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A large part of Silver Spring is made out of urban and old communities. Sitting on the southern most part of the city is a huge bustling business district that is filled with businesses, corporate offices, retail outlets, homes and parklands. The city got its name when Francis Preston Blair who found a mica-flecked spring in Acorn Park in 1840. Today, Acorn Park has become an iconic landmark for the city.

There are clear benefits to being in close proximity to Washington D.C., Prince George’s County, Maryland County and Howard County - everything including malls, restaurants, historical landmarks, museums and cafes is a short drive away from Silver Spring. In fact, visitors should make time to make a visit to notable attractions like NOAA headquarters, Discovery Communications and Seventh-day Adventist Church. If you love for the outdoors, be sure to rent a charter bus and head out to popular parks like  Rock Creek Park, Sligo Creek Park, Acorn Park, Jesup Blair Park and Brookside Gardens.

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Here are Some of Silver Spring’s Top Points of Interest and Tourist Attractions

Many tourists are surprised with the number of parks, museums, theaters, art galleries and children’s learning centers that are accessible from Silver Springs with a charter bus. If you are wondering about which point of interest to check out in the city, here’s a short list of attractions we think tops the list.


  • Entertainment & Amusement Parks — All year round, there would be interesting performances and shows to catch at The Fillmore in downtown Silver Spring. The Fillmore has the capacity to seat 2,000 per show and it opened its doors in 2011 offering a brand new facility to entertainers from all over the world. Its main aim is to bring first-class acts, entertainment and musicals into the city. In partnership with Montgomery County, it is a link between some of the most renowned artists in the region and local fans. You can also visit The American Film Institute (AFI) and Discovery Communications for some of the city’s best shows. It also honors many artistes for their work and is a host to some of the city’s most spectacular events like AFI Life Achievement Award, AFI Awards, AFI’s 100 Years....100 Movies, AFI Fest by Audi and AFI Silver Theater and Cultural Center. Discovery Communications, in the meantime, is the headquarters for many popular shows shown by Discovery Channel. Bring little kids to Be With Me Playseum on Wisconsin Avenue in Bethesda, MD. There are small themed rooms with unique concepts for young children to explore.
  • Art & Cultural — If you love learning about a city’s culture, be sure to make time for a stop at National Capital Trolley Museum in downtown Silver Spring. This attraction will tell you the history of Washington D.C.’s street railways and trolleys which dates as far back as 1898. On top of helping visitors learn about the history of trolleys and railways, it features other exhibits like classic cars from New York, Germany, Canada and the Netherlands. Taking the spotlight would be the one-mile trolley ride you can take on its demo railway. With a rented charter bus, there is no excuse not take a short 20 drive to visit the National Gallery of Art in downtown Washington D.C. There is a huge collection of artwork from all around the world to learn from and think about.
  • Restaurant & Shopping — On top of sampling some of the city’s best restaurants and local delights, there are times we may want to try out different dishes from a completely different cultures. Worry not, there are plenty of options in Silver Spring. While Mandalay Restaurant and Cafe long Bonifant Street serves up delicious fusion Asian food, 8407 Kitchen Bar which is located on Ramsey Avenue has much to offer in terms of tantalizing local cuisine. Looking for a romantic and inexpensive dinner location? Try Jackie’s Restaurant on Georgia Avenue or Copper Canyon Grill Silver Spring on Ellsworth Drive.
  • Historical Sites & Landmarks — The Seventh-day Adventist Church was the largest church of its kind during its introduction in the 1840s. Its history goes as far back as being a party from the Second Great Awakening in the region. The building is certainly a gorgeous sight and it has been attracting architecture and history lovers from all corners of the state of Maryland. Don’t forget to take unforgettable pictures of the church so that you can show them off to your friends back home.
  • Parks & Outdoor Activities —  The residents of Silver Spring are blessed with a large number of parks to enjoy and they are Rock Creek Park, Sligo Creek Park, Acorn Park, Jesup Blair Park and Brookside Gardens. Rock Creek Park is one of the most popular parks in the city, mainly because of its efficient sport venue, equestrian trails, golf course, tennis stadium, planetarium, picnic spots, playgrounds, cultural exhibits and trails for jogging, hiking, cycling and inline skating. The thing that made Rock Creek Park popular with tourist is because it is often used as a venue for concerts and festivals and due to the fact that the park is closed to motorized vehicles, safety of patrons are guaranteed. Sligo Creek Park which cuts through Silver Spring offers patrons with similar facilities and amenities as well as being used by residents for powering of mills and a source for drinking water. Measuring approximately 0.12 acres is Acorn Park which has an acorn-shaped gazebo (which explains the name) and a grotto. Acorn Park is also a historically-significant site because it was reported that this was where Francis Preston Blair found the mica-flecked spring that gave the city its name. Jesup Blair Park, measuring nearly 15 acres, offers visitors more than just park facilities. New additions in the form of soccer field, tennis courts, basketball courts and a nice picnic area were made recently and the park is popular with local communities. In the meantime, Brookside Garden is a calming respite with its Japanese garden, maple terrace, nature center, perennial garden, reflection terrace, butterfly garden, azalea garden, Children's Fairy Tail Garden, Aquatic Garden and more.
  • Other Points of Interest — The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, also known as NOAA), has a small museum that you can visit if you are interested in science, out planet and environment. NOAA has many roles to play but among the most important ones are their jobs in monitoring and observing earth systems through instruments and data, understanding and describing the earth system, accessing and predicting changes, engaging and to advising and informing the public about possible changes. You will also get to learn about its other educational programs like Mussel Watch Contaminant Monitoring Program and NOAA Integrated Ocean Observing System Program. Spend an eye-opening hour or two in this attraction and you will not regret it.

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