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Chartered Bus Excursions in Nome, Alaska

Nome is perhaps one of the best loved places in Alaska. Full of character, food, fun, and wonderful scenery, this is one place where a chartered bus is a wonderful way to travel and see the sights. No matter what you like, you're bound to find it here, and perhaps discover some new favorites as well.

A great restaurant to check out as you step off your chartered bus is Fat Freddie's Restaurant. Known for its rustic décor, and spacious interior, this restaurant has a friendly and cheery atmosphere known through out the town. The noise level is moderate, so talking among you and your chartered bus companions won't be an issue at all. Located in the heart of Nome, Alaska, Fat Freddie's is an easy limousine ride from just about any direction. Average tab runs about $11 to $20 per person, but the quick service and fantastic ocean view make it well worth the price and stop of the chartered bus.

Another great place to stop and get a bite to eat before cruising around in your chartered bus is Milano's Pizzeria. Located at 110 West Front Street, Suite 102, this pizzeria is known for their wonderful Italian fare, and of course their pizza. The average plate includes plenty of food and drink for a very reasonable price of around $10 per person. This is one chartered bus stop that is sure to bring a smile to your face and a sigh of satisfaction.

Perhaps somewhere a bit more casual and low key is more your speed. If that's the case, convince your chartered bus companions to head over to the Polar Café at 205 West Front Street. Known as a local favorite, this little gem is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, serving classic American fare to the patrons. The average tab of a meal is approximately $12, and well worth the price.

After all that food, shopping is no doubt in order. As you'll see as you travel through Nome Alaska in your chartered bus, there are plenty of wonderful shops that can give you the feel of the region. One of the best places to check out is the Arctic Trading Post. Located at P.O. Box 262 in Nome Alaska, this place is known for wonderful carved ivory, artifacts, books, original jewelry, clothing, and a fine collection of prints and photos sure to take your breath away. Plenty of parking is available, and your chartered bus will definitely be resting its wheels for a long while. Another great store to visit once you step off the last step of your chartered bus is Maruskiya's. Located at Box 895, this store is a traditional place to stop for all things Alaskan. Known for their Eskimo are and Eskimo crafts, Maruskiya's has some of the most awe-inspiring art and crafts that show the ingenuity and determination of the native people of Alaska. No matter where you go in Nome, Alaska, a visit to this shop and its one of a kind ivory carvings, prints, and crafts is a wonderful idea for you and your chartered bus companions.

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