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Discover a Unique and Charming Side to Utica, a Small but Interesting City

With a thriving population of approximately 600,000 residents, Utica remains to be one of the fastest growing cities in the state of New York. Located in Mohawk Valley, there was a large immigrant influx from neighboring communities, making it one of the most culturally-diverse city in New York. The city also enjoys being located close to Erie Canal which automatically made it a success in the country’s textile and silverware industries.

As the city continues to grow and become a more popular place to live in, there is also a growing number of attractions for visitors and residents to enjoy. There are now more malls, shopping centers, quaint retail outlets, restaurants, fine dining options and recreational centers for families, individuals and groups.

Utica has a, surprisingly, rich history as far as art and culture is concerned. Check out Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute and Stanley Center for The Arts if you are curious about the city’s pool of talents in performing and fine arts. To learn about the city’s cultural heritage, the place to be at is Oneida County Historical Society, which is home to more than 200,000 items, collections, books, literature and artifacts.

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Make the Most of your time in Utica, Save Time and Money with a Charter Bus

We know visitors want to save time and money when visiting a city like Utica and who can blame them? In an effort to help our customers, we have compiled a list of points of interest we think they should check out in Utica, NY.


  • Entertainment & Amusement Parks — Utica is, as you will soon see, an incredibly family-friendly city, boasting of various entertainment and recreational attractions in the city. One of these attractions would be the Children’s Museum of History, Science and Technology on Main Street. This small but charming attraction is a great place to bring young children to learn about how the world, science and technology have evolved over time and in a chronological order. Looking for a small, cozy place for a group field trip? This could be just the place you are looking for. One of the oldest of such museums in the country, the building in which it is located in was constructed in 1893 as the headquarters of John C. Heiber’s Dry Goods Company. Remember to take lots of pictures of its Romanesque Revival-style building and visitors will also get to see for themselves the charm of that period, its central oak staircase, original glass and wood decorations and of course, it will be hard to find another building with a fourteen foot high ceiling these days in New York. A non-profit and completely run by volunteers and supporters, the museum faced closure a few times since its inception and needs the support of local organizations, corporations and individuals alike.
  • Art & Cultural — Utica visitors who are interested in art are going to be in for a treat when they visit the Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute which is located along Genesee Street because this state-of-the-art facility features a huge collection of artwork and promotes its programs via regular exhibitions and educational programs. Its famous Victorian-style mansion building was the brainchild of Philip Johnson. Open all year round, the MWPAI (as it is more fondly known as) first opened its doors in 1919 as a fine art and culture center in New York. Its permanent collection has been drawing attention from industry experts and have garnered worldwide acknowledgment as having one of the best ad largest collection. Visitors should also make a stop at Fountain Elms to take pictures to bring home with them. This art and cultural attraction is the recipient of New York State Governor’s Arts Awards and continues to spearhead new breakthrough programs in the art, music, education and performance industry. Another point of interest for art lovers would be the Stanley Center for The Arts. It is of no coincidence that Stanley Center is also located along Genesee Street. The center provides support to aspiring artists with grants, assistance, education and training. Finished artworks are then promoted through its outreach programs, rotating exhibits and promotional activities. Its programs include the Michael Harms Theater Festival, Holiday Ballet and On My Own Time so; give them your support by heading over to check out some of the activities that might be going on.
  • Restaurant & Shopping — Visitors can find a myriad of restaurants, malls and quaint retail outlets in the main downtown area of Utica. For instance, you can get a whole American meal at The Willows at Culver Avenue, authentic pastas, sauce, soups and breads at Babe’s on North Genesee Street, farm-to-table healthy dishes at The Tailor and The Cook and for those who are craving for a delicious Italian meal, the place to go to would be Aqua Vino Restaurant and Banquets. To quench your desire for a good shopping spree in Utica, organize a trip to New Hartford Shopping Center which is located in the heart of the city.
  • Historical Sites & Landmarks — If there is one place in Utica where visitors can learn more about the city’s extremely rich culture and heritage, it would be the Oneida County Historical Society. It was founded in 1876 to preserve the city’s past heritage and upper Mohawk River Valley’s communities. The 5,000 square foot facility is also home to a research library where you can find more than 250,000 documents, books, images, paintings, slides and other documents that are of historical value. The historical society conducts regular research on topics like family history in order to expand the society. Regular events are held throughout the year and they are open to the public, with a small admission fee. Children gets in free.
  • Parks & Outdoor Activities —  Looking for some parks and outdoor attractions to bring your kids to? There are several options and they are Roscoe Conkling Park, New Hartford Park and Rec Services and Proctor Park. Each of these locations provides guests with wide open space, children’s play area, hiking and walking trail and a relaxing atmosphere to do some people-watching if exercising is not what you are looking for.
  • Zoos & Aquariums — Unlike many small cities in New York, Utica boasts of its very own small but complete zoo on One Utica Zoo Way. While it is not to be compared, in size, to San Diego Zoo, it is a great place to bring the kids to during the weekends where the kids will get up close and personal encounters with the zoo animals. Home to more than 200 different animals from different origins around the world, Utica Zoo features animals like box turtle, Cairo spiny mouse, Canadian lynx, ostrich, rainbow boa, long-tailed chinchilla, Nigerian dwarf goat, kinkajou, stick bug, white's tree frog, salmon-crested cockatoo, pine snake, red panda, ferret, emus and many more. The zoo regularly provides space and resources in aid of education and they come in the form of zoomobile, teacher resources, field trips, preschool programs, zoo camps and a very unique program called FrogWatch.

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