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Located about 30 minutes away from Manhattan New York, many residents of New Rochelle actually work in the main downtown metropolis. Its sister city is a French city, La Rochelle. These two cities have deep ties since 1910. Today, New Rochelle is the 7th largest city in the state of New York and is also the second best ‘walking city’ in New York, second only to The Big Apple. Due to the fact that the piece of land was once a settlement for refugee French Huguenots, the city is rich in history and culture.

Fitness enthusiasts will love the fact that there is a large number of parks for visitors and residents to spend afternoons and quick weekend getaways in. Perhaps that was why New Rochelle was named the best place to raise children in New York State. So, there is tons of hiking, running, jogging, biking, island-hopping, church-visiting and waterfront activities to be done. Visitors can also take a 15 minute charter bus ride out to Pelham Bay Park where a lagoon was widened and once used as the site for the 1964 Olympic Rowing Trials.

New Rochelle have grown beyond being ‘merely an early French settlement’, it is now an option for getaways you wish to organize for your family and friends. In fact, we think that there are many spots, especially parks like David’s Island, Leatherstocking Trail and gorgeous waterfront are superb backdrops for wedding photoshoots, honeymoon destination, family vacations, quiet bachelor or bachelorette parties or a friendly reunions.

US Coachways charter buses can take you anywhere within New Rochelle to anywhere in the country. All we need is to know the number of passengers, dates, pickup and drop-off points in New York and the schedule. So, if you have a church outing, school field trip, bachelor party, college game in another part of New York, give us a call because our staff will help you find the perfect charter bus for your trip, and for an affordable price too.

Art Galleries, Exquisite Dining and Best Parks of New Rochelle

New Rochelle is a winner when it comes to unique architecture and neighborhoods. On top of that, visitors will soon see a whole myriad of options in terms of unique points of interest like parks, dining spots, retail outlets at a new shopping district and much, much more.


  • Entertainment & Amusement Parks — There is a wide range of nightclubs, restaurants and entertainment outlets located all around New Rochelle’s bustling city center. For a dive bar serving traditional American cuisine, you can always count on Junior’s Bar and Grill at 234 North Ave. and C.J. Cullen’s Tavern at Pelham Rd. On the other hand, slightly more upscale is Gnarly Vine, an upmarket wine bar located on Main Street. With kids along with you, bring them to FunFuzion, a favorite indoor theme park with five different zones for kids to have fun in, Growing Minds of New York for educational fun and birthday parties and for the adults and The Fountainhead is great for parties for 30 - 50 people at the venue.  
  • Art & Cultural — If you want to take a closer look at the art and culture scene in New Rochelle, N.Y., bring the charter bus to Museum of Art and Culture of New Rochelle located at Clove Rd.  which is the only Regents-chartered museum in the whole of New York State. In the meantime, Museum Editions Ltds at 32 Relyea Pl gives visitors a new insight into artwork from all genres. New Rochelle is actually an artistic community with countless galleries all around the city which includes Iona College Arts Center, Lumen Winter Gallery, Backstreet Gallery, Mahlstedt Gallery and not forgetting Media Loft Gallery located throughout downtown New Rochelle.
  • Restaurants & Shopping — When it comes to good food, there is much to choose from. From the exquisite Italian fanfare from Fratelli Ristorante and Wine Bar, fine Southern cuisine from Sweet Potatoes Restaurant or for those who are looking for healthier options can get their fill at Jolo’s Kitchen Vegan Restaurant where fresh food are made healthy and delicious. The go-to place for all things entertainment and retail would be New Roc City, also known as New Rochelle Center. It was built in place of an older version shopping district previously known as New Rochelle Mall, it is a huge hub of  retail outlets and restaurants.  
  • Golf Courses & Sports Venues - Also in FunFuzion, there is both a bowling alley and a small mini golf for fun putting sessions. For a more serious golfing experience, bring the charter bus around to Doral Arrowood Golf Club and enquire about the price of a session with your loved ones. Doral Arrowood is located on Weaver St New Rochelle. When all’s said and done and you need some pampering, try Aqua Play Pool and Spa or Indian Hill Pool for that much needed R&R. The locals love the New Rochelle Racquet Club along Palmer Ave for some action games like tennis, racquetball and Wally ball. The club’s venue can accommodate small parties, corporate functions, and other sporting events.
  • Historical Sites & Landmarks — Be sure to take a charter bus tour around some really quaint and unique residential neighborhoods around New Rochelle and of course, a pit stop at two of New Rochelle’s most famous historical landmarks would be Statue of Jacob Leisler by Huguenot Chapter of the ‘Daughter of the Revolution’ and Thomas Paine Cottage. The cottage was Paine’s home from 1802 to 1806, and he was the author of Common Sense and a Revolutionary War hero.
  • Parks & Outdoor Activities —  There is nothing like putting together a picnic for family and friends during the weekends and when New Rochelle residents do it, there are a couple of parks to choose from. One of them would certainly be Five Island Park at LeFevre Lane and another would be Hudson Park. Hudson park features white sandy beaches, kids’ playground and wide open, grassy space for recreational activities and the occasional musical events. Flowers Park, on Fifth and Potter Avenues provides visitors and residents with 3 ball fields, a basketball court, picnic area, Sidney Skate Park, complex, playground for kids to frolic around in and Fosina Stadium, a natural turf field.

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