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Tempe: Haunting Beauty

If you want to see a lot of Arizona making Tempe 'home base' is an excellent idea. Tempe is practically in the center of the state smack dab in the middle of The Valley of the Sun; you can get to most any place in Arizona within hours. But who wants to drive for hours? Wouldn't you rather be driven especially in the spacious comfort of a US Coachways charter bus? Get rid of that vision of a grimy city bus the US Coachways fleet is nothing less than perfection. They offer deluxe corporate cars, long luxurious limousines, and absolutely astonishing charter buses. Besides being like a ritzy traveling apartment, your charter bus comes with its own professionally trained, knowledgeable, and elegantly uniformed chauffeur.

Hiring a charter bus means that you can invite up to forty good friends along for the ride and keep up with all of tem. If your mobile party begins around sunset, a fine first stop is Rula Bula at 401 South Mill Avenue. Cool name huh? It comes from an old Gaelic phrase that roughly translates into 'commotion and uproar' in the context of merry-making and celebration. Rula Bula is the most authentic Irish Pub this side of Belfast. And true to their Irish heritage this pub is proud of their inherent 'Craic', meaning positive interaction among strangers and friends through music, stories, and good conversation.

Eventually you'll want to stretch your legs and see something different. It might even be that kind of night where you get the urge to do something completely out of character. Should your fabulous traveling party happen to pull up at 204 East University Avenue, climb on out and see what's happening at the Tattooed Planet. Get to know Brian and Carlos and perhaps even get some artistic ink on yourself. Maybe a small saguaro or a colorful roadrunner. Go ahead and obtain a permanent reminder of this wonderful time with your friends.

Now that you're half-speaking Irish and have a brand-new bit of body art, your mind is open to about anything. A conversation back at Rula Bula got you to thinking about the myriad local ghost stories. Mention this to your dedicated driver and he says that he knows where you can see ghosts. Intrigued, you ask him to escort the party to the far east side of the valley to the old Goldfield Ghost Town. The gift shop and information booth will be closed this time of night, but you can get out and stroll the rickety wooden sidewalks; maybe even feel the long-gone inhabitants watching you watching for them. The prospectors and miners that established Goldfield held strong beliefs in ghosts and spirits which they called 'knocker's' and it's quite likely that if the Lost Dutchman were able to, he'd hang around and say 'howdy' to the occasional visitor.

You may want to get back on the bus and haul ass back to Tempe; when you get there have your driver deliver you to Macayo's Depot Cantina right off Mill Street at 300 South Ash Avenue. Tempe's most boisterous, rowdy, hilarious local watering hole, the Cantina always has live music, great drinks, and a lot of happy partying people. Good place to get one's feet back on the ground. Or not. Several well-known music acts got their proverbial feet wet right here in Tempe. Bands such as the Gin Blossoms and Jimmy Eat World played right here at the Cantina.

And now Macayo's Depot Cantina can boast that they played host to the coolest busload of revelers ever.

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