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Mammoth Lakes Charter Bus

Tourists and nature buffs alike are sure to enjoy a charter bus tour throughout the gorgeous countryside of Mammoth Lakes. This region is quite a spectacle to behold, and as a matter of fact, once you visit with the charter bus group you may actually find that you never want to leave. There is just something calm and amazing about this entire region. It is almost like a perfectly preserved corner of the Earth that has been untouched for centuries. Now, it is just waiting for you to explore when you are out and about on a day trip with your charter bus group.

One particularly beautiful spot within the Mammoth Lakes area is called Mono Lake. Have the charter bus bring you by so that you can see why this little slice of heaven is such a popular spot with tourists. Perhaps this is because of the seemingly untouched location or even the amazing reflections of the majestic Sierra Nevada in the clear waters here. This is a nice little inland sea area that is just perfect for exploration with those who are aboard your charter bus tour. Many people also enjoy viewing the large amount of birds that call this area of Mammoth Lakes their home. Just a few of the amazing bird species that you can view at Mono Lake with you charter bus group include the Yellow Warbler, the Osprey, the California Gull, the Green-tailed Towhee and many more.

The next destination for your charter bus tour could be over at the Snowcreek Resort so that you can get in a little bit of golfing action amidst the beauty of the Mammoth Lakes Region. Known to be one of the finest golf courses in the entire area, Snowcreek Resort Golf Course opened up for golfing action back in 1991. The course is open every day during the season from sunrise to sunset. Be sure that you bring along the correct gear on the charter bus, because certain regulations must be followed, including collared shirts being worn by all players on the course. If you wind up getting hungry during your golf excursion at the Snowcreek Resort, you can stop and have a bite to eat at the Snowcreek CafŽ. This dining area is just right for a quite nibble with your charter bus tour group. There are sandwiches, snacks and more served between the hours of 10:00AM until 4:00PM daily. Once you have enjoyed a few holes of golf, where will your charter bus be off to next?

After a long day of golf, you and your charter bus group may have developed quite an appetite. Why not head to The Restaurant at Convict Lake once the sun goes down. This is a marvelous place, located over on Convict Lake Road where you can get a truly tasty meal while you enjoy the beautiful and rustic atmosphere. You will more than likely be amazed by just how cozy you will feel once your dining experience has begun. Anyone who visits this establishment regularly will often boast about how attentive the staff is, not to mention how amazing the fare is as well. This could possibly be the highlight of your charter bus tour throughout Mammoth Lakes.

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