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Patrician-style homes, gorgeous parks and gardens to walk in, there is really no other places in New England that is more warm, comforting, welcoming and best to live in. Looking at what New Bedford is like now, no one would have guessed that New Bedford was the country’s ‘Whaling City’. Back in the 19th century, the city thrived and was also the wealthiest city in the country because of the lucrative whaling industry. Together with Fall River and Taunton, New Bedford formed Massachusetts biggest and most successful cities.

Today, it banks on its proximity to other large cities and has a thriving art, entertainment and tourism industry. Visitors can enjoy world class entertainment at Bedford attractions like Zeiterion Performing Arts Center, an eye-opening tour of New Bedford Whaling Museum and an educational visit to Seamen’s Bethel. With a bus rental package, you can easily hop from places like New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park to Fort Taber Park in minutes.

US Coachways is one of the country’s top 15 biggest ground transportation company and we have fleets of charter bus, mini bus, coach charter, school bus, party bus, limousine, airport transfer vehicles and exotic cars to fit just about any type of event in New Bedford. Regardless of whether it is a full scale corporate function or a wedding catering to hundreds of your closest friends and family, our customer service agents can help connect you to the right vehicle for many large cities in Massachusetts like Boston, Lexington, Cape Cod, Quincy, Fall River, Springfield and more.

Visit Some of New England’s Best Historical Sites and Museums in New Bedford

When visiting a history-filled city like New Bedford, it is important to mark down the best historical landmarks in the city to visit in your itinerary. But that is not all there is to New Bedford. Come explore with us, some of the city’s best points of interest and highlights.


  • Entertainment & Amusement Parks — There is no need to make that drive to Boston to catch a world class performance because New Bedford have its own top-notch theater in the form of Zeiterion Performing Arts Center located on Purchase Street. The theater is fondly called ‘The Z’. On top of putting on some of the city’s best shows on a regular basis, The Z also offers The Zeiterion Main Stage Series, School-Time Performance program, Kennedy Center Partners in Education, Art Access (free tickets to underprivileged kids), community projects and Revitalization of Downtown program.
  • Art & Cultural — When it comes to quirky contemporary artwork, you can find them in Gallery X on William Street, a unique art gallery and entertainment venue. It may be a 25 years old art cooperative; it continues to bring in returning visitors because of the rotated, changed and refreshing exhibits. They also feature works from aspiring artists, giving them the much-needed exposure to New Bedford’s burgeoning art scene. Another gallery to visit would be Gallery65 on William which is another up-and-rising small gallery that features various types of paintings of the watercolor, oil and pastel genre. Looking for abstract art? Here, we have Judith Klein Art Gallery, a personal showroom for Klein’s artwork that have been called ‘figurative abstract expressionist art’
  • Restaurants & Shopping — The Bedford Merchant is your best bet when shopping for souvenirs. The store is located along North Water Street. Visitors should make pit stops at outlets like Nautical Chartworks or Hawthorn Florist and Gift Shop for unique gifts, Crush Fine Wine and Travessia Winery for exquisite MA fine wine. That’s not the end of it because it also offers the best local New Bedford specialty foods at food outlets like Horta's Restaurant and Fish Market, Lisbon Sausage Co. Inc., Billy Boy Candies and Sir Wainer and Son.
  • Golf Courses & Sports Venues – Ever tried bowling with a glowing bowling ball? In the dark? Well, this is your chance to do all of that (with good food and drinks) at New Bedford’s Wonder Bowl at Hathaway Road. It is a great place for family fun or a venue for a small gathering with friends.
  • Historical Sites & Landmarks — New Bedford Whaling Museum is a must if you wish to take a look at the (now debatable topic of whaling) the whaling industry….after all, New Bedford was once known as the country’s Whaling City. Room after room, visitors learns amazing facts from paintings, videos, artifacts, models, and audio presentations. The museum also offers personal tours, audio tours. For events, it has a large venue for weddings and meetings. New Bedford’s St. Anthony of Padua Church located along Acushnet Avenue is truly the city’s hidden gem. A true masterpiece in terms of architecture and building design, come explore the church’s gorgeous stained glass windows, Stations of the Cross, ceiling artwork and not to mention its beautiful altar. It offers a host of events all year round so, check their official website to see if your trip coincides with one of them. Another important attraction to visit in New Bedford would be the legendary Seamen’s Bethel at Johnny Cake Hill. Made of marble cenotaphs, this historic building celebrates its tagline of ‘We Light the World’ because the city used to be the wealthiest in the country due to whale oil’s the top quality and value that the city produces. The attraction serves as a remembrance for those who were lost at sea too. The Rotch-Jones-Duff House and Garden Museum (unsurprisingly) has its roots in the whaling industry; the three family names attached to the home are prominent people from the whaling industry. Today, the home is part of New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park and has been included as our country’s national landmark. On the other end of the topic-spectrum is New Bedford Fire Museum at Bedford Street which showcases the city’s fire department’s history. Run by a former firefighter, visitors get to learn all about fire trucks, the historical building and then buy some memorabilia at the store.
  • Parks & Outdoor Activities —  Guided tours around the New Bedford Whaling National Historic Park is done by park rangers who are very well-educated about every stone and pebble in the park. The town itself has a deep-rooted whaling industry and you will discover them for yourself as you walk along the cobblestone streets, tour its Visitors Center, and go on an Underground Railroad adventure. Combine awesome scenery with a green space to relax in, Fort Taber Park is where you can get a breath of fresh air, relax, walk, ride a bike in, enjoy the beach, eat and have a picnic in too.
  • Zoos & Aquariums — There may be other bigger museums in larger cities but few of them come at such an affordable pricing and a warm atmosphere. New Bedford’s Ocean Explorium is located along Union Street and is the perfect venue for a school outing for under 12 kids. Let them delight in these close encounters with the fishes and larger species as they learn through hands-on activities at the center. Buttonwood Park Zoo can be found on Hawthorn Street and this unassuming, small zoo provides children the chance to learn about otters, seals, beavers, bobcats, cougars, bears, reptiles, fishes and many more.
  • Other Points of Interest — Be sure to take the ferry at New England Fast Ferry at State Pier for a ride when you are in New Bedford. The ride takes approximately an hour and offers food, finger snacks and drinks on board. Visiting New Bedford Museum of Glass at Wamsutta Street is a truly eye-opening experience, especially if you have zero knowledge about glass artwork. Visitors are often fascinated with the glass-made exhibits like glass chair, figurines, paper weights and all the shiny creative art pieces.

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You can always take heart in the fact that US Coachways’ has decades of experience in the national ground transportation industry. With our experience and expertise in working with tours, exhibitions, events, personal and corporate functions, we can connect you to the best-priced bus rental package in New Bedford. Contact us and let’s get started.


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