jamestown charter bus excursion, the original site will be highly interesting. There is currently an interesting archaeological excavations under way in the area are yielding fascinating new finds and a lot of artifacts from the original 1607 fort. Many of these items are in a growing display at the site.

To continue the historical trend, the Jamestown charter bus group members would like to visit the Old Church Tower, the only structure still standing from the 1600s town, and, at the western edge of the village, a mass grave where some of the 440 Colonists who died in the winter of 1609-10 are buried. (That's 440 out of a total of 500 original Colonists.)

The charter group members should not board the Jamestown Charter Bus back without stopping at the visitor's center, where there are interpretive displays and a short film to show your charter bus group a little more of the history of this fine city. Near the entrance of the park, glass-blowing demonstrations are held in a reconstructed glasshouse: If you or your charter bus group has never seen this craft before, stop a moment-it's mesmerizing.

The Jamestown Settlement, though a replica, is another interesting stop for your charter bus tour group. It has an excellent museum of the early colony that presents a well-made film on its beginnings. Fort James is a re-creation of the original triangular fort that has costumed interpreters demonstrating various day to day activities. Other attractions include a Native American village and replicas of the three ships that brought the first colonists from England-the Susan Constant, the Discovery and the Godspeed. We thought the overall presentation of Jamestown Settlement was excellent.

The Jamestown charter bus group will love the food at Perkins Restaurant and Bakery. The cuisines available are American, delicatessen, hamburgers, seafood, steak house, and there are even vegetarian choices at most of these venues.

Another very interesting stop for your Jamestown charter bus group is The Chautauqua Institute, a private estate that contains gorgeous Victorian homes. The estate has an amphitheater, hotel, and a museum just to name a few of the sights your charter bus gang will see. Be prepared to pay a small fee to enter if you are visiting during the summer season. Also, sometimes the Jamestown charter bus group may run into special concerts or lectures going on the day they choose to visit because there are many events scheduled every weekends.

Your charter bus members can give fishing a try on Lake Chautauqua. These are sunfish but there are also large Muskis in the lake. Additionally, calico and bullheads can be found in the cold waters and your charter bus gang will catch a lot of Perch.

Jamestown New York Marching Band in front of the Reggie Lenna Civic Center is another site that your charter bus takes its group members will enjoy. The energy and music, mostly featuring songs about Lucille Ball.

Just for fun, your Jamestown charter bus group can get a penny with Lucy and Desi on it, just put your coin in the machine and the penny is turned into a medallion. Great for kids and makes a fun souvenir for your charter bus gang.

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