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A Surprising Number of Historical Landmarks, Parks, Malls and Hotels to Explore in Pottsville

The city of Pottsville in Pennsylvania lies north-west of Philadelphia and borders the west side of Schuylkill River. Located in the state’s Coal Region, the city, for a long time, was a place for lucrative coal mining businesses. The city underwent a major transformation in 2007 with a streetscaping project on Center Street and with that, in 2011, the city became the country’s transportation hub for Schuylkill Transportation System, complete with a $161 million Union Station Intermodal Transit Center.

There are many historical landmarks in Pottsville which includes The Cloud Home, John O’Hara House, Burd Patterson House, D.G. Yuengling and Son Brewery, Jerry’s Classic Car Museum, Jewish Museum of Eastern Pennsylvania and Veteran’s Memorial. Not only are there lots of historical landmarks in the city of Pottsville, there are countless parks to enjoy too and they include Rotary Park, Railway Park, Henry Clay Park, John F. Kennedy Memorial Recreation Complex, Yuengling Park and General George Joulwan East Side Park.

Many of these historical landmarks, museums, parks, and complexes are available for events, festivals, weddings, birthday parties, bachelor or bachelorette parties, corporate functions, exhibitions, business meetings, church outings and school field trips. For event organizers who are planning an event in Pottsville, Pennsylvania, be sure to give US Coachways a call to find out how we can help find you the best charter bus, school bus, party bus, limousine, bus charter, coach charter, sleeper coach, tour bus and other luxurious and spacious vehicles for your events.

Get Yourself Organized for your Upcoming Trip to Quaint Pottsville

With so many interesting attractions and historical points of interest to learn up about during your trip to Pottsville, we hope that our ‘in the nutshell’ summary of the city’s best attractions will help you organize your itinerary better.


  • Art & Cultural — Located approximately an hour’s drive away from Pottsville is Goggleworks Center for the Arts, a local community art and cultural center located on Washington Street in Reading. It provides art lessons and workshops to visitors but is also home to a glass and ceramics shop, wood studio, a lab for digital arts as well as a unique jewelry studio.
  • Restaurant & Shopping — There is a big number of restaurants, cafes and diners located right in the heart of Pottsville so, visitors do not need to drive very far out of town to find the best local meals. For instance, there is Greystone Restaurant which is located in a historical hotel, Park Hotel, which had its run in the 1880s. You can also sample the city’s best local traditional food at Gramma’s, great food and drinks can be found at Maroon’s Sports Bar and Grill at North Center Street, traditional oven-roasted pizza recipe at Roma Pizza on West Market Street and Chinese buffet at Hong Kong Buffet on East Norwegian Street.
  • Historical Sites & Landmarks — Car and automobile lovers should not miss the chance to bring the rented charter bus to a classic and historic attraction like Jerry’s Classic Cars and Collectibles Museum. Visitors can get the charter bus driver to head over to 394 South Center Street and check out some old classic (and some long forgotten makes and models) cars in the medium-sized museum housed in a former garage. The attraction itself is small but the assortment of replicas, nostalgic collection items like millinery, library, stores, jukebox, kitchen and appliances will definitely take visitors back into a different era. An important man to the city of Pottsville, the museum belongs to Jerry Enders, a passionate car lover. The idea of leaving behind memories and imprints of a bygone era for future generations got the family into designing the museum from scratch - using the Morgan Studebaker Dealership workshop. Over the years, it has collected up to nearly 20,000 items from various eras. After much hard work, the attraction finally opened its doors in 1994. Today, it is one of the city’s top attractions.  Check the website for opening hours because it is only open on scheduled days. Crystal Cave may not be located in Pottsville, it is in Kutztown (less than an hour’s drive away); discovered in 1871, visitors will get to see first-hand, one of the Pennsylvania’s most fascinating and beautiful natural rock formations. Guided tours are offered where travelers will learn about its many stalactites and stalagmites, dropstone and pillar formations.
  • Parks & Outdoor Activities —  Hope Hill Lavender Farm can be found on Panther Valley Road. Open only on summer weekends, Hope Hill is a relatively new attraction and is a great place for a relaxing walkabout. The owners of the farm are friendly, warm and willing to share information about growing pure organic lavender with visitors. Hope Hill Lavender Farm owners are Wendy and Troy Jochems who purchased the farm in 2004 and ever since then, effort has been put into creating their own mark as an established tree farm. They actively participate in various festivals like the annual PA Herb and Garden Festival, Mother's Day Weekend Plant Sale, Annual Lavender Festival, are present at Farmers Market in Hershey; their products are sold online through their website and selected individual outlets. Visitors can also opt to take a 30 minute drive out to Greater Hazleton’s Humboldt Industrial park for its five miles worth of trails and relaxing park. The area is home to businesses, retail outlets, warehouses, corporate offices and restaurants; one can easily spend an entire day walking and touring through the park and quaint outlets. Another community park is located on Pecora Boulevard in Hazleton which is a neighborhood park offering scenic views, peaceful environment and activities like fishing, hiking and picnicking to visitors.
  • Other Points of Interest — For group tours, D.G. Yeungling and Son Brewery comes highly recommended because of the beer tasting tours offered. They can be found at 5th and Mahantongo Streets in Pottsville. It is one of the country’s oldest brewery to-date and considered by many a local iconic site. Guided tours are available twice a day and you can expect to spend about an hour touring the facility, brewery, caves, look at paintings and also learn up about the brewery and city’s history on the grounds. Although it is located slightly off of the main Pottsville’s downtown metropolis, there shouldn’t be any problems finding the brewery especially if you are using a charter bus. Don’t forget to bring home a unique Yuengling souvenir from the gift shop. This is truly a must for beer lovers who enjoy learning up about the beer brewing process. Do not compare the brewery to newer and more modern brewery tours like Miller and Budweiser because there is so much more history at this attraction. There is something about old abandoned equipment kept in a cave that adds to the charm of the brewery. Together, they all help shape the story around the country’s oldest brewery.

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