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Meridian Charter Bus

You may have a hard time finding guarantees in life, however one guarantee that you can bet on is that you will find plenty of great places to go on your Meridian charter bus with your friends. This guarantee includes finding all sorts of great attractions, sights, activities and dining experiences. After all, Meridian is a wonderful place that is rich with history and some of the friendliest people that you will ever meet. Prepare yourself for a fabulous time and make sure that you get plenty of rest the night before so that you can feel refreshed for your charter bus excursion.

Dive into the rich and interesting history of the area by taking a trip to a lovely local mansion called Merehope. You are sure to find great delight in this Victorian styled structure that has a total of twenty beautiful rooms. While you are enjoying this incredible building, you will be able to see gorgeous columns, exquisite work working and craftsmanship, wonderful fireplace mantels and a breathtaking stairway. To the delight of many locals as well as tourists who have been to the Meridian area, the Merrehope Mansion was fully restored back in 1968. If you would like to visit with your charter bus group, the hours that you can stop by are 10:00AM until 4:00PM Monday through Saturday with closings on Sunday and most of the major national holidays. The cost of a tour is only $5, and there are also special rates for groups that have more than 10 people in them.

Do you wish that you could feel like a kid again? If this mood strikes while you are in Meridian, you can have your charter bus transport your group to the Highland Park Dentzel Carousel. This is a magical attraction that has actually been in operation since way back in 1909. As a matter of fact, this splendid piece of Meridian history is actually listed on the prestigious list of Historic Places with the National Register. The animals that you will find on this vintage carousel are all crafted out of wood and painted to perfection. This is yet another fine attraction that will be loved by all in your charter bus group. You should really make sure that you take several pictures of this historical beauty before departing. The hours that you can ride on the Carousel are from 1:00PM until 5:00PM any day of the week. Oh, by the way, each ride is only 50 cents per person!

Before you leave the Meridian area, there is another stop that is a real must for anyone that wants to see a good amount of fun, historical places. The Causeyville General Store is where you need to have the charter bus bring you before you are done. This gem of a tourist spot is located right on Causeyville Road. Since it opened back in 1895, this stunning piece of history is still in operation, pleasing everyone who steps foot in the door. At this great store, you can do everything from check out the free musical museum to having your own hoop cheese sliced right in front of you. This, along with a good number of other Meridian charter bus stop are just right when you are looking to step back in time.

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