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Quincy is Massachusetts State’s city located in the Norfolk County. It was given the nickname ‘City of Presidents’ because it is the birthplace of President of the United States, John Adams and Statesman, John Hancock. Both had significant roles in the country’s history of unity. However, the city’s name was derived from Colonel John Quincy who was Abigail Adams’ maternal grandfather.

With that said, it is easy to see why there would be many historical landmarks, monuments, buildings and museums to explore during your Quincy trip.

You can easily move around from one attraction to another in the city when you make use of US Coachways’ affordable charter bus rental services in Massachusetts cities like Quincy, Boston, Brockton, Cape Cod, Fall River, Plymouth and others. With charter bus rental service, visitors can afford to take their time exploring Quincy Art Association, practice their swing at Granite Link Golf Club or learn up new tricks from the people from Quincy Yacht Club.

Many of these attractions and landmark locations doubles up as affordable event venues so, whether you are organizing a wedding banquet and reception, birthday dinner, a surprise anniversary dinner, church outing, school field trip or corporate function, there is surely a perfect venue in Quincy for it. US Coachways, in the meantime, have your ground transportation needs covered.

Hit Recreational Parks by Day and Downtown Night Spots by Night in Quincy MA

Be it a party or a family vacation, Quincy offers up a long list of fun attractions, historical monuments, landmarks, buildings, mansions and parks. If time is short, read on about Quincy’s most popular points of interest and add them to your trip itinerary before your trip.


  • Entertainment & Amusement Parks — With Boston located merely 20 minutes drive away, most locals will make the trek to downtown Boston or other neighboring cities for family-friendly recreational activities especially Family Fenway Park, Boston Bowl, Kids Fun Stop, Franklin Park Zoo and New England Aquarium.
  • Art & Cultural — If you are into art and culture, consider bringing the rented charter bus to Quincy Art Association (High School Avenue), In Sync Center of the Arts (Adams Street) and Quincy House (Muirhead Street) to get to know the booming art scene in Quincy.
  • Golf Courses & Sports Venues – If practicing your swing is your thing during your Quincy visit, make a stop at Granite Links Golf Club at Quarry Hills Drive which is approximately 10 minutes drive away from the main downtown metropolis. The club is a popular venue for weddings, birthdays, special events and corporate functions too especially during summer. There is an awesome view of Boston and the harbor islands from some points at the golf course and you can even stop at the restaurant for a delicious fare from the chef.
  • Historical Sites & Landmarks — Adams National Historical Park on Adams Street is truly unique as both a park AND classroom. The attraction is the perfect place for history lovers and foreign visitors alike, offering a myriad of outdoor activities. The park and home is a preserved home for Presidents of the United States, John Adams and U.S. Ambassador to Great Britain, John Quincy Adams. Visitors are also given insights into the lives of famous writer and historian, Henry Adams. Touring the home will typically take an hour or more and after that, visitors will usually opt for a casual tour of the park, burial site, visitors center or explore more at the site of Battle of Bunker Hill. It holds true to its description of the site as a place to remember heroes, statesmen, philosophers and well-educated women. Don’t hesitate to take on the 30 minute tour of United First Parish Church which is also known as the ‘Church of the Presidents’. Marina Bay is a quaint neighborhood in Quincy and a conglomeration of office complexes, restaurants, apartments, townhouses, malls and retail outlets. It has a vibrant night scene for bar crawls and parties but if you are on a budget, the gorgeous view of the city center is yours to be had….absolutely free. Another fun and free visit should be made to Quincy Historical Society because this is where Quincy’s best kept secrets can be found. It contains more than 400 years of Quincy’s history and it is also about exploring the lives of some of the country’s richest and most influential people, rebels, visionaries and reformers. Souther Tide Mill has undergone so many transformations that it is great to see that many parts of its history was preserved and restored; today, it reflect its richness and vast changes over the years. There are many clear signs you can follow to navigate around the site.
  • Parks & Outdoor Activities —  Because of its strategic location, there is an endless number of recreational spots, parks, beaches and trails to explore in Quincy. After all, it boasts of approximately 27 miles worth of coastline and beaches. Some of the spots you should check out include Nickerson Beach, Parkhurst, Edgewater Drive and Rhonda Beach. Quincy’s most expansive and popular beach offer visitors more than 2 and a half mile worth of sandy white beach. Activities available include swimming, surfing, sunbathing, volleyball challenge (during summer months) and more. Quincy has a very active boating and sailing community with many annual regattas, events and races organized. Check out Quincy Yacht Club (Sea Street), Squantum Yacht Club (Quincy Shore Drive) and Wollaston Yacht Club (Wollaston Beach).
  • Other Points of Interest — Some may assume that a visit to Hancock Cemetery will be a somber and sad affair but this cannot be further from the truth. Here is where you will get to learn about and pay respect to some of the country’s most historical and respected public figures. Before heading over, remember to grab a map of the cemetery at the neighboring church; this way, you can better navigate your way around the site and know where everyone is. Head over to United States Naval Shipbuilding Museum to explore a world of naval history and the country’s shipbuilding industry….not forgetting, to explore USS Salem. USS Salem is a smaller and less complicated version of USS New Jersey in Camden and visitors are given the chance to climb on board to experience what life on board is like. The attraction offers spring and summer Overnight Adventure programs so, look it up if you relish the idea of spending a night on board a real ship!

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