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Virginia City Charter Bus

Planning a Charter Bus Rental in Virginia City, Nevada?

A Great History to Learn in Virginia City

Virginia City is just one of many towns that has a great history to offer visitors to the area. Once known as "the richest place on earth", Virginia City became the place to settle and make a living in 1959. One of many historical places to visit in Virginia City is the Historic Fourth Ward School Museum. Recently the recipient of the National Preservation Award, the historic school is now a museum and community cultural center. The museum is a main attraction for visitors because of the diverse programming, a changing gallery and the exhibits that catch and keep your attention.

Another nationally recognized attraction is the MacKay Mansion, listed as a National Historic Landmark, was built by George Randolph Hearst in 1859. The mansion is a three-story western-style Victorian mansion and is surrounded by acres of gardens where visitors can enjoy a picnic and the 100 mile views. You'll enjoy the Mark Twain Museum where you can view memorabilia of Mark Twain's time at the Territorial Enterprise. Twain lived in Virginia City where he began his writing career for the local newspaper - The Territorial Enterprise. The museum remembering Twain is located in the same building that houses the newspaper.

If you prefer tours, then take a trip to the Chollar Mine, the last remaining Comstock mine open to the public for tours. The Chollar Mine, founded in 1859, was mined for 18 million dollars in silver and gold and was the leading producer on the Comstock Lode. Try you luck at panning for gold on your tour. Another tour of interest is the Pondeross Saloon Mine. Here you'll enjoy a 20 minute guided tour through part of the Best & Belcher mine.

With gambling and casinos serving as an attraction to tourist, the Nevada Gambling Museum should be on your list of places to visit. Go back in history as you view the western gaming tables, roulette and faro. You'll see one armed bandits and many other artifacts that reflect the history of gaming. Swing by the Western Historic Radio Museum where you'll enjoy reflecting back through time as you view the vintage radio equipment and memorabilia from 1910 through 1950.

With so many places to see and learn the history of Virginia City, visitors won't run out of thing to do. Visit many of the old saloons and hotels that have been refurbished and exhibit many artifacts that describe the life in this community before it was even placed on a map. Walk on the same boardwalks that Mark Twain walked on, but be careful on weekends, as you'll see an occasional gunslinger walking among the Victorian ladies and gentlemen, marshals, sheriffs and shopkeepers. Keep your eyes open and you may even find Mark Twain.

Wander the street of the historic area on your own and enjoy the many houses and buildings that are reminders of the creation of the city. Enjoy over 80 unique and different shops as you stroll through the streets. Check out some of the saloons as many of them are not family eating establishments where you can relax and absorb the history located here.

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